Rishikesh river rafting

Our life is a blank canvas, and it is up to us how we want to paint it. Allow us to show you the shades of adventure which we have in store for you. We are talking about the adventurous sport of 'rafting.' Rafting is the adrenaline-pumping recreational sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft that comprises some risks. River rafting has gained momentum in India owing to its geographical diversity and effortlessly accessible rivers. Undeniably, one of the most blissful places to experience river rafting in Rishikesh, in the white waters of the Ganges. The holy river Ganga which streams down from Gangotri to Rishikesh is brimming up to fourth grade. Along with the slamming waves of the Ganga and the encompassing beautiful Garhwal Himalayas, Rishikesh Ganga river rafting delivers thrill-seekers with a surreal scene to experience river rafting. Whether you are an amateur or a skilled rafting enthusiast, you are destined to enjoy it here. 

Rafting is a kickass experience for all the adventure-hungry and thrill-loving people. It is a challenging yet incredibly stimulating fun sport that is safe, amusing, and exciting. The sport's attractiveness lies in the fact that nearly anyone, including non-swimmers and the ones with no experience, can do Rafting. Rishikesh is known for pulling in swarms of sightseers every year, a large portion of pilgrims and travelers on the hunt for adventure. If you are an adventure enthusiast and want to pursue yet another adrenaline-rushing experience, then river rafting in Rishikesh should be on your bucket list. Treks and Trails invite you to steer through ferocious rapids, cross unstoppable waters, and absorb in the serenity of the magnificent vistas all around in Rishikesh. Brace yourselves to raft through the thin gorges, rocky gradients, and falls with your friends and family.


Starting point: Shivpuri, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Distance Covered: 16 kilometers

Rapid Grade: I to IV

River rafting charges in Rishikesh: We have different plans from Rs 600 to Rs 2000



1 Day Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions


The best time for river rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh has a great climate year-round. However, the ideal time for river rafting in Rishikesh is post-monsoon till early summers. So, September to May is the best month for river rafting in Rishikesh.  

Rafting Price in Rishikesh: Depending on the different grades of rapids and distance, the tariff of Rishikesh Rafting can range from INR 600 to INR 2000 per person. 


Getting there Rishikesh river rafting:

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun is the closest airport to Rishikesh at 32 kilometers. One can get a taxi or a carpool from the airport to reach Shivpuri in Rishikesh. Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is only about 260 kilometers from Rishikesh.

Rail: Haridwar Railway Station is the closest railway station to Shivpuri at 39 kilometers. One can get a taxi or a carpool from the bus stand to reach Shivpuri. Haridwar is only about 20 kilometers from Rishikesh and is connected via railways to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Varanasi, Kolkata, Kathgodam, Puri, and Allahabad.

By Road: Rishikesh Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop to Shivpuri at 15 kilometers. One can get a taxi or state transport bus from here to reach Shivpuri.


Shivpuri to Rishikesh Rafting Route:

 The most popular rafting course in Rishikesh is the 16 kilometers stretch from Shivpuri through Lakshman Julathat concludes at NIM beach. The rafters will bump into small and big rapids from Grade I to Grade IV along this stretch. No sooner than you commence your river rafting trip in Rishikesh, you will be greeted with several rapids to cruise over. These rapids are characterized by challenging unpredictable waves and involve navigating through thin passages which require accurate maneuvering. This rafting journey will generally be two to three hours long and will make you utilize all your force and expertise to navigate your raft smoothly. Water will continue to splatter all over you and keep you revived and fiery if you begin feeling exhausted due to all the physical labor.

Beginning from Shivpuri, there is a sum of seven rapids that one will run over. The opening rapid that you will experience is named Return to Sender and conveys an IV rating. In this rapid, you will see solid flows and feel a huge drop, expecting you to move your hands and oars rapidly. The next one is named Roller Coaster and is reviewed as III+, which implies it will have a few rocks, foamy water, and unpredictable waves alongside quick flows. Overcoming it will not be dangerous as such, yet will make you paddle hard and shift the raft's direction regularly. The golf course will come straight away, and it also has an III+ review. With an II+ rating, Club House will follow and require a little moving level as it contains little waves. The following three rapids are named Initiation, Double Trouble, and Hilton and are reviewed III, IV, and III+, individually. These rapids are safe to traverse through; however, there are some enormous waves and hydrodynamics. You will be instructed completely, which will set you up to handle these rapids.

The Shivpuri Rafting package also includes two other activities of Body Surfing and Cliff Jumping. After navigating through all the rapids, all the rafters can enjoy floating and swimming in River Ganga. Body Surfing helps to soothe the muscles and body that has gone through the strenuous activity of Rafting. Life jackets are to be worn compulsorily while Body Surfing. In Cliff Jumping, participants will get to make a free fall jump into River Ganga from a 30 feet rock. Cliff Jumping will be a significant feature of your rafting experience in Rishikesh. The Shivpuri rafting stretch of Rishikesh is a lovely blend of the picturesque exquisiteness of the Kumaon Mountains and the tranquillity of the white sand river beaches.


