Adventure travel is to go over and beyond the famous regular places, seeking out unknown adventures. The travel destination might be as near as a couple of kilometres from your house, or it may be hundreds of kilometres from an exotic place in India.

Perhaps it's to do with the fast-paced and stressful lives we're leading that adventure travel has come to be one of the fastest growing segments of the travel market. A growing number of travellers have been abandoning the typical beach hotels and are actively searching for new adventures on their journeys. These excursions often bring significant private discovery, the creation of new skills and comprehension, and cross-cultural experiences.

Adventure travel isn't right for everybody. It's for an individual with all the desire for a new adventure, a person who wants to forsake the well-trodden path. Health and area may restrict travelers to less-strenuous actions, but it doesn't block the traveler from various other kinds of adventure travel.

It's undeniable that some experience travel actions carry increased risks. Trekking across the mountains is unquestionably more dangerous than placing yourself beneath an umbrella at the beach. As in many travel scenarios, having sufficient preparation and practicing common sense will go a long way in decreasing risk.

An adventurous travel experience Travel does not need to be costly. Typically, you wouldn't be staying in five-star resorts, eating in fancy restaurants, or even taking limo rides. Should you want more reasons to begin your adventure traveling.

Why Should you choose Adventure Travel

Of late, routine travel is becoming predictable and dull. With decreasing airfares and the subsequent growth of package tours as the most frequent means of vacationing, tourism is becoming uninspiring and tiresome.

That feeling of experience that travel is assumed to evoke is becoming jaded. That is what's given rise to a different sort of travel nowadays-adventure tourism. Adventure travel isn't just popular with all the adrenaline-filled children. Still, it is increasingly being consumed by people of all ages due to better fitness, wellness, leisure time, and financial prosperity.

Adventure travel may be more exciting than backpacking, trekking, camping, bushwalking, river rafting, paragliding, and skiing since it mostly involves risk-taking. When you get on with the outdoors, you eventually begin experiencing life at its edgiest-that is, an element of excitement. It's not tough to determine why. Adventure travel typically takes us to proximity with Mother Nature in her rawest finest.

For people who are into hardcore adventure travel at its adrenaline-pumping finest. There are lots of choices, like scaling forts in Maharashtra, camping in Maharashtra, hiking in the Himalayas, river rafting. Skiing at Gulmarg, the loftier snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan range, cycling across the road in Spiti Valley, Leh, Ladakh, Kerala. Even trying out a new royal pumping experience game such as white water rafting in treacherous, rolling icy waters of Rishikesh.

For thrill-seekers, there isn't any shortage of those. For the milder bent of mind, you will find excursions you may take, which could be exciting and stimulating without a lot of danger.

A number of the other experience travel websites include eco-trekking throughout the forests of Karnataka. To get up close to the insects, birds, and creatures that inhabit it. You can take camping excursions to several exotic locales off the tourist map and find out about the local folks—their food customs, costumes, culture, and language—by really interacting with them.

Or maybe you want something more gentle and solitary. If this is so, there are still unspoiled beaches that are virtually abandoned and exist for one to immerse themselves in the sun-splashed grandeur of the yellowish sands and blue waters of Goa.


Seeking adventure? Try these activities! 


Explore the skies of Lonavala on a paragliding adventure

Paragliding near Lonavala

Kamshet Paragliding Let’s fly like a bird with paragliding at Kamshet. Enjoy an amazing tandem paragliding ride, which will be an experience worth a thousand moments. You will be assisted by a team of professional experts conducting Tandem Paragliding Kamshet near Pune. Tandem paragliding can be enjoyed by any person from the age of 6 years onwards. Kamshet is one of the best destinations for paragliding in India.

You will be flying with the best team of qualified, experienced & licenced instructors personally trained by the only internationally certified ‘Master Instructor’ in the country – Avi Malik (ex IAF fighter pilot).

We use certified equipment and constantly evolve our skills to international standards.

Paragliding is a natural and weather-dependent sport. If conditions are not conducive for flying, we may need to postpone the activity for the later days as we will not be compromising safety.


 Lets Photograph The Milky Way at Naneghat

 Milky Way at Naneghat

It's one of the ancient trade routes, existing right from the Satvahanas, which ghats and was in extensive use to transport goods arriving at the Junnar which was then a flourished market place.100's of years gone but still villagers at the ghat area use this pass to reach Konkan. It reflects how the emperors use to skillfully choose locations. Naneghat trek is simple and enjoyable. The way is clearly marked and passes through dense teakwood forests. Climbing from the forest you reach to the base of ‘Nanacha Agatha’, which is the pinnacle of Naneghat plateau. From this base, a 2-meter-wide pass connects to the actual plateau. This pass called as ‘Naneghatachi nail and has been carved and cut in stones by emperors of that time. This 60-meter-long pass takes you to the Naneghat plateau.


