Madhu Makarandgad Trek

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ruled Madhu Makrandgad fort located near Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra. This fort never fell on any trade route hence never fetched attention like its other counterparts. It has an attractive geographical location. This fort is a mix of twin hills.

Madhu - Makrandgad. It is a day-long trek that takes about two hours to complete one way. The trek passes through dense Javali forest. Woods must have made this fort almost impossible to conquer. It is a hidden gem amongst Javali tress all-embracing the fort and its vicinity. It is a muddy forest trail offering temple darshan along the route.


Madhu Makarandgad Information

If you want to soak into the beauty of the thick Javali forest, it would be better to start your trek from Hatlot village. If you look up to a cleaner trail, better stick to Chaturbet. Both these sides same way reach the fort. The trek begins after passing the Hatlot village and leads to a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is a straight trail past the temple, and the pinnacle seems to be in the right.

It is indicating that you are on the right track. There are no forks through the way, and it heads straight towards the peaks. An hour of the climb passes through barren land with little greenery and opens up to the flat ground.

After a few minutes of walk, thick-set trees welcome trekkers. Here is located Mallika Mahadev temple; the peace of the place is divine. A small ascent leads to the best of the sunset and sunrise views. The top doesn't have any fort walls or ruins; the placement of rocks and the way they are stacked together indicate the Madhu Makrandgad twin peaks. If you are planning two days trek, you may come down to the temple for a night's halt.

1 Day Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • First of all, you will need 'a will to climb the hill.
  • Water bottles
  • few packets of handy snacks
  • comfortable trekking shoes
  • Sun hat/sunglasses
  • Warm clothes with few extra pairs
  • A windcheater
  • Basic medicines
  • ORS packets
  • Sunglasses
Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reach Madhu Makarandgad

  • Nearest railhead- Kalyan
  • Nearest airport- Mumbai
  • Distance from Pune- 156 Km
  • Base camp- Hatlot village

Food and accommodation on the Madhu Makarandgad trek

There is no availability of food on the way except at the starting point. You will get some local cuisine at the base village; hence it is advisable to carry your food packets on the trek. There is a freshwater cistern at the Gamdevi temple, yet it is advisable to take the bottles of mineral water with you. Free accommodation is available at Mallikamahadev temple, provided you carry your mats along.


Challenges on the trek

  • You need to carry water
  • No food joints
  • Rough patches at places
  • Steep climb along the trek
  • Few historical evidence as ruins.
  • Dense forest trail
  • Simple accommodation at the temple to rest on the mats

Rewards on the trek

  • Peaceful temple environment near the top
  • Thick natural beauty surrounded by Javali trees.
  • Serene Views of sunset and sunrise
  • Mostly a flat trail along the trek
  • In case you love to explore new heights, this is a perfect trek for you. The trek with easy-moderate difficulty level will make you fall in love with glistening sunsets and gleaming sunrises, all over again!



  • Elevation - 4,055 feet
  • Difficulty level - Moderate
  • Best time to visit - Oct to Feb
  • Duration - 1 day