Enjoy trekking to the fort of Chandragad was built by Chandrarao More of Javli. The fort was taken over by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort mainly used by him and Mawale to keep a close watch on the 'Dhawalya Ghat' range. The great warrior Shri Tanaji Malusare also known as Simha (the lion), was born in Umarath which is 7-8 km away from the Dhawale village.

About Arthur's Seat

Arthur's seat point was named after the British officer Sir Arthur Malet who sat here and gazed at the Savitri River. General Arthur also lost his family and wife in a tragic ferry mishap. This point is at the elevation of 1340 meters.

Why trek from Arthur Seat to Chandragad Trekking is always fun when done with the family or in a group. And Arthur Seat to Chandragad is one of the most excellent treks of Sahyadris and is a paradise for all those who love nature and adventure.

Trekking between the isolated deep valley of Savitri on the left side and the shallow green valley on the right side is one of the fascinating sights.

Arthur's Seat also gives the trekkers a fascinating view of Mahableshwar range including Pratapgad, Koleshwar, Chandragad, and Raireshwar. Apart from that, spectators also enjoy the scenic beauty of the geographical distinction of Kokan and Deccan. While trekking from these deep valleys, in contrast, you can also see Dhawalya Ghat trail, because most of the Chandragad trail is gloomy.

Trekking from Arthur Seat to Chandragah is different in many ways because the winding trail with the steep scree slope will give you a memorable experience for life. The exposed patches with 200-500 ft. drop make your every muscle move healthily.


What makes trekking fun?

The lush green garden and clean air surrounding you will make sure that you have the best time ever spend in valleys. Arthur's Seat located at 4396 ft high that makes it very scenic and photogenic. With the gradual trail, you will also get to see the small water tanks and open spaces in the Bhairichi. 

In between the route, you can always have a natural picnic by sitting on green grass and having your lunch. Besides that, you can also drink portable water and fill your bottles in Ghumati. Reaching to Bhairichi Ghumati takes around two hours from Arthur Seat's point. Passing through thickets, you will notice a deep descend through the face of the mountain that you just crossed. As you will go far long will see the trail passes through dense woods. 

The entire trek takes around 3 to 4 hours of completion, which also gives you some spare time to roam around. And if you are fond of knowing about Tanaji Malusare you can always opt for visiting his village. And your extra day or time can be for exploring Mangalgad (Kamgori Fort).

So, book yourself a trek and pack your bag with essential and must-have kinds of trekking stuff to rejoice the beauty of nature.


1 Day Available on request