Rohida Fort Trek Vichitragad Historical Marvel

Situated amid the forest of Sahyadri, the Rohida - Vichitragad trek had always managed to attract trekkers fascination. The geographical location of the trek is about 70 km distance from the Pune city centre. Explore the cultural history of the Yadavas, Marathas and the Moghul empires on this trekking expedition. If you are trekking during the monsoon season, waterfall alongside this mud trek trail is fierce and fantastic. While returning from your journey, the strong wind will accompany you. Lush greenery and lesser dense forest with a village exist on the way that makes the trekking experience one of its kinds. Come across meadows and small bushes on your way. Look over to the beautiful picturesque scenery created by underlying water dams and farms from the bastions, once you reach to the fort. There are a total of 6 bastions covering the fortification wall of the fort.


Rohida Trek Information

At the base of Rohida, is village Bajarwadi. Its distance from Pune city centre is around 62 km. After reaching Bajarwadi, your trek trail will begin from just the opposite to the village school. With few steps ahead, in a few minutes, you will watch two overhead water tanks and the trek become narrow. Clear indication on the trail makes the chances of getting lost, nil. As you climb 10 minutes on trek trail, come to a broad plateau. Enjoy the view of fort’s fortification and bastions from this point. From here the plateau contours onto a long narrow elevation. One hour on this fairly easy lead will take you to the first gate of the fort from the plateau. On reaching the first gate of the fort after one hour of trekking, approx. at the distance of 15 to 20 stones, lays the second gate. The small and underground water tank is present in front of this gate. After another 50 steps, you would be on the 3rd get where you would find two trails. One of the passages will take you to the temple of Lord Ganesha and the other will help you proceed further from the gate taking you to the periphery of the fort. Near the temple of Lord Ganesha lie two lakes where trekkers usually relax.


Rohida Vichitragad Trek - Places to visit

Shirvale to the southeast On the Southend Patane and Damgude Towards the north Waghjai and Fatteh at the courtyard In the northern part of the fort, there is a series of cisterns. Explore the fort for an hour or so before Returning. While you are on Rohida trek, you can see various other forts like Purandar to the northeast, Rajgad and Torna to the Northwest and Raireshwar, Kamalgad, Kenjalgad, Madhardevi to the southwest. The only condition for the view is a clear sky. Rohida is one of the adopted forts in Maharashtra, which the Pune based organization Shivadurga is rehabilitating. The organization works very hard to keep the fort clean. The name of the organization explains the workers and guard being dressed as a marvel, the army men of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 


Stunning natural view of Rohida Trek

The trek passes through remarkable pathways and explores enchanting nature charm. Visit the beautiful Rohideshwar temple located within your trek. Explore the science behind the differently shaped bastions of the fort. Come back from the trekking expedition with a lot of beautiful memories to take home.


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