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Maharashtra's Top Treks: The Ultimate Guide

1. Kavnai Fort Fort 

Kavnai fort is situated at 2500 feet in a quaint village of the Igatpuri district. A sacred place where Saint Dnyaneshwar rested for a few days. A fun and easy ascend along with a ridge walk. The trail crisscrosses between rock patches, forest land, and ladders to the topmost point. Explore the temples of Hanuman, Parvati, and Ganesha on the top of the fort. 

kavnai fort trek

Why you should join Kavnai Fort Trek

Kavnai Fort stands as one of the least explored mountains climbs in the Sahyadri ranges. You can also visit the spiritual place Kapilatirth that is located near the Kavnai village. Soak in the panoramic view of Kalsubai, Trimbakeshwar, and Tringalwadi forts from the top. Learn about the history of Kavnai fort and get to know about its conquerors. Relish delicious homemade meals consisting of traditional Maharashtrian delicacies.


2. Anjaneri Fort Trek

Anjaneri fort is elevated at the height of 4264 feet, in the mountain range of Nashik-Trimbakeshwar. The Mountain derived its name from Anjani Mata, the mother of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman spent his entire childhood on the Mountain. Anjaneri fort trail is thrilling, which goes through dense bushes, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. The pinnacles of ‘Navara’ and ‘Navari’ can be seen from Anjaneri village. 

Anjaneri Fort Trek          

Why you should join Anjaneri Fort Trek

The Anjaneri hills are sanctified with rich innate beauty & environment. The fort of Anjaneri, being the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, is of great historical importance and can also find Anjani Mata temple. One hundred eight ancient Jain caves are found here which carved in these mountains that belong to the 12th century. Seeta caves are another attraction on the fort. The walls of these caves are inscribed with exciting designs. Scientists have found a rare plant, Anjanerika Soparia, on the Mountain, which, according to researchers, is only available on the Mountain. Photography is prohibited on this sacred Mountain to protect the plant diversity. This fort is one of the essential & must-visit attractions in Nashik. It is an easy endurance level one-day trek from Nashik and Mumbai. Witness a breathtaking view of Vaitarna dam backwaters, Brahmagiri Hills, and Trimbakeshwar Range from the top.


3. Rajgad Fort Trek

It is elevated at the height of 4514 feet and was of great strategic importance. Many of the family and historical events in the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took place here. The trail crisscrosses between rock patches, forest land, and ladders. Pray at the divine temple of Padmavati. Explore the ancient architecture and remnants of caves, temples, bastion, and cisterns of the Fort.

Rajgad Fort Trek

Why you should join Rajgad Trek

It was the capital of the Maratha Empire. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj stayed at Rajgad the highest number of days than any other fort. Have steaming chai and breakfast at a panoramic view. The diversity of birds and insects can be spotted in these hillocks. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. Wander on the green trails in the region of Pali Darwaja, Gunjavane Darwaja, Rajwada ruins, and Padmavati Lake. 


4. Torna Fort Trek

Elevated at the height of 4603 feet, Torna is the highest Fort in Pune district. A medium endurance level hike is a perfect blend of chill and thrill. Also known as Prachandagad, this means a massive fort in Marathi. It is also a heritage site. As one enters the gate of the Fort, the stunning sight of the broad spread of plain known as Budhala Mache greets you with open arms. The overnight hike under the blanket of stars will take your breath away. It also has a haunted story popular among trekkers. 

Torna Fort Trek

Why you should join Torna Fort Trek

Marvel at the beauty of the Fort, which was the first Fort captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The exclusive peaks of Rajgad, Lingana, Raigad, and Sinhagad are seen from here. A medium endurance level hike is a perfect blend of chill and thrill. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. Travel back in the ancient period with a series of temples, ruins of caves, and water tanks.


5. One tree hill trek

As the name suggests, one tree hill is a distinctive site with a single Jambhul tree. At 2700 feet, one tree hill is a calm destination to chill and unwind amid nature. It is also a paradise for rock climbers. Standing at this point, one can have an unobstructed vista of the deep gorges and vast jungles that encircle Matheran. Have steaming chai and breakfast at a panoramic view. The trail is surrounded by the enormous Morbe Dam that sparkles beneath the gentle sunshine.