Important points regarding River Rafting in Rishikesh: 

  • A raft can accommodate up to eight individuals at a time. One can team up with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • The guides will explain the process of Rafting and the basics to keep in mind before pushing off the raft into the water.
  • Participants must wear helmets and lifejackets provided.
  • Rapids will range from 1 to 4 grade; everyone must paddle and participate as this is not a joy ride.
  • As Rafting is a team sport, always paddle with the team and not individually.
  • All rafts are directed by a skilled and trained rafting guide to ensure safety with all proper equipment.
  • Avoid consuming heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after the river rafting.
  • As you will get wet, do carry an extra pair of clothes you can change into after Rafting.


FAQ Rishikesh river rafting:

What is the age limit for River Rafting in Rishikesh? 

River rafting in Rishikesh is suitable for anyone between the age of 14 to 60 years. Children can experience Rafting in Grades I and II rapids and should be accompanied by their parents or a trusted adult. 


Who cannot participate in Rishikesh River Rafting?

 For safety purposes, river rafting in Rishikesh is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with blood pressure and heart ailments, people who have had major surgeries, anyone with broken leg/arm, and individuals who have chronic back or neck pains.


Can non-swimmers also sign up for Rishikesh River Rafting?

 Yes, absolutely. Swimming is not a prerequisite for river rafting in Rishikesh. People who do not know swimming can participate and enjoy river rafting. In any case, every person is given a life jacket for safety, and it is compulsory to wear them. One can easily float, body surf, and swim with the help of a life jacket. 


Do we need to have any prior experience with River Rafting in Rishikesh?

No, not at all. One does not need any previous rafting experience to participate in Rishikesh River Rafting.


What type of clothes should we wear while going for River Rafting in Rishikesh?

 It is recommended to wear a nylon tee, shorts, and tights during River Rafting in Rishikesh. It is not suitable to wear cotton clothes and jeans when going for River Rafting in Rishikesh. The clothes you wear should be light, airy and quick dry. If you are going river rafting during winters in Rishikesh, you will probably need an extra layer of clothing.


What kind of shoes should we wear while going for River Rafting in Rishikesh?

 It is recommended to wear proper shoes that will cover your feet. One can wear old sneakers, water shoes, floaters, or sandals with ankle straps while rafting. 


What should we carry on our River Rafting Trip to Rishikesh?

 An extra pair of clothes and undergarments, towel and napkins, medicines, sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, camera, mosquito repellent, antiseptic cream, dry bags, and energy bars should be idealized along on a River Rafting Trip to Rishikesh.


What is the temperature like in Rishikesh?

The town of Rishikesh is situated in the lower regions of the Himalayas in the province of Uttarakhand. Thus, Rishikesh has a humid subtropical environment, which makes winters cool and summers warm. With a normal high of 38 degrees Celsius, May is the most sizzling month here, and January is the coldest period with a mean low of 7 degrees.


What is the River rafting in Rishikesh price?

Travel down the Ganges River for an unforgettable, exhilarating experience. Thrilling and exciting! Rishikesh is where Indian meets for adventure travel in India. Below are the different Rishikesh river rafting packages available   

1. Club House to NIM Beach - Rs 600 per head 

    Nine Kilometer Total - River Rafting Grades I & II


2. Shivpuri to NIM Beach - Rs 800 per head 

    15 Kilometer Total - River Rafting Grades III & III+


3. Marine Drive to NIM Beach - Rs 1100 per head  

    25 Kilometer Total - River Rafting Grades III & III+


4. Kaudiyala to NIM Beach - Rs 2000 per head  

    36 Kilometer Total - River Rafting Grades IV & IV+


Do you have options for the Rishikesh river rafting camp?

The Ganga River is one of the holiest rivers in India, and there are many different ways to experience it. One option that is not only beautiful but also adventurous is river rafting. For those who want a more relaxing time on the water, camping might be the best solution. We offer Camping and Rishikesh river rafting options; please chat with us. For the best river rafting in Rishikesh and camping packages.   


Why should you choose river rafting Rishikesh?   

It's been a while since you went on a vacation to the mountains. So when your friends suggest that you go camping and do some river rafting Rishikesh should be on your bucket list. Rishikesh is a city in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It's primarily known for being a yoga and meditation destination. Rishikesh has some of the best rafting rivers in North India. The Ganges is one such river that flows through Rishikesh and offers some excellent rapids for rafters to enjoy. We offer the best river rafting Rishikesh price and group discounts.   


Do you offer group discounts for river rafting packages in Rishikesh?   

We offer group discounts for the Rishikesh river rafting package, and we also offer an early bird discount. Please chat with us.