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My top three treks in Maharashtra

Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar, also is known as Harshagad, is a fortress situated in the Nashik District of Maharashtra. The fort was built to keep an eye on the trade route in the olden days. Now this place has become an enthralling trek for adventure enthusiasts. It's a moderate level trek completed in a day. The best part about this trek is the scenic beauty that you feel on the way up. The challenging part of this trek are the steps that incline nearly 80 degrees. These steps are the steps that one needs to climb to reach the fort the summit point.

The best season to trek is Monsoon and winter. One needs to be extra careful during Monsoons to avoid injuries. As always good grip shoes are a must for the trek, especially during the Monsoon. Food and other necessary facilities are available at the base village — all in all, a magnificent one day trek which encompasses beauty and thrill.


Kalsubai Peak Night Trek

Kalsubai is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra. Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak of Maharashtra. Trekking to this peak is a beautiful experience. Though it isn't a very difficult one its definitely a long one and needs one to have the stamina to reach the top. This place is a favorite among people during the Monsoon season. Of everything every person going here is advised to wear proper and good quality trekking shoes. Because of the terrain, good quality shoes became a must. Especially during the Monsoon, the descend becomes a little tricky, and well-gripped shoes become necessary. At the top, there is a temple of goddess Kalsubai. The pressure of winds at the top is the best part here. During the whole ascend there are many food stalls available where you can enjoy local dishes like Kanda Bhaji(onion bhaji)Vada pav, Maggi, corn, and hot tea or coffee. Also, there are many lemonade stalls on the way up to boost your energy levels.Highly recommended trek for enthusiasts. There are many trekking groups which organise treks to this place.


Sagargad Fort Trek

Sagargad is a fort located in Alibaugh region of Raigad district. Some say it is a gentle walk to the top, but I've had a different experience. I wouldn't know it is a gentle walk. Its a moderate ascend to the top. On the day I visited it didnt rain, so it was humid and then during the descend the sun was shining bright which made it exhausting. But the view on the top is beautiful. Lush green forest and sight of the Arabian sea from the top make the trek worth the effort. On the way up, one can see the Dodhane waterfall, which is quite beautiful.

Unlike Kalsubai, where you have various stalls on the way up for water, food and other refreshments, there are none here so carry a sufficient amount of water and food. Also please make sure you dont litter around. Please take your garbage on your way back home and then dump it properly. Be aware of the monkeys around. Dont fool around with them else you will have a bitter experience. Also, good grip shoes recommended during Monsoon to avoid falls.


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