Everything You Need to Know to Start Basic Skiing in Gulmarg.


Gulmarg Skiing is a premier skiing destination in India.

Apharwat Mountain with over 1300 vertical metres of scenic snow skiing terrain, Gulmarg sits along with the planet's most incredible mountain range, the Himalayas. Apharwat mountain is home to both unbelievable alpine ski runs and excellent off-piste powder runs. It is all made possible by Gulmarg's famous Gondola ski cable car, which climbs to a jaw-dropping altitude of approximately 4000 metres above sea level, the best ski lift on earth!

Gulmarg Kashmir is a relatively small, isolated, and mostly underdeveloped town. Old heritage hotels are still in operation and are run by British families.Being close to the Pakistan border, you will find Indian troops always present in the town. It is one of the safest places to go on vacation in India. Gulmarg is established amongst the peaks of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. An attractive destination for adventurous travellers.


Why should you visit Gulmarg Skiing Destination? 

With only a few thousand visitors per year, Kashmir tends to put visitors on the fence.People usually ask this question: is it safe to travel in Kashmir? Our answer is the same as in the rest of India. Gulmarg is mostly visited by Kashmiris who love skiing, and a few adventurous Indians and foreigners looking for those untracked powder runs. It is also one of the most pocket-friendly skiing destinations in the world. The weather is just right for learning to ski; it's not too cold nor too hot. January to February are the best months for skiing. There are many snowstorms followed by clear skies with sunshine that make perfect skiing days.


Gulmarg Skiing Event Itinerary

Day One-Srinagar to Gulmarg Kashmir Drive

  • Pickup from Srinagar Airport
  • Kindly book a flight that reaches Srinagar by 12:30 pm.
  • Welcome to Srinagar; our driver will meet you at the airport and transport you to the Gulmarg hotel.
  • It takes up to 3 hours to reach Gulmarg Skiing Resort.
  • Enjoy your drive through Srinagar, fabulous farms, ancient villages, and excellent views of the snow-capped mountains.
  • The drive till Tanmarg town is mostly on a flat road; from here, we start ascending the Afarwat Mountains. It will take around 30 to 40 minutes to reach Gulmarg, Kashmir. The road is covered in snow; as you drive through the pine forest, you will feel the temperature falling quickly.
  • Everything is covered in snow, so you will enjoy the beautiful landscape.
  • On reaching your resort, you can freshen up and get acclimated to the climate. You can roam around the hotel and play in the snow.


Day Two

  • Welcome to Gulmarg, the second-highest ski destination in the world.
  • You will be taken to the ski shop here; you will be introduced to your skiing equipment.
  • Each participant will be assigned a private instructor, who will teach you how to ski.
  • You will be given skiing clothes, skiing equipment, and an introductory session.
  • The participants will move to the ski slopes with their personal instructors. Ski instructors have years of skiing knowledge and teaching skills.
  • The participant will receive a demonstration, and your practise sessions will begin. Your skiing instructor will teach you skills required to master the slopes, like sidestepping, downhill movement, snow plough techniques, and how to walk on the skis.
  • The ski instructor to student ratio will be 1:1.


Day Three

  • We will be practising skiing more today.
  • Meet your instructor on the slope and begin your practise session.
  • The instructor will provide feedback and two sessions of practice, one in the morning, followed by a lunch break, and one in the evening, will be used for skiing practise today.
  • Advanced slopes will be taught today.
  • Spend more time practising snow ploughing, short ski runs, and snowplough turns.
  • Enjoy the relaxing evening. Visit many of the cafes and restaurants near the market area.


Day Four

  • Enjoy your morning training sessions and evening training sessions. Play skiing games with your friends and family.
  • Practice the ski runs and other practise slopes in the afternoon.
  • In the evening, enjoy the cafes and restaurants near the slopes.


Day Five

  • Today you will visit Phase One, Mount Afarwat via Gondola ( Cable Car ). You will be skiing down with your personal instructor guiding you through the various sections of the slope.
  • You can ski down from phase one many times using your day pass with your personal instructor.
  • Break for lunch at Phase One; many restaurants are available with amazing views of snow-capped mountains.