One tree hill trek near Mumbai

Why you should join One tree hill trek

One Tree Hill is reckoned as the most scenic point in Maharashtra. The trek is an easy endurance level hike, and parents can also get their kids along. The only tree blossoming atop a lush green hill that is embraced by dense forests of vivid shades of green is indeed a sight to behold. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat.The topmost point presents a stunning view of the Tent Hill and Chowk Village.


6. Dodhani to Matheran Trek

Soak in the beauty of nature as you hike through the scenic trails of Maharashtra cleanest hill station. It has 28 viewing points which give a splendid panoramic 360 views of surrounding Ghats and valleys with breathtaking sunrise & sunset views. Entirely a descending trek which starts from sunset point in Matheran to Dodhani village. Dodhani Village is situated at the foothills of Matheran. You can see Chanderi fort Caves and Peb temple, which are located near it. The downhill hike takes you through meadows and rice fields. You will cross one petite waterfall and forest and reach a small temple.

Dodhani to Matheran Trek

Why you should join Dodhani to Matheran Trek

Rather than a regular getaway at a water park or a resort, join us this weekend for a leisure trek from Dodhani village to sunset point in Matheran. The climate of Matheran is enjoyable and soothing all around the year. The most remarkable things about Matheran are dense forests and waterfalls; especially during monsoon, its beauty gets doubled. Dodhani Point is also known as Sunset point from here Prabalgad Fort, Kalavantin Durg, Irshalgad, Karnala Fort, and Morbe Dam is visible. Garbett's point is located on the South-west side of Matheran with a grand view of the plateau.


7. Sagargad Fort Trek

Sagargad Killa Elevated at the height of 1357 feet, and this Fort can be visited all round the year. The cascading Dhondhane waterfalls can be seen during monsoon. Sagargad has a distinct 'Y-shape' when seen from an aerial view. On the left side of the fork of this 'Y' stands a tall peak known as 'Vanartok.' Four-meter tall walls fortify it, and five bastions strengthen the citadel inside. There is a captivating temple of Siddheshwar, accompanied by a clear river cruising by with a dangerous cliff behind the temple where the river becomes a waterfall in monsoon.

Why you should join Sagargad Fort Trek

As the name suggests, Sagar meaning Sea & Gad means Fort, this place is a perfect trekking destination for both mountain and sea lovers. This hill fort commands a steering view of the entire Alibaug region; Manikgad, Karnala, and Mirgad on the Eastern side. Absorb in the panoramic view of the Arabian sea and Revdanda Fort from the top of the Fort Towards the north, and one can see Dharamtar creek.


8.  Dukes Nose Trek

Dukes Nose is one of the fantastic viewpoints located near INS Shivaji in Lonavala. The cliff is pointed like a snake's hood, and hence it is also known as Nagphani. The high altitude of this place makes it a fantastic adventurous point. One can engage in landscape photography and brush up their skills here. Have steaming chai and breakfast at 3200 feet. Gaze at the colour-changing sky during sunrise and sunset.

Dukes nose trek

Why you should join Duke Nose Trek

Duke's nose is a famous trekking destination and also among one of the top things to do in Lonavala. It is named after the Duke of Wellington, owing to its resemblance to the nose of Duke in a reclining position. Also remarkable for thrilling activities like hiking and rock climbing owning to its topographical features. Picturesque views of the Mumbai-Pune road and rail corridors, Khandala, dense forests, gorges, and the surrounding Sahyadri peaks. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat.


9. Garbett Point Trek

Bordered by a beautiful gorge on one side and the dense jungle on the other. A place where captivating views of sunrise and sunset can be seen. Have steaming chai and breakfast at a panoramic view. Explore the vast green plateau and lay down on the soft grass. Standing at this point, one can have an unobstructed vista of the deep gorges and vast jungles that encircle Matheran.

garbett plateau monsoon trek

Why you should join Garbett Point Trek

Lush greenery and plunging waterfalls make Garbett plateau a perfect trek for nature lovers. It is one of the top places to visit in Matheran and among the most scenic places to visit near Mumbai. Garbett Point Trek is an easy endurance level hike, and parents can also get their kids along. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. 


10. Tandulwadi Fort Trek

The Fort dated back 800 years and was primarily used as a watchtower over the surrounding plains. Tandulwadi is not a fully built up fort, but a series of structures spread over the top of the Mountain. It is an easy endurance level hike. At the height of 1524 feet, it has views of the surrounding towns of Saphale, the Zanzorli lake, and the confluence of the Surya and Vaitarna rivers.

