Rajmachi Fort Lonavala

Rajmachi Fort is a historical fort having two stronghold forts in Lonavala. Forts of Rajmachi Lonavala are Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Visible from Mumbai Pune Expressway on the right-hand side of Borghat, a popular spot near Khandala known as Rajmachi View Point. Rajmachi is a famous spot for trekking in popular Lonavala Hill Stations. 

Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort is a 16 km trekking distance from Lonavala, and there are many routes to reach Rajmachi Fort. We will be staying at Udhewadi Village, located below the two Balekilla; only camping during the winter and summer months is possible at Udhewadi. 

In the monsoon you can see the beautiful Kataldhar waterfall from Shrivardhan Fort. Rajmachi Fort near Karjat has many caves used by trekkers for night halt. Rajmachi Fort is located strategically overlooking Borghat, a historical trade route in Sahyadri Mountains. Popular among trekkers of India as one of the best trekking places in Maharashtra.

Rajmachi fireflies trek 2023 - Click here

Places to visit at Rajmachi Fort

  • Fort Rajmachi Udaysagar Lake constructed in 1712.
  • Temple of Mahadev by the side of Udaysagar Lake.
  • Temple of Bahiroba on the plateau near Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.
  • Rajmachi trek Fireflies at the end of Summer around May and June 
  • Kataldhar waterfall views from Shrivardhan Fort (In monsoon only)
  • Shirota Lake views from Shirvardhan Fort

Rajmachi Camping Event Details

  • Shirvardhan Fort Height  2710 feet approx.
  • Nearest City Lonavala, Karjat
  • Separate stay for females and males
  • Tent stay on triple sharing basis.
  • Shrivardhan Fort Exploration.
  • Local Village Food.
  • Cost for Rajmachi Camping: Rs. 1299/- (per person)

Rajmachi Trek and Camping Event Itinerary

Day 1 – Saturday - Rajmachi Camping

For Mumbai Participant

Konark Express 11019 (Mumbai CSMT to Bhubaneshwar)

  • 02:00 pm - CSMT
  • 02:12 pm - Dadar
  • 02:33 pm - Thane
  • 02:55 pm - Kalyan
  • 04:27 pm - Lonavala

For Rajmachi Pune participants

Pune to Lonavala local train

  • 03:00 pm - Pune
  • 03:05 pm - Shivaji Nagar
  • 03:24 pm - Chinchwad
  • 03:45 pm - Talegaon
  • 04:20 pm - Lonavala

04:45 pm -  Assemble at Lonavala Railway Station.

05:00 pm - Move towards base village by local Jeep.

08:00 pm - Reach Base Village.

09:30 pm - Dinner.

Day Two - Sunday Rajmachi Camping

06:00 am - Wake up and freshen up

06:30 am - Start ascending Shrivardhan Fort.

07:30 am - Reach on top and explore.

08:00 am - Start descending.

09:00 am - Reach at base village.

Have a breakfast.

Visit Udaysagar lake and temple.

11:00 am - Start Return journey towards Lonavala by local jeep.

01:00 pm - Disperse at Lonavala railway station

Please Note

  • People may board the same train from their respective stations of convenience.
  • If it rains, stay will be in a homestay. Camping is not possible due to rain.
  • Due to the visitor rush during this period, jeeps are sometimes unavailable or overbooked, and the participant is requested to wait patiently for their jeep.
  • If road is not motorable, jeep will be available till halfway only. Participants will have to walk 8km.
1 Night 2 Days Available on request Udhewadi, Maharashtra
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Travelling Lonavala to Lonavala  by local jeep.
  • 1 Veg Dinner, 1 veg Breakfast
  • Tented stay on sharing basis
  • Treks and Trails expertise charges
  • E-certificate 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Travel till Lonavala and back
  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / soft drinks ordered.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the cost includes above.
  • All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, bad weather.
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required.
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • 2/3 liters of water
  • Proper face mask and Sanitizer
  • Trekking Shoes provide more grip and comfort on the trek
  • Good torch must with an extra battery
  • Sleeping bag or two bed-sheets
  • Warm clothes
  • Some Dry fruits / Dry Snacks / Energy Bars
  • Glucon D / ORS / Tang / Gatorade sachets
  • One Day Backpack 20 to 30 liters
  • Sun Cap and Sunscreen
  • Personal First aid and Personal Medicine
  • Identity Proof
  • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant this will protect from Summer Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles

