Durg Dhakoba Trek


Between Naneghat and Bhimashankar ranges in Pune, are located Durg and Dhakoba that are outstanding elevations on the plateau. These ranges are located at the origin of the Kukdi River and come under Junnar Taluka of Pune district, Maharashtra.

This trail makes an ideal trek that can be accessed anytime, but the best time for trekking on the moderately tricky level trails is post-monsoon when the forest and meadows you have to pass through are green and juicy.

Height of Durg (actually a fort) is 3900 feet and that of the Dhakoba (a tall Mountain) is 4100 feet. In the Varandha Ghat region extended to Malshej Ghat, Dhakoba is the highest mountain range. From this peak, observe the best view of Bhimashankar till Harishchandragad.

The top of the peaks offers a great look around the ranges. Campers have always loved Durg temple or Dhakoba Temple sites.

While starting trekking from Konkan side, trekkers climb up and down steep Ghats which is quite challenging even for the expert trekkers. Steep heights of the cliffs descending on the Konkan side would give a hard time.


If you are a beginner level trekker, attempt the trail from the Deccan side that involves less effort. Viewing Western Ghats from this trail is simple amazing. Trekkers can enjoy camping and trekking on this trail for up to 4-5days including Ahupe, Siddhad, and

Bhimashankar ranges in their trekking expedition.

On one side of Durg – Dhakoba plateau, an excellent view of Bhimashankar forest, Ahupe, Gorakhgad, Siddhagad and Machindragad are present. And on the other side, lie Amboli Ghat, Jivdhan, and NaneGhat.


Reaching to the trail

To start the trail, reach Aamboli village from Junnar, located at 22 km away distance. From here Dhakoba can be viewed. Passing through the way from the village you will come to the plateau on the fort. Follow the way along the waterfall located on the left side of Aamboli village to reach the plateau. There are three caves on the way which you can explore and within one and a half hours, you will reach a vast plateau. On the plateau, there are two prominent footways. The right side will take trekkers to the Dhakoba and from their descending downwards will take you to the Durg. While descending, walk through thickets. On the way, you will come across a stream. At the walking distance of half an hour, you will come to the fort of Durg from the plateau. The left side from the fort will take you to the interior of Durg and the right-hand side will take you to the Durga Temple.


Accommodation facilities

There are no accommodation facilities for trekkers on both the forts. And they have to accommodate themselves in the temple at the foothills of the Dhakoba and Durga temple.


Durg and Dhakoba in a nutshell

Durg is a small fort with no leftovers. The hill has few stones lying on top of one another. Goddess. Durga’s small temple located at the base of the fort. Dhakoba is a must-visit trek, bejewelled by the straight falling mountain range, situated in the Konkan area.


1 Day Available on request