Tandulwadi Fort Maharashtra Trek

Why you should join Tandulwadi Fort Trek

From the top of the Fort, the magnificent views are Kohoj fort, Takmak ort, Asheri fort, Mahalaxmi pinnacle, and the Arabian sea. You can find diverse species of birds and insects here. Parents can introduce their children to trekking and wildflowers by joining this trek. Explore the fort ruins and learn about its history.


11. Kohoj Fort Trek

At the bottom of Kohoj fort, there is a lake known as 'Pazhar,' which mirrors the Fort. It was also an essential fort for keeping a look on the nearby coast and, thus to keep the territory safe and secure. You can find diverse species of birds and insects here. It is a medium level endurance hike.

Kohoj Fort Trek

Why you should join Kohoj Fort Trek

A man-shaped pinnacle created due to wind-erosion is one of the best natural sites in the Fort. This pinnacle is seen in different shapes from various directions. There is an idol of Hanuman and a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna on the Fort. The top view is stunning with a river flowing on one side and acres of paddy fields on the other side. Explore the fort ruins and learn about its history. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat.


12. Sudhagad Fort Trek

Sudhagad, also known as Bhorapgad, is a hill situated in Maharashtra, the glory of Bhor state. The summit is 2,030 feet above sea level, and the entire area around the Fort is declared as Sudhagad Wildlife sanctuary. It is a high endurance level hike, which can be done throughout the year. There are three main gates; Mahadarwaja, Dindi Darwaja, and Pachchapur Darwaja, the largest of which is called the Maha Darwaja. Pantsachiv Wada, Ambarkhana, and Bastions of the Fort are some of the things to look for.

Sudhagad Fort Trek

Why you should join Sudhagad Fort Trek

Sudhagad is also known as the sweetest Fort of Maharashtra. Dive into history when you touch the walls of this Fort and explore the centuries-old architecture. The slopes of this Fort are lined with Pandhri trees that are used to make walking sticks. The Fort has several ruins of two temples dedicated to Shiva and Hanuman. From the top, other forts like Sarasgad, Korigad, Ghangad, and Taila-Baila are vividly visible. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Panvel, and Karjat. 


13. Tringalwadi Fort Trek

Elevated at 3000 feet, it offers scenic views of the Nashik-Trimbakeshwar mountain range. It is located on the ancient trade route passing through Thal Ghat. Tringalwadi Fort was built to overlook the trade route which connected Konkan to the Nashik area. It is an easy level endurance hike. Different varieties of birds, insects, and wildflowers can be spotted here.

Tringalwadi Fort Trek

Why you should join Tringalwadi Fort Trek

There is a cave and a rock-cut water cistern on the western side of the hillock on the Fort. Talegad and Igatpuri to the south; Kalsubai to the east; Trimbak range, Harihar, and Basgad to the north can be seen from the periphery of the Fort. Tringalwadi Fort is a Mesa rock foundation. There is a statue of Hanuman, caves, and water tanks on top of the Fort.


14. Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai is a.k.a. as the Everest of Maharashtra. High endurance level hike.Night trek under the blanket of a million stars. Mesmerizing sunrise from the Highest Peak of Maharashtra. The trail crisscrosses between rock patches, forest land, and ladders to the topmost point. During monsoon, the Peak is covered by clouds and fog, and high winds blow it is a magical experience visiting the Peak. You can see fireflies in the jungle premonsoon. 

Kalsubai Trek

Why should you join Kalsubai Trek?

Fantastic cardio exercise, so you can skip the gym for the next two days—spot shooting stars and various constellations during the night hike. Have steaming chai and Maggi breakfast at a panoramic view. Witness the magnificent peaks of the Nashik-Trimabakeshwar range. You see, the Might Alang Madan Kulang Forts rated as the most dangerous trek in Maharashtra. Marvel at the beauty of the Bhandardara Lake from the top. Pray at the divine shrine of deity Kalsubai and receive her blessings, learn about its history.


15. Andharban Trek - Most Popular Maharashtra Treks in Rainy Season

Andharban means the dark forest as it is camouflaged under the dense canopy of trees—a downhill hike which begins at an elevation of approx 2,160 feet. Witness the seven gigantic mountains that you crossed. It is accompanied by numerous small streams and waterfalls gushing down the valley through the rocks. The hike further descends to reach the Bhira dam, which is the origin of the Kundalika River.