Covid Safety Guidelines

  1. Before planning for any adventure activity, please improve your minimum physical fitness. Most of us have been at home for a lockdown period.
  2. Please convey your real medical conditions to Treks and Trails India while enrolling for the event.
  3. Kindly wear three-layered masks, N95. Carry an extra disposable mask with you. Please ensure all participants, leaders, staff, and general persons wear masks before interacting with them.
  4. Carry with your hand wash, sanitizer bottle, and clean your hands before touching food and objects.
  5. Cover-up wear full sleeves shirts and full pants, hiking shoes, caps, and face bandana over your mask. Covering up will help reduce exposure to the Covid19 virus.
  6. Bring your food and water with necessary cutlery like utility mug, fork, and spoon. Your mug can be used for cooking, eating, and drinking water. Carry your reusable water bottles; please don’t share with others.
  7. Cooperate for temperature checks, questions reading any symptoms, and oxygen level checks; these are done to help you limit the spread of the virus. All these checks will be conducted multiple times during the activities.
  8. Kindly do not register for the event or travel if you have come in contact with someone who has Covid19 in the last 14 days.
  9. If you have any symptoms like fever, dry cough, weakness, body aches, etc., at the time of screening. You won't be able to participate in the event. You will have to be evacuated on the medical condition and should report to the nearest healthcare center.
  10. Maintain a distance of six feet or more while sleeping at night. Incase distance is not possible, try sleeping in a criss-cross manner to avoid face proximity.
  11. Please bring your garbage back to the city and dispose of it in your bin.
  12. Consuming any alcohol, cigarettes, pan masala, tobacco, drugs should be avoided; they induce a lot of spitting, urinating, and passive smoke, which can be harmful for the general population.
  13. Avoid touching new surfaces and touching your mask and face continuously.
  14. If your adventure destination is overcrowded, be prepared to change your location or wait for the crowd to reduce.
  15. If any participant, trek leader test positive after returning from the event within 14 days of the Activity. They should maintain transparency and inform Treks and Trails India. It will help all others isolate themselves and get tested. Participants and Treks and Trails will cooperate to help manage the situation.
  16. Carry your own personal gear.
  17. Keep the conversation with unknown people to a minimum and maintain a distance of more than 6 feet while talking.
  18. Avoid speaking with the general population and maintain distance to keep yourself safe in these difficult times.
  19. Participant need to install the Arogya Setu app

Cancellation Policy

  • 75% refund if notified via phone conversation 8 or more days prior to the event date.
  • 50 % refund if notified via phone conversation 4 to 7 days prior to the event date.
  • No refund if the cancellation requested is less than 3 days prior to the event date 
  • No show No Refund.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another person against cancellation.
  • If Trek gets canceled we will refund "Trek Amount" only.
  • If the event is canceled due to any natural calamity, political unrest or other such reasons beyond our control the same cancellation policy will apply.

Treks and Trails Event Rules

  • Kindly carry one Identity proof, at least for the trek with your address.
  • We all are going for an adventurous and exciting trekking expedition; please Do Not misinterpret it as a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR.
  • The leader's decision will be final, and all the members should abide by it.
  • We do not destroy or dirty the archaeological, historical monuments, natural habitat on the trek.
  • Swimming is not allowed in the lake or water tank on the forts. Locals use that water for drinking.
  • Putting your feet in water tanks or on the canon is not allowed on our treks.
  • Any addiction is strictly prohibited, e.g. drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco anyone caught doing it will have to exit the trek without a refund and travel back on own expense.
  • People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis.
  • Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewellery, etc. If carried, then we Do Not take any liability for the same.
  • Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, or any adventure activity is potentially risky. For all these events, you are at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any accident or compensation in whatsoever manner.
  • We should strictly follow the code of conduct to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or outside.
  • Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed while trekking.
  • Bluetooth speaker not allowed inside the homestay or camping tents.
  • Drinking/smoking,/eating is not allowed inside the tents.
  • If you damage the tent, break the tent poles, you will have to pay us for the whole new tent on MRP.
  • If you are late for the bus pickup and are not reachable on the phone during your bus pickup, the trek leader will leave without you, and we will provide no refund.
  • Please check things to carry and wear trekking shoes on our treks. 
Route Map


