All you need to know about Jatayu Earth Center in Kollam District of Kerala:

Reigning at an altitude of 1200 feet, covering four hills at Chadayamangalam in Kollam district, Jatayu Earth Centre is a theme park and tourism centre in Kerala. Jatayu Adventure Park is about 38 kilometers away from the city of Kollam and 46 kilometres away from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram. Being the next big and exceptional addition to Kerala's flourishing tourism, Jatayu Park grants a spellbinding experience to adventure seekers and tourists. Jatayu Earth Center weaves a stunning amalgamation of art, mythology, culture, technology, wellness, and adventure, which treat all your senses. Jatayu-Earth's-Centre is known as Jatayu Rock. Jatayu earth's center Chadayamangalam Kerala bestows surreal 360-degree vistas of mountains extending to the horizon and encircled by dense vegetation and greenery. Along with a free water supply for all the visitors, Jatayu park is wheelchair accessible and has lavatories for the specially abled.

Jatayu Adventure Park Kerala presents one of the largest adventures center amidst a natural topography. There's a scenic pathway winding upon the rock-strewn landscape to Jatayu earth Centre. Embark on this adventurous trail of 826 steps constructed using 60,000 stones while soaking in the greenness of the environment. If you are not the adventurous kind, cable cars take one directly to the Jatayu Rock or Jatayu bird sculpture, which provides an aerial view of God's Own Country. And if you are looking for utmost luxury, convenience and thrill, there is a helicopter ride straight to Jatayu Park. This chopper ride above the mountains will unquestionably be a lifetime experience to cherish. The adventure centre inside Jatayu park has a platter of activities such as paintball, bouldering, zip line, trekking, archery, rappelling, jumaring, and wall climbing. While you are relishing the adrenaline rush that the park offers, make sure you savour the multi cuisines at the food court with a panoramic view. Do not forget to visit the age-old Siddha Healing Caves for a wholesome experience. 


World's Largest Bird Sculpture:

Unfolding across 65 acres, the Jatayu Nature park embraces an enormous sculpture of Jatayu, which was designed and fabricated by renowned filmmaker and sculptor Rajiv Anchal. Jatayu bird statue is 200 feet. Long, 150 feet. Wide and 70 feet. Tall, occupying 15,000 square feet, making it the world's largest bird sculpture with recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Extending up to three storeys, the Jatayu sculpture accommodates a distinctive digital museum, a 6D theatre, many exclusive technological marvels, and a bird's eye view experience from 1,000 feet above sea level. A complete feast to your eyes, to enhance the experience of mythology, there is a virtual reality museum and theatre performance rendering the story of the mythical bird Jatayu and its era. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Legend of Jatayu

Are you curious about why this place is called Jatayu Earth Center? Let us narrate a story that will chill your bones. The world's largest bird figurine, which comprises a rock theme park for adventure fanatics, pays homage to the legendary bird Jatayu. Remember Jatayu, a demi-god or mythological creature in Ramayana who was in the form of a Vulture? Well, Jatayu was the one who fought Ravana in an attempt to save Sita. This picture-perfect setting at Chadayamangalam, also known as Jatayumangalam, in the Kollam district of Kerala, is supposed to be where Jatayu fell from the sky after a heroic fight with Ravana.

As per the legend, Ravana was abducting Sita to Lanka on his chariot when Jatayu tried to rescue her. The elderly Jatayu fought valiantly but got defeated by Ravana, who clipped his wings. This led to Jatayu falling onto the rocks of Chadayamangalam. While on their quest for Sita, Rama and Lakshmana chanced upon the wounded and perishing Jatayu, who updated them of his battle with Ravana and told them that Ravana had journeyed South with Sita.

This occurrence portrays an act of bravery and kindness of Jatayu, rendering him a significant being to reminisce and learn from. The Sculpture of Jatayu is conceived in a fashion that echoes the anguish and suffering that Jatayu went through as he rested there, deserted. This bewildering magnum opus is devoted to 'Women's Safety and Honour' in tribute to the endeavor that Jatayu made to guard the honor of Goddess Sita.

