1. Karnala Fort 

If you are a travel enthusiast, hiking at Karnala Bird Sanctuary trails and Karnala Fort is the best experience. You can visit throughout the year the weather is always plesant. You get to observe a Bird Sanctuary. You get many tracks as alternatives for simple hiking or moderate level trekking. You get to research Karnala Fort, Part of the fort at a medium height, and another in the summit. Ultimately, you also get to experience your fair share of adventure around the hills, temples, and rocks of Karnala. What is more, you have to do all this at a minimum budget.

Best time for Karnala Fort Trek 
Monsoon is the best season to visit Karnala Fort, the mountain covered with clouds and streams flowing on the path. The route is rocky in some sections and can be slippery if you are not wearing trekking shoes. Post monsoon, you can see wildflowers everywhere. It is an excellent period to create beautiful images. Monsoon makes the trek route challenging and fun to navigate. Your shoe's excellent grip is crucial while trekking on this mountain. 

Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
It has a small play area for kids, a restaurant, a small birds zoo. There are many trails which you can choose in the morning, which are excellent for bird watching. Karnala Bird Sanctuary 4.5 square kilometre entire area is home to many species of migratory birds. Many rare birds are spotted here every year, making it an important refuge for birds. 


2. Kalavantin Durg

Kalavantin Durg covered by many magazines, news channel, instagram account as one of the most dangerous treks in India. Located near Panvel, it is a watchtower with beautiful rock-cut steps. Many trekkers come from far away to challenge themselves against this mountain. It is 2300 feet above sea level. It will take three hours to climb the hill. 

Maharashtra comes alive in the monsoon season. It is the best time for Kalavantin trek. During the rainy season, the mountain covered with greenery and clouds. The weather is refreshing. You can watch beautiful waterfalls. Wildflowers bloom locals have created camping grounds and restaurants where one can order meals and spend time in the outdoors camping. 

3. Dodhani to Matheran Sunset Point Trek

Dodhani Village is famous for waterfalls located 45 minutes away from Panvel Railway Station. It is a steep uphill trek, and It will take three hours to reach Matheran. The route is well marked and goes through a thick jungle. You can see Chanderi Fort and Peb Fort from the trek route. After completing 75 per cent, you can see the fog build-up along the trek route. It means you are approaching Matheran Sunset's point now. The last part of the trek is tricky as the path becomes smaller and rock-cut way makes the route adventurous. After reaching the Sunset point, one has to walk another 3 kilometres to reach Matheran Bazaar. Be careful when walking in Matheran. Many monkeys will try to grab eatables, waterfall bottles, and anything hanging on your bag. You can descend via Garbett Plateau if you dont want to Hire a taxi from Dasturi until the Neral railway station. Garbet Plateau trek to Bhivpuri Road Station trek will take three hours. 


4. Chinchoti Waterfall Trek

Chinchoti Waterfall is an easy trek; It takes one hour to reach from Kaman Village on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway. A famous landmark is the Bhajanlal Dairy Farm. The waterfall is part of the Tungareshwar forest sanctuary. It is well marked, and many locals found collecting wood and harvesting rice when you are trekking. They will help you with the directions. You will be surprised how quickly you can visit a village from Mumbai impoverished with people living in Mud Houses.

The trekking trail you will see the river on your left side throughout the path. You will walk into many spider webs on the trekking path if you start early. It is a reliable spot for macro photography. Once you reach the waterfall, you will be blown away by its beauty. Chinchoti waterfall is very dangerous; it has claimed many lives every year. The helicopter called for rescue at Chinchoti waterfall once people got stuck in the Jungle near the waterfall due to heavy rains. Nearest Railway Station is Naigaon. You can board sharing auto to Kaman village. Avoid visiting the waterfall on rainy days. It is better to visit Chinchoti waterfall on a clear day.