About River Rafting in Manali

Attributing to the topographical diversity of India, recreational and adventure activities have kicked off in full swing here. One such adventure sport that has caught the fancy of many thrill-seekers and backpackers is river rafting in Manali. River Rafting in Kullu Manali is an exciting endeavor brimming with thrills and chills that comprises traversing the rapids and navigating through the relentless waters in an inflatable raft. Besides youngsters, river rafting in India has also lured corporates to try this sport as it makes for an ideal activity due to its shared sense of adventure fostering team bonding. The rivers along the slopes of the Himalayas grants a picture-perfect background for river rafting in India. With an abundance of thundering rivers, you can with no trouble find many river rafting locations in India and indulge in the adventure to your heart's satisfaction. What makes river rafting even more enticing is the fact that numerous individuals can participate together as a group simultaneously.

Over the years, Manali has transformed into an adventure hub for travelers all over the globe. However, not many know that Manali also embraces some of India's most outstanding river rafting courses. Wandering through the icy rapids and bends in the freezing Himalayan waters of Manali is can be a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Raft on the sweeps of river Beas, where rapids offer a white-knuckle break to adrenaline junkies.

The rapids of river Beas are feasible for beginners to skilled rafters and guarantee ultimate fun. Over six rapids, splashing along the watercourse in the ups and downs of the river Beas is an exciting retreat for every adventure fanatic. Lash yourselves in and prepare to fight the seething rapids. As you raft through the mountains, you will be awestruck at the most magnificent picturesque vistas amid the ferocious rapids. River rafting in Manali is one of its kind and unusual activity for travelers. If you've got a squad of adventurous folks and pals, head out for a stimulating and rejuvenating Kullu Manali river rafting session in Himachal Pradesh with Treks and Trails.

  • River Rafting in Manali Kullu starting point
  • River rafting in Manali price
  • Distance Covered: 14 kilometers
  • Rapid Grade: I to IV 
6 Hours Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

Best time for River Rafting in Manali: The Beas River in Manali has the most idyllic rapid settings. Therefore river rafting is done nearly throughout the year here. River rafting is restricted only in the monsoons as well as the extreme winter months in Manali. So, September to December and March to June are the best months for River Rafting in Manali. This is an incredible period for River Rafting Manali when the skies are blue, the climate is pleasing and bright, and the groves and gorges are swanky and green.

River Rafting Price in Manali: Depending on the different grades of rapids and distance, the tariff of Manali River Rafting can range from INR 500 to INR 1000 per person.


Getting there river rafting Kullu Manali

By Air: One can fly down to Bhuntar Airport, which is 50 kilometers from Manali. Bhuntar airport is linked to Delhi and Chandigarh through daily flights and to other metropolises like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc., by regular flights. From Bhuntar, you can take a bus, taxi, or shared vehicle to reach Manali.

By Rail: Manali is situated in hilly regions at the foothills of the Himalayas. That's why there aren't any railway stations in Manali. The Joginder Nagar Railway Station, at 126 kilometers, is the nearest to Manali. It is connected to numerous large metropolises of the country by regular express trains. Moreover, there are also railway junctions at Ambala and Chandigarh at 287 kilometers from where one can easily travel to Manali. From here, you can either take a bus, taxi, or a shared vehicle to reach Manali.

By Road: Manali is linked to India's main metropolises and townships by extensive roads. To reach Manali, you can take a state transport bus from Delhi, which takes around 12 hours to arrive. You can either take a taxi to reach Manali or take a state-run or privately-run bus service. The roads leading to Manali are electrifying and beautiful. Hence you can even drive your car to relish the elegant scenery at your own time.


Manali River Rafting in Beas River:

Beas, Chenab, Sutlej, and Ravi rivers are mainly the tributaries of the Indus River bestow rafting opportunities in Himachal Pradesh. With the right amount of dependability over 20 kilometers in Manali, the waters of the Beas River are the most prominent and picturesque rafting choices in North India. Originating in the Rohtang pass, fed by the melting glaciers and snow in the mountains, Beas River blesses Kullu Valley on its way down.

The most popular rafting course in Kullu-Manali is the 14 kilometers stretch commencing from Pirdi and concluding in Jhiri in the Mandi district. River Rafting in Manali is suitable for novices and non-swimmers, owing to the relaxed to moderate grade rapids on the rafting stretch of Beas river. During your Manali river rafting session, you'll raft down a pristine river encircled by pine trees and mountain vistas.

The rafters will chance upon little and enormous rapids from Grade I to Grade IV along this stretch. As soon as you begin your river rafting session in the Beas river of Kullu-Manali, you will be welcomed by several rapids to voyage over. These rapids are demanding with erratic waves. You will be navigating your raft through some of the famous rapids like S Bend Beta and Gamma.

This rafting excursion will be roughly around 90 minutes and will demand all your power and skills to direct your raft efficiently. Water will remain to splash all over you and keep you invigorated and cool if you start experiencing exhaustion because of the laborious rafting. Beginning from Pirdi, the rafting course passes through Bajaura, Bhuntar, Mohal, and Katrain.