Make them start young; introduce them to the wildlife and the natural world. By being in an open environment, kids experience a free-flowing atmosphere that stimulates all their senses. Outdoors is the greatest gift you can ever gift your child. When you take your child for a trek, you will be training them early how to feel affection for nature, enjoy a hike, and respect the rules of the wilderness. This guarantees that they will be prepared for anything that life throws at them. Trekking will teach them to not take anything for granted, to sail through hassles and boosts their confidence.

This weekend instead of taking your children to a gaming zone, take them for a hike. Let them get their hands and feet dirty in the mud, show them how to climb a tree and allow them to turn every rock and see for themselves. Accompanying your child on an exciting hike will also strengthen the parent-child relationship. The outskirts of Mumbai are blessed with hill forts and forests that have a plethora of trails which are blossoming with prosperous flora and fauna. The biodiversity is waiting to greet you and your child with the sweetest symphonies of Mother Nature.