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Mangi Tungi Blog

About Mangi Tungi

  • Mangi Tungi Region Baglan Tehsil
  • Mangi Tungi Base Village Bhilwadi
  • Mangi Tungi District Nashik
  • Mangi peak height 4343 feet
  • Tungi peak Height 4366 feet
  • Mangi Tungi Range: Selbari-Dolbari
  • Mangi Tungi Trek Grade Easy
  • Water No water facility on the fort route, one has to carry water from the base village
  • Food Food can be arranged at the base village Bhilwadi
  • Accommodation Available at Dharamsala.


About Mangi Tungi

Situated in Baglan tehsil, about 150 Kms from Nashik, Mangi Tungi is described as siddha kshetra which means it is a gateway to the state of enlightenment. The mythological tales assure those who are religiously inclined & who are seeking the path of enlightenment that more than 90 crore saints & celebrities such as Lord Rama & Lord Krishna had attained Moksha, the enlightenment at Mangi Tungi. Lord Krishna breathed his last & jettisoned his material body in the same area. It is further believed that his elder brother Balram, came out of the state of deep mourning after Lord Krishna's death & received paramadnyana, ultimate knowledge which further helped him attain enlightenment at Mangi Tungi only.

Apart from the religious importance of the place, Mangi Tungi boasts of a rich heritage value. Mangi & Tungi are actually the names of two peaks situated close to each other. Mangi peak is 4343 feet high while Tungi is 4366 feet high from the sea level. The 4500 steps which lead one to the foot of the peaks where several important monuments of immense historical & religious value stand amidst breath-taking majesty of mother nature also assure the visitors instant reduction of flab gathered around their tummies. Hundreds of caves with idols of deities & sages, carved from the mountain rock, in them are the main highlight of the place. Near Mangi peak there are several caves named after deities & sages who were liberated there such as Seeta , Mahaveer , Adinath , Shantinath , Parshwanath  & Ratnatraya. Their idols in yogic postures are found in the caves. In Balabhadra cave too there are several idols in similar positions. The tourists find many huge idols in the open also. Krishna Kunda is close to the Tungi peak where Lord Krishna was believed to have been cremated. Other caves house the idols of Lord Rama & his dear & near ones.


How to Reach Mangi Tungi

  • By Train Nearest railway station is Manmad and from there by taxi or bus
  • By Road 451 km from Mumbai to Mangi via Shirdi, Nashik.


Places to see nearby Mangi Tungi

  • Fort of Kanchanpur
  • Fort of Mulher which has many big tanks of water, many temples
  • Caves of Dongaria Deo
  • Tribal festival (Mela) is organized here on Margshirsh 15 every year.



    Can I reach the two peaks by a vehicle?
    If a vehicle can go, is the road good enough for a passenger car? Or should I have an off-road vehicle?
    If a vehicle can not go, does it mean that I must take the 4500 steps?

    • By sarfaraz Reply

      Hi Mulesh

      You cannot reach the top by car. Yes, the roads are decent.

    • By sarfaraz Reply

      You can drive till the base of the mountain. From here you will have to climb the steps. Roads are in decent condition.

  • By Poonam Reply

    Are Mangi and Tungi forts connected with each other

    • By sarfaraz Reply

      Yes they are twin forts

  • By priyam Reply

    camping allowed?

    • By sarfaraz Reply

      Camping is not possible at Mangi Tungi

  • By Varsha Gupta Reply

    How to travel from nashik to mangi tungi

  • By G Reply

    how much time it will take to climb mangi tungi?

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