Day Six 

  • Enjoy the second day of skiing from Phase One, Mount Afarwat, and enjoy the early morning gondola ride. Your ski instructor will meet you near the Gondola Office.
  • You can take your time today to enjoy skiing the whole day in a pristine forest with your friends, partner, or group. Your instructor will be skiing with you and helping you with the different terrain and sections.
  • This evening, return your skiing equipment to the ski shop. Enjoy your evening at the hotel, and explore Gulmarg.


Day Seven

  • Check out early in the morning and travel to Srinagar Dal Lake.
  • Reach around lunch at Srinagar Dal Lake. In the evening, go for a Shikara ride on the lake or walk around the lake.


Day Eight

  • An early morning visit to the Dal Lake Floating Market is optional and not included in the itinerary.
  • Checkout and head towards the airport with happy memories 
7 Nights 8 Days Available on request
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Srinagar airport to and fro
  • Skiing Equipment ( Snow Skis, Ski poles, Ski shoes )
  • 1:1 Ratio Registered Personal Skiing Instructor 
  • Three Star Hotel Stay depending on availability
  • Skiing Lift, Gandola Tickets for Skiing day pass
  • Dal Lake Boat House Stay
  • Meals included as below
  • Day One - Dinner at Gulmarg
  • Day Two - Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Day Three - Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Day Four - Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Day Five - Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Day Six - Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Day Seven - Breakfast and Dinner at Hotel
  • Day eight - Breakfast 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Lunch on all days
  • Personal Insurance
  • Flight tickets to and from Srinagar
  • Skiing Waterproof clothes ( Ski Jacket, Ski Pants )
  • Covid19 test if required 
  • Porter charges 
  • Additional Sightseeing 
  • Adventure activities, Snowmobiling, ATV Rides, Sledge ride 
  • Sightseeing visit to Phase one or Phase two 


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

1. How is the weather in Gulmarg from December to March during the ski season?

Gulmarg in Kashmir receives heavy snow during the winter season; it attracts skiers worldwide for its famous powder snow and huge slopes. Gulmarg's temperature ranges from 4 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius. Here, the weather can change quickly from a bright sunny day to a snowstorm within a few hours. Gulmarg in winter feels like visiting a wonderland.


2. What is the Gulmarg to Srinagar distance, and how long does it take to cover this distance?

The total distance is around 55 kilometres; it will take two hours to cover this distance. There can be many blockades along the way due to traffic, army passing, bad weather, so kindly keep a buffer of one hour. Roads are in good condition even during heavy snowfall. Roads are cleared as quickly as possible.

Gulmarg Image


3. Can you tell me more about the Gulmarg Gondola ride?

The Gulmarg Gondola ride is the second highest and the second-longest cable car in the world. The gondola ride is available in two stages, Phase one at the height of 2600 metres and Phase two at 3748 meters. It can ferry up to 600 people per hour to and from Kongdoori mountain, part of the Apharwat Peak. Gulmarg Gondola timings are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., depending on weather conditions. It is popular with skiers worldwide who come to enjoy the powder snow and excellent slopes. Chair lifts or chair cars are also available from phase one for skiing and snowboarding.

It takes nine minutes to reach the first stage and 12 minutes to reach the second stage. Gulmarg skiing is top-rated among locals and foreigners who come from Europe and America.


4. What are the top ten Gulmarg hotels available during the winter?

Gulmarg, Kashmir is built for tourists and skiing, and there are many beautiful heritage properties, cottages, and hotels available with many modern comforts to make your stay memorable. Mentioned below are a few hotels available in Gulmarg, Kashmir during the winter season.