Meghalaya 6 Days 5 Nights


Go on a holiday to Meghalaya. Whether you're looking for a relaxing break, an experience with old friends or family, somewhere to relax and unwind solo, or something new and exciting that you can share together, you've come to the right place. We offer you exciting Meghalaya holiday deals that present plenty of opportunities to captivate yourself with the essence of this fabulous destination. Purchase our special Meghalaya tour packages and discover what interesting locations await your discovery - places where history and nature stand hand in hand providing visitors with a wonderful escape from their everyday routine! Treks and Trails offer great discounts on various vacation packages which will both help ease your trip and also save a few rupees in the process! Don't miss out on these value-added deals for cities across India as well without any limitations!


Mcleodganj Dharamshala Bir Trip

Mcleodganj Bir Billing Tour

McLeod Ganj is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known as "Little Lhasa" or "Dhasa" because of its large population of Tibetans.

Bir Billing is popular for paragliding. It is India's highest paragliding spot and world's 2nd highest paragliding spot.

Dharamshala is a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh and has some lovely places to visit like this Bhagsu waterfall, Dharamshala cricket stadium, Dal lake and etc.


River Rafting in Manali

River Rafting in Manali

India's topographical diversity has encouraged recreational and adventure pursuits. Many thrill-seekers and travellers enjoy Manali river rafting. River rafting in Kullu Manali involves riding rapids in an inflatable raft. River rafting in India has attracted corporates as well as kids because it fosters teamwork through adventure. River rafting in India is beautiful along the Himalayas. India has various river rafting destinations with roaring rivers. Group river rafting makes it more appealing.

Manali has become a global adventure destination. Few know that Manali has some of India's best river rafting courses. Manali's cold cascades and bends might be a lifelong memory. Adrenaline enthusiasts can raft on Beas River rapids.


Gulmarg Skiing Course for Beginners

Gulmarg Skiing Course for Beginners

Gulmarg Skiing is a premier Ski destination in India. Apharwat Mountain with over 1300 vertical metres of scenic snow skiing terrain, Gulmarg sits along with the planet's most incredible mountain range, the Himalayas. Apharwat mountain is home to both unbelievable Alpine ski runs and excellent off-piste powder runs. All made possible by Gulmarg's famous Gondola ski cable car, which climbs into a jaw-dropping altitude of approximately 4000 metres above the sea level, the best ski lift on earth!

Why should you visit Gulmarg Skiing Destination? 
Low tourist count only a few thousand visits it each year Kashmir kind of scares of on the fence travellers. People usually ask this question is it safe to travel in Kashmir our answer it is same as the rest of India. Gulmarg is mostly visited by Kashmiris who love Skiing, few adventurous Indians and foreigners looking for those untracked powder runs. It is also one of the pocket-friendly Skiing Destination in the world. The weather is just right for learning skiing, not too cold and not too hot. January to February are the best months for Skiing. There are many snowstorms followed by clear skies with sunshine that make perfect skiing days. 


Winter Wildlife Excursion in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley Kye Monastery

Spiti valley, also known as the “Middle Land” is a Trans-Himalayan terrain bordering with Tibet at an average altitude of 4000 meters. Spiti valley is home to some of the oldest monasteries in the Himalayan region like Tabo monastery, Dhankar monastery, Sherkhang monastery and Kye monastery, strong hold of Buchen Lamas in Pin Valley, famous for Tibetan medicine system and Amchis, fossils of Langza village, highest motorable villages and passes, scenic lakes, a 1000-year-old culture, tough life, beautiful villages and people and out of this world landscape. Come and explore with us as we travel to a civilization frozen in time. Spiti Fixed Departures have been planned in a way that you explore Spiti like a local and at a pace that helps you acclimatize and enjoy at the same time.


Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek

The Sar pass is in Parvati Valley of Kullu district of Pradesh. Sar, in the local dialect, means a lake. Trekking, across the path from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, one has to pass by a small, frozen lake (Sar) and therefore the name Sar Pass Trek emerged. The trail takes you through ordination of picturesque grasslands and forests conjugated with steep rocky terrain and snow patches. Trek route emerges from Kasol and goes through Grahan, Ratta Pani, Nagaru and Barsheni.