Andharban Trek

Why should you join Andharban Trek?

Talk a walk on the dark side of Maharashtra, which stands true to its name. Andharban overlooks the scenic landscape of Plus valley, Ghangad, Tailbaila, Sarasgad & mountain ranges of Tamhini Ghat. You will be walking on a ridge that offers a hypnotic view of the Kundalika Valley and Bhira dam. One of the best monsoon treks as the valley is blooming with myriad flora and fauna species—sight birds like Chaatak, the Malabar whistling thrush, dwarf kingfishers, and minivets among several others.


16. Rajmachi Trek - Most enjoyable Maharashtra Trek in peak rainy season 

Popular Rajmachi trek cocooned in the laps of Sahyadri Mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Shrivardhan Fort stands tall at the height of 2750 feet overlooking the Bhor ghat Pass. It consists of two twin fortresses Shrivardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Ballekilla. The fascinating pinnacle of Dhak-Bhairi, Duke’s Nose, and Shirota Lake is visible from Shrivardhan fort. Rajmachi has its charm throughout the year. The forest is known to be glowing with fireflies during the premonsoon period. During monsoon, the fort is covered with fog and mist. The post-monsoon period is pleasant for outdoor camping.

Rajmachi Monsoon Trek


Why should you join Rajmachi Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. If you’re new to the magical world of mountains, then Rajmachi is the best trek, to begin with. Encircled by huge waterfalls during monsoon, you can view the beautiful cascading Kataldhar waterfall. Explore the Gomukhi architectural of Shrivardhan fort. Its bastions and fortification wall are still in good shape. Relish delicious homemade meals consisting of traditional Maharashtrian delicacies.


17. Visapur Fort Trek 

Elevated at the height of 3,556 feet, Visapur is a hill fort in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. On the fort, the ruins of a large stone-built house are known as the Peshwa's palace. There is a massive carving of Hanuman and several temples dedicated to him. Hanuman was the patron god of the Visapur fort. The main characteristic of this fort is the strong fortification built on a vast plateau, to make it one of the strongest fortresses.

Visapur Fort Trek

Why should you join Visapur Fort Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. Visapur has played an essential role in guarding the ancient trade routes. The flourishing green carpet that greets you at Visapur fort is worth every penny. One can also visit the nearby historic Bhaje caves, Karle caves, Lohagad Fort & Bedse Caves.


18. Lohagad Fort Trek - Maharashtra treks

Lohagad fort means Iron fort in Marathi, rises tall to an elevation of 3,389 feet. Lohagad is a straightforward, scenic, and pleasant trek for novice trekkers with mostly climbing of steps. There are four doors while reaching the top. Ganesh Darwaaja, Narayan Darwaaja, Hanuman Darwaaja, Maha Darwaaja. Out of this, Hanuman Darwaaja is the most ancient of all the doors. Laxmi Kothi, which has many rooms, is where the treasury of Nana Phadnis was kept. During monsoon, the top of the Fort is covered with mist and clouds and lush green carpet, small wildflowers along the route welcome you.

Lohagad Fort Trek

Why should you join Lohagad Trek?

Hike back in time to a period of Satavahana to one of the well-preserved forts of Maharashtra dating back to 30 BC. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. Lohagad fort has been declared as a protected monument by the Archaeology Survey of India. To the western side of the Fort is Vinchu Kata. Viewing from the Fort, this area looks like scorpion's sting, and hence it is called 'Vinchu Kata'. The diversity of birds and insects can be spotted in these hillocks. 


19. Karnala Fort Trek

Karnala Fort, also called Funnel Hill, is a hill fort elevated at approximately 1500 feet. Karnala fort is famous for its strange pinnacle and the bird sanctuary that is amidst the forest. At the center of the Fort are the ruins of a 125 ft high basalt pillar. It is called Pandu's tower, which was used as a watchtower. The forts of Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Manikgad, Haji Malang, Chanderi fort, Matheran, dhak, Sankshi fort, Dronagiri fort, and Rajmachi are visible from the top.

