Sankshi Fort Trek

Sankshi Fort सांक्शी किल्ला located at nine kilometres from Pen, Raigad district Maharashtra, it is a relatively less popular hiking destination among trekkers. Sankshi Fort Trek is a lesser-known trek among the hikers a must visit to beat the crowds. 

About Sankshi Fort Trek

The Sank King constructed the fortress; the king killed in a battle. His daughter Jagamata committed suicide by jumping from the Fort, a popular local legend. In 1540 Nizamshah of Ahmednagar conquered Sankshi fort from the Sultan of Gujarat. Later Portuguese helped the Sultan to capture Sankshi Killa back from the Nizamshah. Sultan under the assumption that the Nizams were going for counter-offensive handed the Fort over to the Portuguese and returned to Gujarat. The Nizam continued attacking the Portuguese at Sankshi Fort. To stop these attacks, the Portuguese purchased the Sankshi Killa and Karnala Killa from the Nizam. 


Things to see on Sankri Fort Trek 

Sankshi Fort has no Gates or Bastions left. You will find many Stones cut water tanks meant for rainwater harvesting. These water tanks are also a source of drinking water for trekkers on their treks. Keep them clean and maintained is the responsibility of all hikers. You can see a small cave at the Sanksi Killa; the route is through boulders and rugged rocks. Hikers often visit Badruddin Dargah on this route. You get excellent views of the nearby forts like Sagargad Fort, Karnala Fort, Manikgad Fort. 

You can take the Tarankhop village on the National Highway for Mumbai Goa, and It will take you to the Sanskhi Fort. It will take one hour to climb the Fort. The Balawali village is the base village. Hiring a local guide will help you as the route can be tricky for first-time hikers. There is no proper route, steps on the Fort. You can explore the Fort in under 30 mins. 

Sankshi Fort Trek Itinerary 

07:30 - Meet Treks and Trails at Panvel railway station
07:45 - Breakfast and travel by tumtum to the base village
09:00 - Group introduction and Trek instruction 
09:30 - Sart trek 
12:30 - Summit the Sankshi Fort and explore the Fort
13:00 - Lunch at the Fort 
14:00 - Descend the Fort and start the return trek
16:00 - Reach the base village
16:30 - Start return journey to the Panvel
18:00 - Reach Panvel railway station  

Sanskhi Fort Information 
Sankshi Fort Height 850 feet above sea level. It will take one hour one way to complete the trek—total trekking distance 4 kilometres—the Base village for the trek Balavali, Nidhavali Pen Raigad.  Water is available on the Fort though you should carry extra water and food. Sankshi trek comes under the natural, easy grade. 

1 Day Available on request
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Panvel to Panvel transport in local tumtum or rickshaw or bus 
  • Breakfast and morning tea
  • Evening tea 
  • Trek leader expertise 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Anything not mentioned in inclusion
  • Please carry one time lunch for this trek