Best walks, hikes, and treks in Nashik. We assess the best routes and walking and trekking holidays. And see other outstanding tours and activities in Nashik.

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Trekking in Nashik | Amazing Treks near Nashik

Best walks, hikes, and treks in Nashik. We assess the best routes and walking and trekking holidays. And see other outstanding tours and activities in Nashik. The Nashik forts are some of the highest in Maharashtra and offer amazing views of the city and the surrounding countryside. They are also steeped in rich history, with many battles fought over their control. The food in Nashik is also quite famous, with a variety of local dishes on offer.


Anjaneri Parvat Trek

A little off the ground of Nashik, the Anjaneri Mountains present the perfect amount of calmness and solitude from the fastidious town life. But attaining this is a vital effort. Hikers will first have to take a jeep from Kasara to reach Trimbakeshwar, and additional afield for another 10 km to arrive at the Anjaneri mountain. It takes around three hours to reach the summit. Dslr Photography is prohibited on this mountain to protect the local plants from poachers. The Sahyadri Killa is famous for unique wildflowers that bloom after the monsoon season. 

Anjaneri Parvat is very prominent amongst the devotees as pilgrims say that the cave nearby the top of the mountain was where Goddess Anjana gave birth to Lord Hanuman. And that is how the Anjaneri mountain got its Title. A whole lot of intricate areas linked to the lifetime of Lord Hanuman will also be there, which you can observe while hiking on the mountain. The route is well marked with rock-cut steps and one Dhaba atop the summit selling snacks. 

Additionally, there's a Mata Anjana temple, where Goddess Anjani meditated for a child, and Shiva finally appeared ahead of her to pronounce a blessing. There are two pindies within the temple; the significant one is of Mata Anjana, and the little one is of Bal Hanuman. A cave decorated with inscriptions that are as old as decades. There are many monkeys while hiking on the mountain. The best time to visit the Sahyadri Gad is during the monsoon and winter seasons.  


Tringalwadi Fort

The Nashik district in Maharashtra, which has the most exquisite mountain forts, around fifteen forts, and many temples, is trendy among hikers, trekkers, and devotees. Most of these destinations are famous for weekend treks near Nashik. But do you recognize that there are still a couple of fortresses where you can steer clear of the sightseer crowd and savor their attractiveness in solitude? 

Tringalwadi Fort is just one of these fantastic citadel where you can experience the past in a calm ambiance. Please keep reading to learn more about this age-old attractiveness and scenic place.

The ideal Time to see Tringalwadi; is the rainy season is the Best Time to visit the fort. Winter and Post monsoon season is also an excellent time to visit the fort. The weather during the summer months will be difficult for trekking. Tringalwadi Fort was established near Igatpuri in the neighborhood of Nashik. It is popular among cyclists and trekkers from Nashik. 


Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar Killa was built at an elevation of 3,676 feet above sea level. The hill where the Harihar fort is built matches the rectangular shape of the base village. Nonetheless, it was constructed on the triangular prism of rock during the Yadava dynasty. The borders of this Harihar fort are nearly straight. Sahyadri forts are famous for their architecture and beautiful settings.   

The appeal of the Harihar Gad is the iconic rock-cut steps to the peak of the Harihar fort. It's nearly 80 degrees vertically, not for hikers who fear heights. In the fortress, you will find Shiva, Nandi idols, Lord Hanuman, and a little lake. Climbing the fort's thrilling rock-cut steps during the monsoon season, almost covered in clouds, is adventurous among hikers. The scene out of the Harihar fort is impressive. You can observe many peaks and fortress-like Anjaneri fort, Brahmagiri, Bhaskargad, or even Basgad, Durg Bhandar, and Utwad forts, famous forts near Nashik.


Bhaskargad Fort

In Maharashtra's Nashik district, 48 kilometers from Igatpuri, sits the fort known as Basgad Fort or Bhaskargad Fort. One of the forts in the Trimbak hill range is this one, and the Harihar fort is next to this fort.

There is just one primary gate on the fort's main entry route, and the same rock was used to create the main entry gate and the steps. On the fort, there is a water cistern carved out of stone. On the fort, there is a crude idol of Veer Maruti. It takes roughly 30 minutes to explore the entire fort. It is an offbeat trekking places in Nashik