Treks and Trails India’s list of Forts of Maharashtra

Please Note:

This list is only for reference purpose ONLY.

*** Mark indicate trek to this fort requires high endurance level.

NA mention as and where confirmed data not available.

Recommendations mention considering average group size and under normal conditions.

Best suggested check with local guides and village folks before starting any trek.

Caves and Companion fort are mentioned as it’s in the same area.

Height mentioned is in FEET.

List of forts in Maharashtra | Forts in Maharashtra | Treks and Trails India

Enrich your historical knowledge by reading about the famous list of forts in Maharashtra and make sure you visit these soon!

NO REGION RANGE NAME HEIGHT Water Shelter Base Village
1 BAGLAN Selbari-Dolbari Range Mangi-Tungi 3136′ Available Cave Bhilwad
Nhavi/Ratangad 4110′ NO NO Patalwadi
Mulher 4284′ Lake Temple Mulher
Hargad 4460′ Available NO Narkol
Salher Fort 5140′ Available Cave Salher
Salota Fort 4986′ Available NO Waghambe/Malder
Companion fort Chauler/Chaurgad 3702′ Available NO Tilwan
2 DHULE Galna hills Songir fort 997′ Available NO Songir
Laling fort 1945′ Available Cave Laling
Galna fort 1968′ Available Dargah Galna
Kankrala fort 2476′ Available NO Garbad  /  Kankrale
Pisol fort 3503′ Available NO Jaykheda
Dermal fort 3529′ Available Cave Tinghari
Bhamer fort 2443′ Available Cave Bhamer
3 VANI Satmala range Achala 4040′ Available NO Pimpari  Pada
Ahivant 4024′ Available Cave Daregaon / Bilwadi
Saptashrungi 4659′ Available NO  NA
Markandya *** 4370′ Available Available Mulane/ Babapur
Javlya 4056′ NO NO Mulane/ Babapur
Ravlya 4131′ Available NO Mulane/ Babapur
Dhodap *** 4761′ Available Cave Gavlewadi
Kanchana Fort 3722′ Available Cave  NA
Koldher 3209′ NO NO Tangdi
Rajdher *** 3579′ Available NO Rajdherwadi
Indrai 4495′ Available Cave Chandwad
Chandwad *** 3691′ Available Temple Chandwad
Companion Forts Hatgad Fort 3656′ Available Available Borgaon
Kanheragad/Kanergad 3582′ Available Cave Kanherwadi
4 MANMAD Ankai 3152′ Available Cave Ankai
Tankai 2788′ NO NO Ankai
Gorakhgad *** 2116′ Available Cave Ankai
Ajintha range Antur Fort 2700′ Available Available Nagapur
Kanhergad NA Available NO Patne
Pitalkhore Caves NA Available Cave Patne
5 NASHIK Trimbak range Ghargad,Dangya *** 3155′ Available NO Ghargad / Sankshi
Anjaneri Fort 4264′ Lake Temple Anjneri
Brahmagiri Fort 4248′ Available NO Trambak
Harihar/Harshgad 3676′ Available Temple Nirgudpada
Basgad/Bhaskargad 3564′ NO NO Nirgudpada
Vaghera NA Available NO Vaghera
Companion Forts Ramsej Fort 3273′ Available Temple Peth
Bhupatgad 1603′ Available NO Devbandh
6 IGATPURI Kalsubai range-Patta Aundha/Avandha *** 4329′ Available NO Ninavi
Patta/Vishramgad 4562′ Available Available Kokanwadi
Bitangad 3560′ NO NO Maldara
Companion Forts Tringalwadi 3238′ Available NO Tringalwadi
Kavnai *** 2998′ Available NO Kawnai
7 IGATPURI Kalsubai range-Kulang Kulang *** 4822′ Available Cave Kulangwadi
