Waterfall during monsoon is the most beautiful sight. Mountains come alive with greenery and waterfalls start gushing providing water to streams, rivers, and dams. Adventure seekers participate in Waterfall Rappelling or Waterfall Abseiling at many waterfalls near Mumbai and Pune. 

Rappelling is a must skill used by all professional mountaineers and rock climbers to descend mountains quickly and safely. Water Rappelling at Waterfalls has become a viral adventure sports activity in India. The participant will Rappell down through the gushing flow of waterfall using rope and other safety equipment. We have listed below some of the most famous waterfalls rappelling event in Maharashtra. 

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Waterfall Rappelling Tips

  • Always choose established adventure sports organizers for Waterfall Rappelling event as they have years of experience conducting rappelling activities. 
  • The event will be tiring as you would be required to trek till waterfalls and then descend any adventure sport requires mental strength and physical endurance. 
  • Don't try this with your friends alone or without expert guidance, you need well-maintained equipment and certified mountaineers to conduct adventure sports activities. 
  • In case of very heavy rainfall waterfall rappelling can be called off due to safety concerns of participants please listen to your instructors and respect their decisions mountains are unforgiving you can always try next weekend. 
  • Before signing up for any adventure sports or rappelling, please improve your fitness levels it is mandatory you cannot take a chance on your health.  
  • Wear proper clothes like quick dry t-shirts, pants, trekking shoes, carry extra set of dry clothes, water to keep your self hydrated, snacks to maintain your energy levels, rainwear to keep yourself dry, rain cover to protect your gadgets, mobile phone waterproof pouch to protect your phone, GoPro to records beautiful memories. 


Best Waterfall Rappelling in Mumbai & Pune | Rappelling in India

Maharashtra Waterfall Rappelling - Enjoy the thrill of outdoor adventure camps near Pune & Mumbai in its purest form. Rappelling in India 2019.

Waterfall rappelling is an adventure activity where you descend down a huge rock patch along with the cascading waterfall. You do this with the help of a rope. You are made to wear a harness, and a belay is attached that assures your safety.

Experience an exciting waterfall rappelling from Mumbai and Pune with your friends for an amazing adventurous experience!

Rappelling or Abseiling is a technique used for controlled descending down from a rock patch or slope.

Bekare Waterfall Rappelling at Bhivpuri is the famous waterfall for the adventure sport in Monsoon and is located near Mumbai and Pune.

The thrill is always there in trying out new activities, no doubt waterfall rappelling gives that extra push!

Just as the summer heat gets unbearable, the monsoon arrives. And it brings with it the immense thrill of waterfall rappelling in Lonavala.

Dudhiware Waterfall is located in Lonavala. Approx height of this waterfall is 135 ft. One can enjoy the thrill of Dudhiware waterfall rappelling safely.

Our team of highly-trained professionals have devised a safe and exhilarating waterfall rappelling setup that's not only accessible to complete novices.

Waterfall rappelling at Vihigaon is one of the things to do in Nashik. this seasonal waterfall provides an excellent opportunity to rappelling for all those adventure

A country filled with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters of the sea, dazzling white glaciers, dense forests with more than a hundred shades of green.

Dudhiware waterfall rappelling point is just 10 km away from Lonavala city and one kilometer away from the main road while coming to Pawna Lake.

You start with one of the most thrilling activities of your life, Vihigaon Waterfall rappelling. The mystical view and pleasant atmosphere.

Waterfall rappelling is definitely not an activity for an amateur to do by themselves or with fellow beginners.

During the rainy season, many of the locations for rock climbing in Maharashtra turn into waterfall rappelling spots. Some of the destinations to check out waterfall rappelling in Maharashtra include Lonavala, Panshet, and Karjat.

Located in the Western Ghats near Ratangad, Sadhan is a water carved valley of around 50-500ft depth and about 2km long.

Waterfall rappelling is an adventure activity where you descend down a huge rock patch along with the cascading waterfall.

Enjoy the thrill of Outdoor Adventure Camps Near Pune, Mumbai. We offer Adventure activity like Waterfall Rappelling or Flying fox, Cycling and more.

One of the most famous waterfalls for adventure activities, especially for waterfall rappelling, Bekare waterfalls near Bhivpuri in Karjat, Maharashtra.

From a perennial waterfall to a sprawling jungle, from idling away in a hammock to feeling the wind in your face with adventure sports, we have it all covered.

The sight of a frothy waterfall flowing down a jagged cliff gives rise to a multitude of feelings.

Plan your next monsoon to make sure you enjoy some waterfall rappelling in Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra's native, the Torna Fort, is one of the highest forts around Pune.

Sukeli Waterfall Sukeli is a tiny hamlet in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. ... making it ideal for adventure activities like trekking, rappelling and having a picnic.

Just as the summer heat gets unbearable, the monsoon arrives. And it brings with it the immense thrill of waterfall rappelling in Lonavala.

Up for an offbeat monsoon adventure? Go for waterfall rappelling with the gang at Bekare.

Dodhani Waterfall:- Dodhani is a serene village near Panvel in Navi Mumbai. Its located on the backside of the famous hill station Matheran.

Gear up and embark on the thrilling experience of waterfall rappelling at Bekare Falls near Bhivpuri station, located at about 65km from Mumbai.

Kataldhar is the name of a big waterfall near Lonavala in Pune district. In Monsoon Lonavala becomes the Hot Destination for all the Trekkers.


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