Right beside the sculpture, we can find a little water body that is believed to have shaped by the impression of Jatayu's beak. Legend has it Jatayu survived by drinking water from this water body till Lord Rama arrived. Lord Rama's footprint is also next to the sculpture, which is well-preserved for the visitors to view.


Public-Private-Partnership Tourism Initiative and Build-Operate-Transfer Model

This rock-theme nature park in Kollam is the first Public-Private Partnership tourism initiative amongst the Government of Kerala and Guruchandrika Builders. Jatayu Earth Center was designed on a BOT (build-operate-transfer) model. The purpose behind constructing Jatayu Nature Park was to introduce people to the picturesque Jatayupara and promote mythology, adventure, and wellness tourism.

Apart from just being a tourist attraction, the park encourages native communities in a substantial means with ventures of renewable energy and rainwater harvesting. The corporation's goal is not only to cater to the visitors with a grand masterpiece of Jatayu that represents bravery and devotion but also to familiarize them with the countryside of Jatayupara and its flora and fauna. Therefore, Jatayu Park strives to be a successful model of sustainable tourism. Jatayu sculpture among honor in the Guinness Book of World Records.


How to reach Jatayu Earth Center

By Air: One can take a flight from any metropolitan city to Trivandrum International Airport (TRV), which is at a distance of 51.2 km from Jatayu Park. From the airport, there are direct cabs and autos available to the Jatayu statue location.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Jatayu Nature Park is Punalur railway station which is at a distance of 25 kilometres. While traveling via train, you get to witness the beautiful landscapes of this region. One can also board a train to Kollam, Paravur Kottarakkara, and Varkala and then opt for public transport to reach Jatayu Park.

From Palakkad: Board Palaruvi Express from Palakkad Junction and get down at Tirunelveli Railway Station

From Kanyakumari: Board Kanyakumari Passenger train from Kanyakumari Railway Station and get down at Punalur Railway station

From Kollam: Get on the QLN MS Suvidha train from Kollam Railway Junction and get down at Punalur Railway station.

By Road: Local buses operate from Kerala, Kollam, Varkala, Punalur, Kottarakkara etc. There is also Kollam KSRTC Bus Station at a distance of 40 kilometres of Chadayamangalam. One can also search for buses online at the Kerala State road transportation corporation site. You can also plan to take private cabs or hire a self-drive car. One can reach Chadayamangalam from Thiruvananthapuram via Main Central Road, from Chengalpattu via NH38 and from Nashik via AH47.


Major Attractions inside the Jatayu Earth Center:

Jatayu Sculpture: Undoubtedly, the Jatayu statue, rock or sculpture, is the biggest attraction of the adventure park, giving visitors mind-boggling views. This three-storeyed bird sculpture includes a 6D theatre and an audio-visual-based digital museum inside it. Get beneath the wings of the Jatayu sculpture to behold the play that depicts the battle between Ravana and Jatayu. The theatrical act is revealed in 6D, which is a prodigious experience for kids and adults. Another captivating attraction within the sculpture is a replica of the Palace of King Janaka, the father of Goddess Sita.

The Palace is constructed based on a general study on the organization of spaces in the 'Thretha Yuga', the era wherein the legend of Jatayu occurred. The peak of the Jatayu Rock also features an outdoor performance center with a stage. Several artistic concerts and other events can be organized here, which the visitors can also be a part of. This huge open space is magnificent as it bestows all-encompassing views of the hills, and one could adore mesmerizing sunset in all its elegance and splendor.