Karnala Fort Trek


Why should you join Karnala Fort Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Panvel, and Karjat. It is an excellent trek for beginners and for parents who want to introduce their children to trekking and Mother Nature. Spot songbirds like the paradise flycatcher, magpie robin racket-tailed Drongo, and the Malabar whistling thrush. Pray at the divine temple of goddess Bhavani located at the bottom of the Fort. 


20. Tikona Fort Trek

A.K.A Vitandgad, the 3500 feet tall Fort, is pyramidal in shape, and Tikona means "triangular." One can view adjacent fort Tung, the twin of Tikona, Lohagad, Visapur, Bhatrashi hill, Morse hill, Jambhuli hill, Pavana, and Fagne Dam. The entire Mawal region is visible from fort Tikona as it is a dominant hill fort in the Pavana Mawal region. Have delicious traditional Maharashtrian meals in the Tikona Peth village

Tikona Fort Trek


Why should you join Tikona Fort Trek?

Hike through the untouched wilderness and devour in the beautiful ruins. It is known for the large doors, the temple of 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev,' seven water tanks, and Satavahana caves. Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Karjat Lonavala, and Kamshet. During monsoons, the area is blooming with vivid shades of green.


21. Bhimashankar Trek

Situated in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra & covering an area of about 120 km, at the height of 3400 feet high up in the hills. The Bhimashankar temple is a composite of the old and new architecture. It is a modest yet graceful temple, and it dates back to the 18th century. Moderate endurance level hike. The trail crisscrosses between rock patches, forest land, and ladders. This wildlife protected area boasts rich flora and fauna and offers spectacular views of its lush green forests & the Sahyadri mountain ranges that surround the sanctuary. 

Bhimashankar Trek

Why should you join Bhimashankar Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. Enter the perfect forest & soak yourself in the enthralling charm of history, spirituality & nature. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva amidst the wilderness of the dense jungle, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India that attracts pilgrims. The entire trail exudes a serene and rustic charm—one of the best treks for adventure hikers in monsoon—abode to the Malabar Shekru giant squirrel state animal. Site animals like langurs, reptiles, and birds like Quaker Babbler, the Malabar Grey Hornbill, and the Green Pigeon, the Malabar Whistling Thrush, the Black Eagle, and the Grey Jungle fowl.


22. Sondai Fort Trek

The Sondai Fort's name is derived from the temple of Goddess Sondai at the top of the mountain. Sondai Fort was supposedly built as a Watch Tower. Sondai Fort easy trek and open throughout the year. During monsoon, the landscape is blooming and is covered by fog and mist, which gives it a majestic look. Morbe dam lies, spread with open arms, calm & placid like a map from an atlas.

Sondai Fort Trek

Why should you join Sondai Fort Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. Explore one of the lesser-known trekking destinations. Offers scenic views & the final 15ft of rock patch makes it a thrilling experience. Witness peaks of Irshalgad, Prabalgad, and the mountains of Matheran mesmerize the onlooker to the right. Backwaters of the Morbe dam and Vavarle reservoir can be seen vividly.


23. Peb Fort Trek

The Peb Fort derives its name from the Goddess' Pebi'; the FortFort is also named as 'Vikatgad' for its supposed shape of the Elephant Headed God, 'Ganesh.' It is an easy trek, with some problematic paths involving a small rock patch and a ladder. There are some narrow caves dug along the scarp. One of the caves is 20-30 feet long, with a short iron ladder to climb down. One can see the ridge connecting the mountains of Matheran and Peb. Also seen are the pinnacles of Navara-Navari, Bhatoba, and Irshalgad, along with forts of Chanderi, Prabalgad, and Malanggad and also Nakhind.

Peb Fort Trek

Why should you join Peb Fort Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Panvel, and Karjat. The trail passes through water streams, rocks, grassy meadows, and lush green forests. Historical references indicate that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage. The 360-degree view of valleys on both sides will surely leave you spellbound. During monsoon season, the scenic view from the top adds to the mysterious aura of the caves; also, the surrounding scenery looks marvellous from the cave.


