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Indulge in the best walks, hikes, camping, waterfalls, rappelling, stargazing, and treks in Asangaon. We assess the best routes and camping, stargazing, and trekking holidays. And see other outstanding tours and activities in Asangaon. Immerse yourself in Asangaon's spectacular natural environment on a nature-based escape. Asangaon tours are fully hosted, accommodated, and most meals catered.

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Asangaon Treks and Camping

Popular Adventure Travel Destination near Asangaon 

Stargazing Mahuli and Stargazing Asangaon 

Mahuli Fort forest area and Dehne Village near Ajoba Parvat is famous for dark skies near Mumbai. You can enjoy stargazing activities hear they organized for enthusiasts of Astronomy, Astro Photography. It is a great way to introduce children, friends to our beautiful night sky. Stargazing is combined with camping with basic comforts if you want to relax in your tents. Stargazing sessions with the help of experts conducted throughout the night. 

Mahuli Fort Trek and Ajoba Parvat Trek

Mahuli Fort is famous for a day hike, and camping is risky in this mountain with a healthy population of leopards and wildlife. There are campsite available near the base of the fort. Mahuli Fort is a famous trek during the rainy season. It requires two to three hours of the strenuous climb to reach till famous caves. You can enjoy beautiful weather and greenery all around you on this trek. Ajoba Parvat trek is popular among hikers who are looking for offbeat trek destinations. The mountain is a steep uphill climb and famous during the monsoon season among trekkers. 

Why camping is popular among the youth of India? 

What exactly is it that makes us need to be out enjoying our phenomenal Planet? An individual who resides a camping lifestyle spends the majority of the time considering another camping excursion. When they're packing up in the conclusion of a trip, they're already planning another one. They'll design a holiday depending on the place's campgrounds or backpacking permits. I am aware that refers to campers to a Tee!

An individual who resides a camping lifestyle thinks especially. A three day weekend? Holiday time? The"ideal" escape? Spent at a kayak, with a campfire, surrounded by what mother earth has supplied: trees, creeks, and a good deal of hiking paths, preferably on the shores of a river, could find small fishing in also! A camping lifestyle isn't suitable for everybody. You need to enjoy the outside. You've got to get an appreciation along with respect for nature. If that appeals to you, you are already prepared to reside "A Camping Life."