Swiss Cable Cars: One of the best ways to explore the Jatayu Nature Park is via these Swiss International Safety Cable Cars. The ropeway ensures a panoramic view of the neighborhood, keeping riders amused and betrothed, each minute of it, while on the way to the rock. Hovering over the vast and scenic setting across hills will be the most memorable experience in one of the finest cable car rides in India. Let yourself be enchanted by the virtues of nature and the magnificent landscapes that offer you the best of Kerala. In addition to the grand sculpture, the cable cars are among the essential attractions of the Jatayu Earth Center.

Adventure Park: Spreading across 20 acres of land in natural terrain, the adventure zone provides you with innumerable activities to revel in. Ranging from bouldering, Rappelling, Free Climbing, Archery, Paint Ball, Laser Tag, Rifle Shooting, and Jumaring, there are many activities that adults and children can try their hands at. The bravery of Jatayu is reflected in every corner of this park, and now, it's time for you to learn some skills. Rock climbing activities are developed around the natural rock formations on the hill. Carefully designed to align with the ecosystem, these activities can be undertaken in individual or collective capacities.

Siddha Healing Caves: It is believed that Jatayu took shelter in these caves after his battle with Ravana. The Siddha Healing caves offer ayurvedic therapy combined with tales of Jatayu. A marvel in a marvel, these naturally evolved caves have been transformed into comfortable chalets to relax, regenerate and revitalize. The Siddha Rejuvenation Therapy is provided here, a seven-day healing package planned in strict accordance with the best of Ayurvedic traditions.

Heli Taxi: The Jatayu Earth's Center features a special helipad, arranged for travellers who would like to enjoy a helicopter ride. Being a prodigious escapade in itself, the helicopter ride is yet another gem in the crown of Jatayu Earth's Center. The sight of the sky is thrilling beyond imagination whereas, the majestic sculpture of Jatayu looks riveting. The four regal hills, the green pastures surrounding, the huge boulders, and in the heart of everything lies the beautiful Jatayu is just a description of your helicopter ride.

Glamping: If you desire to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of pristine nature, then Jatayu Park offers exclusive Glamping services right in the heart of Elephant Hill. After a fun-filled day at the Jatayu Earth Center, you can enjoy glamping at Elephant Hill beside a campfire, relishing moonlight dinner and soul-satisfying music.

Herbal Garden: Steeped in motivation from the ancient healing properties of herbs to transform lives, the Jatayu Earth Center maintains a gorgeous herb garden on the site. Visitors can stroll through the garden, appreciating the enigma and calming fragrance of an extensive assortment of herbs. From the most common of herbs like Tulsi to only species that are hard to find elsewhere, this garden is a treat for any visitor to the center.


Nearby Attractions Outside the park:

Thangassery Lighthouse: Located in Tangasseri within the locale of Kollam city, Thangassery Lighthouse is among the two lighthouses in the Kollam Metropolitan Area. This lighthouse is managed by the Cochin Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships.

Palaruvi Waterfalls: Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, Palaruvi Waterfalls are the 32nd highest falls in India with a height of 300 ft. Revel in the beauty of these gorgeous cascades and wash away all your worries and stress under them.

Places to stay in Chadayamangalam:

If you are looking to stay the weekend in Chadayamangalam and explore its breathtaking beauty, there are several stay options. You can choose to stay at Shilpa Retreat, which is just at a distance of one kilometer from Jatayu Earth Center. If you are looking for an earthy and rustic experience, then Jatayu Homestay, just six kilometers from the park, is your go-to place. The ones wanting a luxurious experience can decide to stay the weekend at Hotel Raj Residency, which is seven kilometers from Jatayu Park.


Frequently asked questions


1. What is the Jatayu earth center entry fee?

Jatayu earth centre ticket price will be ₹400, which covers ₹250 for cable car ride service and ₹150 for admission. Jatayu earth center entry fee can be paid online to confirm your booking in advance.

2. Jatayu earth centre booking?

You can book online for Jatayu earth center booking; fill our form for any questions or help required.

3. What are the Jatayu earth center timings?

The Jatayu Earth Center starts at 9.30 AM and closes at 5.30 PM.