Why Work from Hostels?

As we all know that to manage the CoVid-19 crisis, nations all over the world have imposed lockdowns. We all have been homebound for more than a year now. The lockdown has encroached on our personal space and fogged our brains. Till now, we have exhausted all our resources to adjust to it and adopt the ‘Work from Home’ culture. However, deep down we know that’s it’s not working out. Creativity and motivation are at their lowest. Given the circumstances, we decided to launch “Workcation”. Workcation is nothing but a working vacation away from home, in beautiful natural surroundings. The whole idea behind a workcation is to provide an affordable workstation in the lap of nature at an affordable price.

When you opt for a workcation at a hostel, you also get to meet various other artists and backpackers, who might sow the seeds of inspiration in you. Nonetheless, a new upbeat environment and shift in scenery are going to get your brain brewing with productivity and ideas. What’s more, you ask? Film Screenings, Game Nights, Karaoke Sessions, Bonfire, Fun Events and Community Dinners for socialization and enriching your stay. You could even go out exploring and hiking to reward yourself after you’re done with work. So, what are you waiting for? These are enough reasons to gift yourself this much-needed space by opting for a workcation at any of our hostels.