Places you should visit near Pune

Places you should visit near Pune

Pune city is a budding metropolis near the town of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is well known as the city of hills, as there are various hillocks and mountains all around. If this does not scream adventure to you, then let me tell you more about places to visit in Pune. Pune has a great history and culture, well preserved along with the modern values of today. What's more, there are several little streets for foodies with amazing gourmets mixed with traditional foods. There are also various streets as well as malls for shopping freaks. There are several museums too in Pune for people who would love to visit the past. 


Following is a list of places to visit in Pune

Aga Khan Palace

Places you should visit near Pune, Aga Khan Palace is a beautiful palace on the banks of the Mula river. It is also closely associated with history. It also has the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi, who died here in captivity. There is another Samadhi with the remains of Mahatma Gandhi's secretary Mahadev. This place is perfect for photography. Or for taking a walk through history. Today it is managed by the Gandhi National Memorial Society.



Right in the centre of Pune city is this ancient fort called Shaniwarwada. At one time, it was the seat of power of the Maratha Peshwas. Today the ruins are worth a visit. The tall walls all around it are still the same. Inside, you can see the Hazari Karanje - the Lotus shaped fountain placed in the courtyard of Shaniwarwada.


Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal is a red fort near Shaniwarwada in Pune city. Historically, this was the fort where the Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj grew up. His father - Shahji Bhosale had made this beautiful palace for him and Jija Mata, his mother. Today there is a small museum inside.


Pataleshwar Cave


The Pataleshwar cave is located at J.M. Road in Pune city. Patalaeshwar is a cave from the Rashtrakuta period of the 8th century. The cave has several sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses inside. But there is a prominent temple of Lord Shiva inside. Outside in the courtyard is a massive sculpture of Nandi. The cave has a calming effect when you go inside. You will immediately feel it.


Mahadji Shinde Chatri


Mahadji Shinde Chatri, commonly known as Shinde Chatri, is a memorial dedicated to 18th-century Maratha warrior named MahadjiShinde. There is a Shiva temple inside. The monument marks the place where Mahdaji Shinde was cremated.


Vishrambaug Wada


Vishrambaug Wada is an elegant mansion located on Bajirao Road in Pune. The old intricate wooden windows and the architecture suggest the grandeur from the golden Maratha era.


Karla Buddha Caves

Places you should visit near Pune, Karla caves are ancient Buddhist caves located 60 km away from Pune. There is a huge Stupa inside the cave. The caves are on top of a hill. There is also a temple of goddess Ekvira, adjacent to the caves.


Nana Wada


Visiting Nana Wada is a walk through Maratha history. It was built in the 18th century. It has classic archways, carved wooden windows and a huge courtyard in the centre.




Sarasbaug is a beautiful garden in Pune city. Very few people know that it was a Lake earlier with the temple of Lord Ganesha in the center. Parvati Hill is visible from here. After the water dried away, now converted into a garden. Today, there is the same temple in the center. Various lotus plants are seen in the garden all around the temple.


Pune Okayama Friendship Garden


This garden in Pune is a perfect place to calm yourself down. It is based on the Japanese concept and is inspired by a similar garden in the city of Okayama in Japan. There is a water canal that flows throughout the garden. Some orange fishes under a bridge make the atmosphere livelier. There is another set of gardens adjacent to this called the Mughal Garden.


Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park


Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is a large zoo located in the Katraj area of Pune. It is also known as snake park, due to the different species of snakes kept here. There are a few birds - owls, peacocks, etc. and some animals like - Tigers, White Tiger, Elephants, Bulls, Black Bears, etc. kept here in captivity. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park spread across 130 acres.


Osho Garden

Places you should visit near Pune, the Osho Garden is made completely from waste and sewage water. There are water purification plants that filter this water. This water then runs throughout the garden. The Park has a statue of Saint Osho. The walking trail is through the dense forest like walkways. The garden is developed by OshoTeerth Meditation centre, which is nearby.


Butterfly Park


Butterfly Park was initially made in the city to attract butterflies. There is also a broken net cage in the garden today. Although very few butterflies are found here, there are a large variety of different species of flowers.


Vetal Hill


Vetal Hill or Vetal Tekdi is a small hillock near Kothrud in Pune city. The hill is full of walking trails through lush greenery. What is more special is that the entire area is developed by the locals through tree plantation. There is a lake inside and also a temple.


Seven Wonders Dream Park


The Seven Wonders Dream Park also known as Late YashwantraoChavan All around the park are beautiful replicas to the Seven wonders of the World. Among the replicas are famous wonders like the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum from Rome and even our Taj Mahal.


Late Sanjay Mahadev Nimhan Gram Sanskruti Udyan


This place has beautiful displays of rural life a century ago. There are costumes and historical things on display. It is like walking through history.


Empress Botanical garden


Empress Botanical Garden has spread across a lot of acres. There are numerous trees and streams inside this park. A notable feature is th nursery which is inside the garden. You can buy some potted plants for your house garden.


Aba Bagul Udyan


Aba Bagul Udyan is a beautiful silent park in Sahakarnagar area of Pune. There are statues of various animals all around the park. There are also fountains in the centre. A laser show is hosted on these fountains on some evenings.


Peshwe Energy Park


Peshwe Energy Park is adjacent to the Saras Baug garden of Pune. The park is built to educate regarding renewable energy and has a battery-powered train.


