Korigad Fort Blog | Easy Trek near Aamby Valley

Korigad Fort Blog | Easy Trek near Aamby Valley

Korigad Trek

Korigad Fort is located about 20 km away from Lonavala in Pune District in Maharashtra. It is about 929 meters above sea level. There are two lakes on the top of the fort. On the top, there is a temple of Koraidevi and also many other small temples. The exciting part of the fort is that its wall is completely intact, and one can walk along the entire perimeter. Trek is ideal for beginners getting into the world of trekking. During monsoon, Korigad covered in a curtain of fog once you reach the top everything foggy. For a few minutes, the wind blows away the fog and revealing the beautiful region. When it rains, heavy water starts to flow over the stairs leading to the fort. It creates a magnificent spectacle. It is captured by many bloggers and influencers in their videos. Winter and Summer, the sunrise at the fort, is awe-inspiring. There are many options available for food near the parking area, and One local person has set up a small stall on top of the fort he offers simple snacks and tea. The closest village is Peth Shahpur.

Things to do Korigad Fort

Korigad fort has a vast plateau to cover. It will take atleast two hours completely, and there are many viewpoints available on the fort. One should visit the fort early morning as there is zero shade on top of the fort. During monsoon, you can see a beautiful waterfall falling from the top of the mountain. There are many trekking routes available nearby like Tung fort, Visapur fort, Tikona fort, Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Ghangad fort. Salter Lake camping located nearby, Taila-Baila rock climbing mountains located nearby. Andharban Trek the famous most trek is two hours drive from the fort. 

Aamby Valley

The jungle below the fort has been invaded from all sides by many construction projects. There is a small village near the trek start point called Peth Shahpur. Trekkers should carry a small bag to collect the used bottles and wrappers left by many travelers; this helps keep the fort clean. Fort Door is intact and very beautiful. On new moon nights, one can capture the image of Milkyway near the fort. The fort restoration is going it will look more amazing once the complete project completed. You can see the Amby Valley airport from the top of the fort. 

How to reach Korigad Fort

By Train to reach Korigad

  • Reach Lonavala by Train or S.T bus
  • Then by a local vehicle reach the village Peth Shahpur
  • Local Government Bus are available from Lonavala Bus Depot

By Road to reach Korigad available on google maps

  • From Mumbai Fort Korigad Distance 105.1 km
  • From Pune Fort Korigad Distance 90.8 km

The best time to visit Korigad Fort visited in any season. Monsoon is usually prefered by most trekkers as the trek route is well marked. During winter and summer, early morning trek recommended carrying the right amount of drinking water and some ready to eat snacks.


Sights to Visit on Korigad Fort 

  • Korai Devi Temple
  • Caves
  • Korigad Lake
  • Ganesh Temple
  • Beautiful Nature
  • Canons


Places Nearby Korigad Fort

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