Ajinkyatara Fort Trek near Satara

Ajinkyatara Fort Trek near Satara

Ajinkyatara Fort Information

Ajinkyatara Fort is located in Satara District, Maharashtra, India. The fort is about 3300 feet above sea level, and The fort is an easy grade level trek. This fort is one of the most important Forts in Satara. Ajinkyatara Killa is also known as the fort of Satara as one can see this fort from any corner of the Satara district.

  • Starting Point: Satara, Maharashtra, India.
  • Trek Gradient: A well-maintained trail till the entrance of the fort. This fort is the best fort trek for beginners in Satara District, Maharashtra.
  • Water Source: There is no water source readily available on the fort. One is suggested to carry enough drinking water with themselves. One might find water available in monsoon season on the fort. But there is no proper facility for drinking water for the rest of the months.
  • Best Months to visit: the best months to visit Satara and this fort is from November to February. As the temperature falls to 15 degrees and weather is more enjoyable while exploring the fort.


How to reach Ajinkyatara Fort

The fort is easily approachable. The fort is about eight km away from the Satara Bus stand. The nearest railway station to this fort is the Satara Road railway station. The nearest airport is Pune. The fort is about 60 km from Mahabaleshwar and 48km from Panchgani which are the nearest hill stations. From Mumbai and Pune, the fort is easily accessible. The road route from Mumbai is about five hours, and from Pune, it is approximately two hours. Ajinkyatara is about 258 km from Mumbai. From Pune, it is about 113 km till the fort.

Ajinkyatara Fort Trek Blog

The fort is easily approachable. One can easily reach the entrance of the fort. An adequately marked trail is maintained till the entrance of the fort. This is a one-day hill trek which is an easy grade level trek. There are two significant doors at the entrance of the fort. The main entrance is as it is since its establishment. The main entrance door needs no repair as it is still in excellent condition. The main topic of this fort is that it is one of the most ancient forts of this region. The fort is on one of the seven surrounded mountains of Satara. The fort gives one a panoramic view of Satara District.

Ajinkyatara is said to be Maratha's fourth capital. The first capitals were; Rajgad followed by Raigad and Jinji. After entering the fort, there is a Hanuman temple located on the fort which is locally known as "Uttarmukhi Hanuman temple". The fortress tower is the best place on the fort to spend time and enjoy the panoramic view. Few more temples are also found on the fort which is named "Mangaladevi temple" and "Mahadev temple". The temple behind Mangaladevi temple which is known as Ratneshwar temple which is an ancient temple locally known as "Mahadev Mandir". This temple was once renovated in recent years and is now appropriately maintained. The villagers worship the Mangaladevi temple.

There are few historic spots also present on the fort named "Ethihasik Wada" where palace remnants are still seen. The second door of the fort is towards the backside of the fort. The second door is towards the south of the fort. From this fort, we can see Chandan-Vandan, Sajjangad, and many more neighbouring forts of Satara District.

The fort history says that this fort was constructed by King Bhoj – II IN 1190. This fort was then under the hands of Adilshah of Bijapur. While the expansion of Sawarajya, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won the fort and ruled on the fort from 27th July 1673. After a long time and battels, Mughals again came into power over this fort and named it as "Azamtara". Later this fort was named "Ajinkyatara" by the famous Marathi novelist who wrote a novel on Ajinkyatara fort. This novel was published in 1909. Her name was Narayan Hari Apte.