Jivdhan Fort is a Hill Fort one kilometer away from Naneghat Pass, Ghatghar, Junnar. The trekking route initially is covered in the dense forest leading to amazing views. You can spot many beautiful birds and wildlife around the fort. Many campsites and homestays are available near the starting point of the trek. The road leading to the fort has been improved. 

Jivdhan Fort Trek included in the famous five treks in the Junnar region. You can club them together in two days if you are touring in your private car Hadsar Fort, Naneghat Ghat, Shivneri Fort, Chavand Fort, and Jivdhan Fort the famous five. Jivdhan Naneghat trek can be combined together to cover two locations during one trekking tour. 

Jivdhan Fort Trek route will be tough for first-timers climbing equipment is required on rock climbing patches.  The jungle trek route can be confusing and misleading. Jivdhan Killa has rock-cut steps carved brilliantly, which leads to the Kalyan Gate. Hooks are attached to make the climb easier for trekkers near the Kalyan gate. Jivdhan rock patch is one of the highlights on the trek. 


Jivdhan Fort Information

  • Jivdhan Fort type Hill Fort 
  • Jivdhan Fort Height 3757 feet above sea level 
  • Jivdhan Fort Base village height 2261 feet above sea level
  • Total ascent Jivdhan Kille Trek 2389 feet
  • Total trekking distance Jivdhan Trek 10 kilometers
  • Time duration required for Jivdhan Trek seven hours 
  • Food and water, please carry for this trek. 
  • Trek Difficulty tough for Jivdhan Fort Trek


Jivdhan Trek itinerary 

Day Zero: Saturday 

  • 22:00 meet Treks and Trails India team near Pritam Dhaba Restaurant Dadar East 
  • 23:00 Travel by Non Ac bus to Ghatghar Base village 


Day One: Sunday

  • 04:00 Reach Village and rest in Bus
  • 05:00 Breakfast and Introduction 
  • 06:00 Jivdhan Fort Junnar Trek Begins 
  • 09:00 Summit Jivdhan Fort and explore the fort 
  • 11:00 Descend to the base village
  • 14:00 Reach Base village and enjoy lunch 
  • 15:00 Leave for Dadar East, Mumbai 
  • 22:00 Reach Mumbai 
1 Night 1 Day Available on request
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Travel by non AC Bus 
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch 
  • Evening Tea
  • Trek Leader expertise and climbing equipment 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Anything not mentioned in the cost inclusions 
Frequently Asked Questions

Jivdhan Fort History

Jivdhan Killa dates back to the Satavahana dynasty. Entry points built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj have Lord Ganesh and Kalas engraved on it. Naneghat Pass, located nearby, was an important trading route connecting Junnar and Kalyan. Jivdhan Fort guarded this route, which was a strategic location for many kingdoms. The Last ruler of Adilshahi of Ahmednagar was little Murtaza. The Mughal imprisoned Murtaza at Jivdhan Fort. In 1635 Shahaji Bhosle, the father of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj freed him from the prison and declared him the king of Ahmednagar. Naneghat to Jivdhan has a three-kilometer open plateau easy to spot enemy approaching. British destroyed all the approaches to the fort after capturing the fort in 1818. Jivdhan Killa was sacked and plundered by the British East India company Col Prother assault between 1815 and 1818. sources Wikipedia 


Things to see on Jivdhan Fort Pune Maharashtra Trek

Storehouses: Atop Jivdhan Killa are unexplored Storehouse to be explored with precautions. Temple of Goddess are in good condition along with Main Gate and Kalyan Gate in good condition. 

Water Tanks: There are rainwater tanks available atop the fort. Water available near the Storehouse is not potable. Water available from the rock-cut rainwater reservoir near the Kalyan Gate is clean. Please boil the water or use chlorine tablets as a caution for using the water for drinking or cooking.  

Biodiversity and Wildlife: You can spot the Shekhru the Indian gaint squirrel endemic to the jungles in India. Jivdhan Killa covered with Prickly shrubs of Kate Adulsa, and please wear full selves for this trek. 

Pinnacle near the Fort: Vanderlingi or Khadaparsi or Vanarlingi, the 385 feet high pinnacle near the Jivhdan Fort, is famous for rock climbing. As you move closer to the Jivdhan Killa, you see the beauty of the Vanarlingi pinnacle. Proper technical rock climbing knowledge and equipment is required to summit the Vanarlingi Pinnacle. There are many beehives adequate scouting, and planning is needed to complete the climb. 

North Front views: Jivdhan Killa has impressive landscape views, treat for photographers. You can see Chavand Fort, Harishchandragad Killa, Ajoba Parvat, Ratangad Fort, Naneghat Pass, Hadsar Fort, Nimgiri Fort, and Manikdoh Dam and the complete Junnar plateau. Jivdhan Waterfall during monsoon as famous for the reverse flow of water due to strong winds. Jivdhan reverse waterfall is located close to Naneghat a popular destination during monsoon. 


Frequently asked questions - Jivdhan Fort Trek

Jivdhan Fort Distance from Mumbai, Pune, Kalyan?

  1. Jivdhan fort distance from Pune is 123 kilometers approx four-hour drive
  2. Jivdhan fort distance from Mumbai is 166 kilometers approx five-hour drive
  3. Jivdhan fort distance from Kalyan is 125 kilometers approx four-hour drive