Iss Diwali aap kisko khush karenge - Treks and Trails, Maharashtra trek-cum-distribution completed sucessfully

By Dr Deepali Kasare Naik

I will always remember my FIRST DIWALI after Marriage...celebrated at Adivasi pada school near Pali...
After an adventurous trek to Sarasgarh organized by TreksandTrails India; we went to the school where more than 700 students from the nearest Adivasi pada come and stay. It is a boarding school. Govt has asked to get minimum 40 students compulsory in one class and govt claims to give them Rs.900/student to the school.

But as per school authorities, the school does not even get more than Rs.400/student. School manages to arrange food, shelter, soap, oil, clothes, books and other stationary, medicines, etc for more than 700 students in such a limited amount.

TreksandTrails India identified such school and decided to run a program "IS DIWALI AAP KISE KHUSH KARENGE". After reaching school we talked to the authorities and understand their needs. Then considering that its boarding school where 700 childrens are staying for more than 300 days together, I decided to conduct a small session on child abuse "GOOD TOUCH BAD TOUCH". The students of class 1st -5th std attended this session and I found that they all were nicely listening to what I wanted to communicate with them. They even interacted well during session.

Post this session we conducted Health check up camp which was not like TOUCH AND GO. But we thoroughly checked every ill child and the no were more than 120 students. Major issue was hygiene so the skin disorders, oral health disorders, dental and ENT problems were found in every child. We distributed medicines to these guys. We could found couple of ADHD cases too. I could explain to Head mistress Madam about the problem and necessary action for such children. We also handed over the stock of first-aid medicines to the staff there and given the guidance on the use of medicines.We could also diagnosed a case of COPD in the school staff. It was again a good work since these people dont have much access to healthcare, he was really happy to get aware about his illness.

Menawhile all team guys had done a great job. They helped in filling up the forms..arranging children in order...especially Paulomi Desai who checked weight of each child and also assisted me by standing next to me throughout. 
During this TreksandTrailsIndia Group distributed old clothes, toys, shampoo,old vessels and cold cream to the students. Paulomi Desai, Yahya and others have put lot of hard work to collect these stuff from friends and relatives for more than 1months time. These guys dint sleep in the previous night to get things organised before we start from Mumbai to Pali. The children were so happy to receive it as a gift of Diwali. Our boys really made a happy day for children as they were playing cricket, lagori,etc games with pupils. They jumped into the well with school boys. And lot more fun...I could not be the part of it as I was busy in health check ups but I enjoyed watching the pictures of these guys..shared by Yahya and Sudarshan VA. By the time we finished the check up for ill students it was Dinner time for students...Ankit and others even participated in food distribution activity with staff. After completing the event as per head mistress's request I visited the girls hostel and spend 10mins with the elder girls (6th-10th std) ...briefed them about adolescence & hygiene. It was already 7pm so time was limiting us. It took us another 3&1/2 hr to reach Mumbai but I had real good sleep on Saturday night with satisfaction.

Feeling happy that I am able give back something to the society. It really satisfies when you can reduce somebody's pain. The girl Rupali who had wax block in the right ear was suffering with earache...we removed it with the help of available tools and she was relieved of the pain. She started smiling and that was the memorable moment for me. I dont remember the patients from my private practice as they come , get treatment, pay and go...But these does...We all were so happy that we dint realised that we are tired since morning as we had trekked to Sarasgad in the first half of the day. Everyone was exhausted as the heat was taking all water and minerals out of the body through sweat while trekking . But we entered the school and somehow all of us got charged to work again. When we saw students jumping in the corridor of their hostels with joy and saying "BYE BYE" to us while we were travelling back to Mumbai. 

I am narrating this event not for getting likes and superlike comments from my friend . I expect my friends whoever are doing such kind of activities in other areas, please put up the details so that we all can share whatever little we can.It was a smallest thing what we did on saturday but if we all decide to do such small things often I think all of us can celebrate a great DIWALI... I request all my doctor friends to donate the medicine stocks if they wish. They can give the samples which they get it from Pharma companies. I request to my friends who are working in MNCs if their companies are doing any CSR activities then please let us know.