Udaan Biodiversity Park


Udaan Biodiversity Park is a lovely park in the Viman Nagar area of Pune. There are various types of plants with ayurvedic, medicinal and other importance. There are signboards everywhere written in English, Marathi and Braille.


Sunset Point DIAT


DIAT is Defence Institute Of Advanced Technology. This is a forested hill. The view is mindblowing. reach here in time for the sunset.


Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir


Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir is the most famous temple in Pune city. People travel to visit this temple from all over the World. Today the idol of Lord Ganesha is decorated wonderfully with a lot of expensive ornaments. The temple and its steeple is a sight to behold.


Anand Van Reserve Forest


This is a patch of reserve forest near NIBM. Many tree plantations take place here every year. It is maintained by a trust called Anand Van MitraMandal.


Trishundha Ganapati mandir


This temple has a unique idol of Lord Ganesha with three trunks and six hands. This type of idol is a rare occurrence as per Hindu mythology. The temple is located in Somwar Peth. The construction of the temple dates back to the year 1754.


Parvati Hill Temple


Parvati Hill is a small hillock in Pune, which the average Punekar uses for his daily workout. The hill has some steep steps to climb. There is a temple on the top of Lord Shiva. It is said that the Peshwas from Shaniwarwada built the temple and visited it daily. There is a museum called - Peshwe museum on the top. Various old articles and a chariot from that era are displayed here.


St Mary's Church

Places you should visit near Pune, This church was built in 1825 and it is the oldest Church in Pune and Deccan. The church architecture is intricate and beautiful. It is one of the top attractions in Pune.


Chatturshringi Mandir


Chatturshringi Mandir is a beautiful temple of a Hindu goddess. Chatturshringi Mandir is located atop a small hill in the most modern area on Senapati Bapat Road. Chatturshringi temple built by the Peshwas. You have to climb a few steps to reach the top.


Birla Ganpati Temple


Birla Ganpati Temple is located 32 km from Pune. It is a large statue of Lord Ganesha on a raised platform. In the backdrop are lush green hills. If you climb a few steps you can reach the top of this platform and view the surrounding area.


Shree Omkareshwar Temple


This is a temple of Lord Shiva located near the river Mula. The inner sanctum is old. It is said that the temple was frequented by the Peshwas.


Zero Stone


Zero Stone is located in Sadhu Vaswani Chowk of Pune. It is just outside the old main Post office of Pune. It is one of the top attractions because tourists love to photograph themselves along with it.


Bhuleshwar Temple


Almost 58 km from Pune is this beautifully carved temple. The temple represents Lord Shiva. There are ancient carvings all around.


Mahatama Phule Museum


The collections in this museum relate to industry, science, engineering, geology and minerals. There are also clothes, weapons and armour from old Maratha and Mughal periods.


Joshi's Museum of Miniature Railways


This museum was started by Bhausaheb Joshi. There is a collection of working models of various types of trains. All of them are small replicas. They will give you a beautiful demonstration.


Blades of Glory Cricket Museum


This is the worlds biggest cricket museum located in Pune. The gallery displays bats signed by various legends from Cricket world, including bats signed by each of the 11 world cup-winning teams.


Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum


This museum contains the collections of Dr. Dinkar G Kelkar. There are some sculptures even from the 14 th century. Dr. Dinkar started the collection in 1920. By 1962, a museum was established, and in 1975 he donated the collections to the Government. It has everything from ancient doorways to ornaments to musical instruments.


Lohagad Fort

Lohagad is the most popular fort near Pune. It is an easy pleasant trek with the views all the way to Lonavala. It is 64 km away from Pune. The nearest train station is Malvali.

Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort is just adjacent to Lohagad Fort. In the monsoon, it is even better. Most of the people visit this to watch the staircase waterfalls here. At night star watching is also a thing at this place.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort is a common spot for trekkers and youngsters from Pune. The trekking route starts from Sinhagad Paytha. Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to the top via the motor road. Sinhagad Fort is 35 km away from Pune.

Appu Ghar


Appu Ghar is a beautiful amusement park for the kids as well as the adults in the PCMC area near Pune City. There are various toys and activities here promising an adventure for all.


Kamshet Paragliding


Paragliding in Kamshet is the most surreal experience with views of Lohagad, Visapur and Torna in the distance. Both solo and tandem paragliding is available. There are also paragliding schools located here.

Ohel David Synagogue


Ohel David Synagogue is a place of worship for the Jews in Pune city. The architecture is enormous and extremely impressive. It is called as Lal Devul by the locals. Davis Sassoon constructed the Synagogue.


Katraj Lake


Katraj Lake is located adjacent to the Katraj Zoo mentioned above. The lake is well maintained and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pune city. In the monsoon, the area around the lake is exceptionally scenic.


Amanora Mall


If you want a good shopping mall the Amnora is the best in Pune. It is located near Amnora Township in Hadapsar. All the brands you want are available here. There are a stage and small ground in the centre where live performances are staged often.


National War Memorial Southern Command


National War Memorial is located in the cantonment area of Pune. Pune city is surrounded by such military establishments. The War Memorial is a tribute to the martyrs of post-independence wars. The MiG 23 BN is displayed which is from the Kargil war.