24. Kothaligad Fort Trek

Kothaligad is a small Fort approx 3100 feet high, nestled in the lap of Sahyadri ranges. It is called the Fort of Peth because of its vicinity to Peth village. Kothaligad because of the internally excavated stairs at the fort top. Medium endurance level hike. This Fort surrounded with other Forts like Rajmachi, Dhak, Siddhagad, and Prabalgad. The trail drifts through dense bushes and trees as it follows a water pipe that links Peth village to Kothaligad fort. The best time to visit Kothaligad is during pre-monsoon as the trail is glowing with fireflies. During the rainy season, the path usually covered with trickling water & fog. You can enjoy the reverse waterfall and beautiful view of the waterfalls below the Fort. 

kothaligad trek

Why should you join Kothaligad Fort Trek

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Karjat. It is one of the famous treks in the Karjat area around Mumbai, because of its small height and comfortable climbing. This Fort is small in size used as ammunition storage and defence station. Locals say Kothaligad is a sort of lighthouse from where the directions were given to know the advancements of the enemy. Fort base a series of 87 winding steps carved inside the funnel brings you to the top of the pinnacle. Kalwawantinicha Mahal, Nagfani, Siddhagad, Malanggad, Chanderi, Prabalgad, Manikgad, and Matheran are visible Fort Peth. 


25. Harishchandragad Trek

It is a part of the Kalsubai-Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the Malsej region of the Western Ghats. Harishchandragad Fort Standing tall at 4,713 feet, this Fort used to be a guardian post to the city. The majestic interiors and architecture depict the stories of the golden era. High endurance level hike that builds up for one of the most challenging treks in Maharashtra. In addition to the Fort, you will also love the lush meadows and soothing atmosphere. Have steaming chai and breakfast at a panoramic view.

Harishchandragad Fort Trek

Why should you join Harishchandragad Trek

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, and Kasara.Get awestruck by the overhanging Konkan Kada, Taramati peak, and Kedareshwar Caves on one of the most adventurous treks in the Sahyadri. Take a walk in the empire of clouds at Harishchandragad. Dive into history as you explore the 11th-century caves and unique temples. This quaint steep region is known for its scenic beauty and alluring charm. Witness the Konkankada, which is a semi-circular rock wall and resembles a Cobra's hood. It is one of the most prominent cliffs in Sahyadris.


26. Ratangad Trek

Ratangad Fort elevated at about 4255 feet. It vests in the beautiful landscape with dense forests on one side and the vast spread of Bhandardara lake, one of the oldest artificial catchment areas, on the other side. Moderate endurance level trek. The ultimate ascend is made easy by the iron ladders constructed by the forest department. The Fort at the top of the hill provides its spectators a view of the Sahyadri ranges like Alang, Kulang, Madan gad, Harishchandragad, Patta seen easily. From the southern side, one can see Katrabai and Ajoba Fort very close. On the right side of the Fort, you can see a thumb-shaped pinnacle known as Ratangad Khutta

Ratangad Fort Trek

Why should you join Ratangad Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Kasara. Located amidst the dense jungles of Western Ghats, Ratangad Fort is a unique Fort to witness in the region. The Fort is about 400 years old and captured by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is also called Jewels of the Fort. There is a natural crack in the mountain top caused by wind erosion. This natural rock cavity has an emerging tip at the top known as 'Nedhe' or 'the eye of the needle' called due to its shape. The Fort is the origin of the river Pravara/Amrutvahini. The Bhandardara Dam built on this river.


27. Bhandardara Trek

Bhandardara means a valley of treasures. Here the elements of nature are in perfect sync. Situated near the Arthur lake's calm, blue waters, it gives you the experience of island camping. Best among the monsoon destinations with its cascading waterfalls. If you go during the pre-monsoon period, it is the mating season of the fireflies, and you may witness millions of fireflies

Bhandardara Trek

Why should you join Bhandardara Trek?

Easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Kasara. From the highest mountain peak in Maharashtra to one of the largest lakes and oldest dams in the country, Bhandardara is a perfect whole. It's calm and pastoral charisma offers a taste of rural Maharashtra, rejuvenating climate and a dose of clean oxygen. It is the most extraordinary place to purely gaze at the night sky and the best stargazing experience you will ever have because it is said to be the darkest spot of Maharashtra.


28. Waterfall Devkund Bhira


Devkund Waterfall is a hidden treasure of Maharashtra. It's a perfect trek for the adventurous and wildlife buffs. The trail to Devkund is sensational and untouched, scattered with miniature waterfalls and clear mountain creeks encircled by dense guiltless woodlands. The breathtaking scenery and views of Tamhini Ghats and Sahyadri panoramas are worth every moment you spend here.

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