Mandan *** 4841′ Available Cave Ambewadi
Alang *** 4852′ Available Cave Kulangwadi
Kaladgad 3769 Available NO Patachi Wadi
8 MULA VALLEY Kaladgad/Bhairavgad 3769′ Available Cave Ambit
Kunjargad 3670′ Available NO Vihir
9 JUNNAR Kalsubai-Harishchandra-Shivneri Kalsubai 5400′ Available NO Bari
Ratangad 4255′ Available Cave Ratanwadi
Harishchandragad 4671′ Available Cave Khireshwar
Naneghat 2724′ Available Cave Vaishakhare
Jivdhan/Kukadeshwar 3754′ Available Cave Ghatghar
Chavand 3495′ Available Cave Chawand
Shivneri 3342′ Available Available Junner
Pabargad NA Available Cave Guhire
Companion Forts Bhairavgad *** 2835′ Available Cave Moroshi
Hadsar 4687′ Available NO Hadser
Nimgiri 3635′ NO NO Nimgiri
Narayangad 2872′ Available Available Narayangaon
10 BHIMASHANKAR Kukdeshwar to Kothaligad Dhakoba 4148′ Available Temple Amboli  / Palu
Durg 3855′ Available Temple Amboli  / Palu
Gorakhgad 2137′ Available Cave Dehri/Khopivali
Siddhagad 3223′ Available Available Narivali
Bhimashankar 3296′ Available Available Khandas
Padar Fort *** 2002′ Available Available Khandas
Peth/Kothaligad 1550′ NO NO Khandas
Tungi 2019′ Available Cave Ambivali
11 LONAVLA Andhra-Pavna-Mulshi-Amba   Valley Dhak/Bhimgad *** 2320′ Available Cave Vadap
Rajmachi 2710′ Available Cave Kondivade
Lohgad 3412′ Available Cave Lohgadwadi
Visapur 3567′ Available NO Lohgadwadi
Tikona 3580′ Available NO Tikona Peth
Tung 3526′ Available NO Tungwadi
Korigad 3049′ NO NO Ambavane/ Peth Shahapur
Telbaila *** 3322′ Available NO Tailbaila
Ghangad *** 2565′ Available Cave Akole
Sudhagad/Bhorapgad 2030′ Available Temple Dhondse
Karla Caves NA Available Cave Karle
Bhaje Caves NA Available Cave Bhaje
Bedsa Caves NA Available Cave Lohgadwadi
Sarasgad 1433′ Available NO Pali
Companion Fort Kurdugad 2021′ Available Cave Jite
12 PUNE Mutha-Gunjavni-Kal valley Sinhagad/Kondana 4320′ Available Temple Aatkerwadi /Kalyan
Rajgad 4514′ Available Temple Vajeghar/Gunjwane
Torna/Prachandgad 4604′ Available Temple Welha
Lingana *** 2979′ NA NO Pane
Raigad 2829′ Available Temple Pachad
Companion Forts Purandar 4560′ Available Temple Narayanpur
Vajragad 4422′ Available NO Narayanpur
Malhargad 3166′ Available Temple Sonori
13 BHOR Bhor-Mahabaleshwar-Shivthar Rohida/Vichitragad 3661′ Available Temple Bajarwadi
Raireshwar 4589′ Available Wadi Korle/ Dabkeghar / Kari / Vadtumbi
Kenjalgad 4269′ NO NO Korle / Khavli
Kamalgad 4522′ Available Temple Vasole
Chandragad/Dhavlya 2257′ Available NO Dhavle
Mangalgad/Kangori 2465′ NO NO Pimpalwadi
Shivther Ghal NA Available NO Parmachi
Kavlya 2124′ NO NO Parmachi
14 MAHABALESHWAR Koyna-Jagbudi Valley Mahabaleshwar 4718′ Available Temple Mahabaleshwar
Pratapgad 3556′ Available Dhramshala Mahabaleshwar
Makarandgad/Madhumakarandgad 4064′ Available Temple Hatlot
Vasota/Vyaghragad 3614′ Available Available Met Indavali
Nageshwar NA Available NO Kusapur
Chakdev 3230′ Available Temple Met Shendi
Rasalgad *** 1767′ Available Temple Humbri /Wadibid
