Achala Fort Trek Satmala Hill Range

Achala Fort Trek Satmala Hill Range

Achala Killa

अचला किल्ला - Achala Fort established in the Satmala Hill Range on the westernmost region. Ahivant Fort is the adjoining Achala Fort. Achala Fort is 55 km from Nashik, Maharashtra. Mohandar Fort, Ahivant Fort, Achala Fort are situated nearby with Achala Fort and Mohandar Fort built to defend the Ahivant Fort. Captain Briggs from the British East India Company explained the Fort as a big mountain whose incline was simple and the uppermost portion very sheer.

Achala Fort Information 


  • Achala Fort Height 4025 feet above sea level 
  • Achala Fort Type Hill Companion Fort 
  • Achala Fort Distance from Mumbai 234 km
  • Achala Fort Distance from Pune 275 km
  • Achala Fort Distance from Nashik 67 km
  • Achala Fort Trek Duration one hour and thirty minutes only way
  • Achala Fort Trek distance 1.5 km one way 
  • Achala Fort Ascent from 959 feet from Bilwadi 
  • Achala Fort base village height 2576 feet from Bilwadi 
  • Achala Fort Water and Food are available at Base village only. 
  • Achala Fort Trek Difficulty Moderate 

Achala Fort History

Adil Shah had control over Achala Fort in the year 1636. Moghul Emperor Shahjahan committed Shaista Khan to win all the forts in the Nashik district, and Cavalier Alivardi Khan won the Achala Killa for Shaista Khan. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won the fort from Moghuls in the year 1670.
Aurangzeb Moghul Emperor assigned his chieftain Mahabat Khan to conquer the Ahivant Fort. Diler Khan, along with Mahabat Khan, began the campaign from both sides of the Avihant Fort. The assault happened extremely fierce that the Ahivant Fort yielded to Moghuls. Achala Fort consequently surrendered to Moghuls. In 1818 Achala Fort was resigned to Colonel Briggs with the other 17 forts following the fall of Trymbak Fort.

How to reach Achala Fort

Achala Fort nearest town is Vani 44 km away from Nashik, Vani has good availability of hotels. Dagad Pimpri is the base village located 13 km from Vani. The trekking trail starts from the hillock north of the Dagad Pimpri Village. Achala Fort Trek route is wide and safe, and it lacks tree cover along the trekking path. It will take one hour to reach the col between the Avihant Fort and Achala Fort. From the col, if you choose the right track, it goes to Ahivant Fort, and the left way will go to Achala Fort. If you are planning a night stay at Achala Fort, it will be difficult as there is no potable water available on the fort. Please carry your packed lunch and drinking water for this trek. Homestay are available at Dagad Pimpri village home-cooked meals, and simple accommodation are available at a reasonable cost. The second trekking route for Achala fort starts from Daregaon village.

  1. Vani - Dagad Pimpri: If you are travelling using a local bus, you can board ST Bus till for Vani via Nashik ST Stand. From Vani, you can catch another ST to Pimpri village. You can follow the directions mention above for completing the trek. 
  2. The second trek route for the Achala fort from Belwadi village. The village located near the foothills of Ahinm Fort. This trekking path located on the other side of Achala Fort

Places to see on Achala Fort Trek

  1. Achala Fort hill is magnificent 
  2. Ruins of buildings, storehouses, water tanks seen on the fort. 
  3. You will be required 45 minutes to encircle the fort completely.