Kanchana Fort Trek

Kanchana Fort Trek

About Kanchana Fort Trek

The Kanchana Fort Trek is one of those fantastic treks that will bring everlasting memories to you. The difficulty level of this trek is medium. The Kanchan Fort is nearly two miles west of Koledhair and ten miles from the north-west of Chandor. It is well marked by Captain Briggs, who gave this Fort a visit in 1818. It is a large hill and is very steeper than the Fort of Koledhar situated near to it. Hikers, Trekkers, anyone initiated with the outdoors can do this trek very well. The endurance level required to complete this trek is medium. The height of the Kanchana Fort is 4490 feet above sea level. The Base village is Kalvan from where the actual trek starts. It is located in the district Nashik, Maharashtra.

Kanchana Fort History

The Fort of Kanchana is famous for its mythological and historical background. The stone at Dhodap has outstanding inscriptions that were won by Allahvardi Khan. He was a Mughal Chief army. He called this Fort as Kanchan-Manchan that depicts its worth as gold in Marathi.

According to the Historical documents, in 1670, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj invaded Surat City. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was pursued by Daudkhan, a mutual commander for having sacked the city for the second time. Chhatrapati Shivaji was successfully able to do this as he secured the loot by keeping it in Kanchana fort with his two thousand soldiers.

He ultimately defeated Dhaudkhan. The army of Shivaji has also captured the areas of proximity. These were Rawla-Jawla, Trymbakgad, Markandeya Fort, and Ahivant Fort.

Best Time to do the Kanchana Fort Trekking

The best Time for Kanchana Manchana Fort trek is from August to February. The monsoon season of August and September has beautiful flowers along the way with lush green beauty. This trek is also ideal to be done post-monsoon and during the winter seasons. While camping, you can see the clear skies. The stargazing activity will take you to a moment of bliss.

Frequently asked questions

1.Kanchana Fort Trekking distance?
The total trekking distance will be around 9.5 kilometers, including the climbing and descending the Fort.

2.Kanchana Manchana Fort Trekking time required?

You will need around four to five hours for this hike, including exploring the Fort.

3.Kanchana Manchana Fort Trek difficulty level and height gained during the trek?
Trek level will easy to moderate level. The base village is at the height of 2250 feet above sea level. Kanchana Fort is located at 4490 feet above sea level.