Sumargad 2801′ NO NO Rasalwadi
Mahipatgad 3090′ Available Temple Dahiwadi/ Vadgaon
15 SATARA Wai-Satara-Phaltan Pandavgad 4185′ Available NO Pandavwadi
Vairatgad 3340′ Available Temple Vyajwadi
Chandangad 3836′ NO NO Kikli
Vandangad 3841′ Available NO Kikli
Sajjangad 3350′ Available Dhramshala Parli
Ajinkyatara 3307′ Available Available Satara
Jarandeshwar 3654′ Available Dhrm Jarandeshwar
Nandgiri/Kalyangad 3533′ Available NO Dhumalwadi
Santoshgad 2965′ Available Available Tathwade
Varugad 2952′ Available Temple Jadhavwadi
Mahimangad 3219′ Available NO Mahimangad Vill.
Vardhangad 3493′ Available Available Vardhangad Vill.
16 KARAD Karad-Patan Sadashivgad 3100′ NO NO Ogalewadi
Vasantgad 2950′ Available Temple Sakurdi / Talbid
Machchhindragad 2595′ Available Temple Machindragad Vill.
Ramghal NA Available NO Helwak
Gunwantgad/Morgiri 2819′ NO NO Morgiri
Mahimatgad NA Available NA Chandel / Kundi
Dategad/Sundargad 3425′ NO NO Tolewadi
17 KOYNA Chandoli Wildlife   Sanctuary Jungli Jaigad 3164′ NO NO Navja
Bhairavgad 3004′ Available Temple Juna Waghena
Prachitgad 3187′ NO NO Rundhiv
18 KOLHAPUR Panhala range Panhala 3127′ Available Available  Panhala
Vishalgad 2598′ Available Available Gajapur
19 KOLHAPUR-SOUTH Gargoti-Sawantwadi-Chandgad-Gadhinglaj Bhudargad 3206′ Available Temple Pal
Rangna 2867′ Available Temple Tambyachi Wadi
Manohar / Manohargag *** 2500′ NO NO Sutarwadi
Mansantosh 2460′ Available NO Gothvewadi
Kalanndigad NA Available NO Kalanandi
Kalanandigad,Pargad 2000′ Available Temple Isapur
Gandharvagad 3226′ Available Available Koregaon
Samangad 3005′ NO NO Chinchewadi
Songad (Narsinhgad) NA NO NO Durgwadi
Bhairavgad NA NO NO Bhardewadi
Hargapurgad 2250′ NO Temple Sankeshwar
20 PALGHAR Hill Forts Adsul *** 1826′ NO NO Khadkawane
Asheri *** 1680′ Available Cave Khadkawane
Kohoj 1889′ Available NO Nane /Waghote
Tandulwadi 1524′ Available NO Tandulwadi
Companion Forts Gambhirgad 2252′ Available NO Aslonpada
Kaldurg 1550′ NO NO Waghoba Temple
Takmak 2616′ NO NO Sakwar
21 SHAHAPUR Mahuli Fort 2785′ Available Cave Mahuli
Ajoba Hill, Lav-Kush   Hillock 4511′ NO NO Dena
22 KARJAT Karjat-Panvel Shrimalanggad *** 2596′ Available NO Malangwadi
Chanderi *** 2592′ Available Available Chinchwadi
Peb/Bikatgad *** 1564′ Available NO Dhangargwadi
Matheran 2516′ Available Available Neral
Irshalgad *** 1213′ Available NO Chowk
Prabalgad 2318′ NO NO Poinje / Shedung
Companion Forts Karnala 1538′ Available NO Karnala
Manikgad 1876′ Available NO Vadgaon
Sankshi 800′ Available NO Balavali
23 ROHA Kundalika Valley Avchitgad 977′ Available NO Pedse
Ghosalgad/Veergad 1222′ NO NO Ghosale
Tala Fort 1000′ Available NO Tala
Companion Forts Surgad 1507′ Available NO Khamb
Birwadi 1799′ NO NO Chanera
Songiri 1000′ NO NO Nigde
24 MANDANGAD Alibaug-Mandangad Sagargad/Khed Durg 1357′ Available NO Khandala (Alibag)
Mandangad 1606′ Available NO Mandangaon
Palgad/Paldurga 2160′ NO NO Palgad

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