About Ghangad Fort

Maharashtra has many trekking attractions. One such place is Ghangad Fort Trek situated in the Lonavala region in Mulshi Taluka, Pune. Being an essential part of the Western Ghat Sahyadri, Ghangad Fort is a very extraordinary fort in Pune. 

The view of the Ghangad Fort from Ekole village is beyond praise. Ekole village is the base village. The best time to visit the Fort is between June and March when the climatic conditions are right. It takes around one hour to reach the top. 

Ghangad Fort established in the center of Tamhini Ghat Pune. It has Tailbaila, Korigad, Sarasgad, and Sudhagad nearby but still separated from them. Till 1818, the Ghangad Fort was under the rule of the Great Maratha Empire. The Korigad had fallen on March 17, 1818. After this fall, it was surrendered to the British Forces. Ghangad was used to detain the prisoners. 

Ghangad Fort Trekking Itinerary

You can reach Ghangad Fort through the Lonavala railway station. The bus runs from Lonavala Bus Stand to Bhamburde leaves at 9:00 am. You can also hire local jeeps from Lonavala railway station to and fro for larger groups. After reaching Bhamburde village, and you need to walk around two kilometers. After this walk, you will reach the base village, which is the Ekole village. It will be useful if you carry your water bottles as the tanks in the Fort do not contain freshwater.

The Trekking route to Ghangad Fort is straightforward and correctly marked. Ghangad trek commenced from a small plateau and carried out through a dense forest. After 30 minutes of trek, you will reach Garjai Devi Temple. One can find two towers of lamps near this temple. Later, you will see a diversion. The left track goes to a cave which is not too huge. This cave will give you entry through the main gate to Ghangad Fort. Now comes an iron ladder, which is 15 feet. As the iron ladder ends, the trail gets steeper. The ladder section can be tricky during the rainy season wear hiking shoes with a good grip for this trek. You will come across the final entrance gate before reaching the top of the Fort. After reaching the top, you will see a complete view of the Sahyadri mountain range. After this, you can begin going back to the base village. The last bus from Bhamburder to Lonavala Bus Depot departs at 2:30 pm. 




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Frequently Asked Questions

The Trek Route Of Ghangad Fort – What Will You Witness?

You will get a magnificent view of Navra-Navri Mountain from the base hamlet. More than operating as a Fort, Ghangad fort was seen as a watchtower to maintain an eye on the trade route which was from Kokan to Pune. Ghangad Fort is the extension of the Sudhagad Fort range. Ghangad First gives an exceptional picture of Backwaters of Mulshi Lake, Sudhagad, Tailbaila, and Sarasgad.

You will encounter a cave that leads you to the Ghangad Fort. An enormous rock discovered there that is at a distance from the central mountain. The massive rock inclined on the Ghangad fort wall, The rock can be found after the entrance gate of the Fort. A small temple of Goddess Mahishasura Mardini established there. 

Iron Ladder installed by the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Trail organization. Earlier, the steps made up of stone which was demolished by the British East India Company when they captured the Ghangad Fort in 1818. The Iron ladder is 15 feet in height, and One can find a water tank after the iron ladder. The Ghangad trek is thrilling but has phenomenal views from the Fort's top-notch point.


Frequently asked questions - Ghangad Fort Information.

1. Can you tell me the height of Ghangad Fort?

The Ghangad Fort Height is 3000 feet above sea level. 

2. How to reach Ghangad Fort Trek from Lonavala?

The Fort located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Khandala Lonavala it will take one hour to cover this distance. You can hire a local jeep taxi from the Lonavala Bus stand to and fro till the village. State transport bus is available at 9.00 am from Lonavala to Bhabarde village you need to walk from this village to Ekole village approx two kilometers. Your return bus will be at 2.30 pm you need to reach Bhamurde village before that time. Ekole village and the trek start point is marked on google maps if you are travelling by bike or personal vehicle. 

3. Ghangad Fort Trekking Distance and Time required to complete the trek?

The total trekking distance four kilometers and it will take around three hours to complete this trek. Total Ascent on this hike is 1003 feet. 

4. Ghangad Fort Trek Difficulty?

The Fort comes under easy to the medium category with average endurance require there are few tricky patches hiking shoes with good grip are compulsory for this trek. 

5. Nearby Places to trek near Ghangad Fort? 

The are beautiful trekking location around this Fort they appear nearby but located some distance away you can combine this trek with the following hiking destinations. 

  • Korigad Fort Trek
  • Tailbaila Trek
  • Andharban Trek
  • Sarasgad Trek
  • Sudhagad Trek

6. Food and Water availability during the trek?

You need to carry atleast two liters of water bottle for this trek. You can order your lunch at the base village there are few homestays available. Night stay is also possible at the base village for a reasonable cost.