  1. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa (a five-star property)
  2. Hotel Highlands Park
  3. Gulmarg, Kolahoi, Green Heights
  4. Heevan Retreat
  5. Grand Mumtaz Gulmarg
  6. "The Vintage Gulmarg"
  7. Roseland Cottage Gulmarg
  8. Nedou's Hotel Gulmarg
  9. Rosewood Hotel
  10. Hotel Hill Top

Gulmarg Image


The Top 5 Gulmarg Tourist Attractions

a.Gulmarg Gondola Ride to Phase One and Phase Two: beautiful weather and snow-covered peaks even during the summer season. A popular destination among Skiers during the winter season. Gulmarg is a popular tourist attraction among all tourists visiting the valley. Gulmarg cable car or Gulmarg ropeway phase one has many restaurants and small cafes available. You can also enjoy snowmobile rides, all-terrain vehicles, and many adventure sports.

b.Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is unquestionably one of the most desirable places to tour in Gulmarg. The concept of travelling around its abundant biodiversity and witnessing different varieties of flora and fauna is, in itself, an inspiring concept. You need to visit this site once if you embrace wildlife and intend to travel in the Himalayan forest. Gulmarg wildlife sanctuary is a heaven for ornithologists, a considerable diversity of birds. You can observe the threatened Musk Deer and other mammals like Brown Bear, Black Bear, Hangul, Red Fox, and Leopard. One can also see birds like Blue Rock Monal, Griffon Vulture, Kashmir Roller, Snow Cock, and many more.

c.Alpather Lake is a unique attraction for anyone interested in searching for the best interests of Gulmarg. It is unquestionably one of the most enchanting lakes in Kashmir and established at 13 kilometers from Gulmarg. It is a perfect stop for photography buffs, and you can also jump on a pony to travel the area! Now, how excellent is that?

d.Ningle Nallah and Ferozepur Nallah These two picturesque mountain rivers are beautiful to gaze at as the flowing cold water pounding on the hard rocks is a picture to die for. Angling is incredibly famous in Ferozepur Nallah, and it is perfect for somebody to look for what is excellent in these areas. You can relax and watch the river or relish a freezing dip in its ice-cold pool, which we highly do not endorse.

e.The Shiva temple of Gulmarg is a charming old temple of Lord Shiva and was the grand temple of the Dogra dynasty, the last kingship of Jammu & Kashmir. It is calm and tranquil and is a dreamer's heaven. It is visited by believers throughout the years, sparing the winters.


6. What is the distance from Gulmarg to Sonmarg and the time required to cover the journey?

The total distance is 126 kilometers; it will take three hours and thirty minutes to cover this distance. Gulmarg height is 2650 metres above sea level in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas.


7. Gulmarg 5 star hotels' availability and recommendation?

Gulmarg Khyber, or The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, is the only 5-star hotel available in Gulmarg. It is trendy among Indian tourists and foreigners, who prefer it for its comfortable stay and luxurious setting. It is a must to visit the resort with the highest ratings and facilities offered in Gulmarg tourism. It is voted as the Gulmarg's best hotel regularly among all leading travel magazines.


8. How to reach Gulmarg from Delhi?

Direct flights are available daily to Srinagar airport from Delhi with all the leading carriers. After reaching Srinagar, you can hire a prepaid taxi from outside the airport to the Gulmarg hotel.


9. Do you have a Gulmarg package without skiing?

Yes, we have Gulmarg packages with and without skiing. Customized Gulmarg packages are available for all, including airport transfers, car rental, hotel bookings, guided tours, activities, ski clothing on rent, and ski equipment on rent. You can opt for other adventure activities that are enjoyable with your family and friends, like ATV rides, snowmobile rides, and guided tours.


10. Do you have Ski Gulmarg packages for intermediate and advanced skiers?

We offer guided backcountry tours, ski gear rental, touring and avalanche safety equipment rental, registered ski guides, and more at Treks and Trails India; contact us for a customised plan quote. 

Gulmarg Skiing Course


11. Packages and customised plans for snowboarding in Gulmarg

You can also opt for snowboarding if you are a snowboarder. The plan remains, the package remains the same, and the itinerary. In case you need some changes in your Gulmarg Snowboarding packages, let us know in advance. Plans are customizable as per your requirements.