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an adventurer who loves trekking? Completing a trek can be a life-changing experience that leaves you with unforgettable memories. To commemorate your achievement, TreksandTrails provides e-certificates to all participants who successfully complete their trek. These e-certificates include your name, the name of the trek you completed, the date of completion, and a digital signature from TreksandTrails. They are a perfect way to showcase your accomplishment to the world and share your trekking journey with your loved ones. By receiving an e-certificate from TreksandTrails, you can proudly display your achievement on your social media platforms and inspire others to embark on their own adventures.  

Here are some FAQs about our e-certificates:

Q: What is an e-certificate for trekkers and hikers?

A: An e-certificate is a digital certificate awarded to participants upon completion of a trek or hike. It serves as proof of participation and achievement.

Q: How do I receive an e-certificate from TreksandTrails?

A: Upon completion of your trek or hike with TreksandTrails, you will be sent an email with a link to your e-certificate. You can download it from the link and save it on your device or share it on social media platforms.

Q: Can I share my e-certificate on social media platforms?

A: Yes, you can share your e-certificate on all social media platforms. The e-certificate is designed to be easily shareable, so you can show off your achievement to your friends and family.

Eligibility Criteria for a Trekking Certificate:

To be eligible for a trekking certificate, individuals must demonstrate adherence to safety rules, teamwork, and cooperation.

Participants must achieve the following requirements for earning a trekking certificate: completion of the trek; physical fitness; teamwork and cooperation; knowledge of safety rules; environmental awareness; a positive attitude; great attendance; and punctuality. We appreciate their commitment to the sport of trekking and acknowledge their achievements.

e- certificate treksandtrails


Rajmachi Trek 2023 | Rajmachi Fort Trek With Kondane Caves

Trek to Rajmachi Fort and Kondane Cave, located near Lonavala, offers a fantastic view of the Sahyadri mountains and the backwater of the Shirota dam. Rajmachi Fort is one of the many historical forts in the rugged hills of the Sahyadri mountains. 

It consists of two twin fortresses, Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla, with a wide machi surrounding the two Balekillas. Know detailed information about the Rajmachi Trek and camping, including duration, base camp, best season, explore waterfalls and temples & enjoy camping. 

Get information on Rajmachi India and a general trekking guide for Rajmachi Trekking. Camping near Rajmachi Killa Lonavala during the rainy season is not possible due to heavy rainfall and strong winds. Rajmachi Camping was conducted from October to June. Rajmachi fireflies trek is available from May to June only before the monsoon starts when the fireflies are visible. 

Rajmachi Fort Maharashtra is one of the most famous forts around the Lonavala Trekking region. The height of this fort from sea level is 2710 feet above sea level, and it offers a fantastic view of the Sahyadri mountains and the backwaters of Shirota Dam. Rajmachi Killa Lonavala is one of the many historical forts located amidst the Sahyadri forts, and it is a popular destination amongst nature lovers and tourists for trekking. The fortress of Rajmachi Maharashtra is famous among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. If you want to experience a full-fledged trek, you can start from the side of the Kondhane cave which will take 4 hours of climbing. Rajmachi Maharashtra is considered one of the best treks. 

You can also drive right up to Udhewadi village from the Lonavala side and then trek for hardly 20-30 minutes to the top of the fort only possible during winter and summer months. Overnight Trek to Rajmachi Fort from Lonavala is adventurous during full moon night. Explore the flourishing forests of the Western Ghats. On this trek, you'll hike your way to the Kondhane Caves where you can see Buddhist inscriptions from centuries ago. Kondana Caves often banned during the rainy season due to huge crowds gathering near the waterfalls around the caves. Kondane Caves Waterfall Rappelling is also banned by the Archeological Survey of India.

Treks and Trails India invites you for a wondrous Rajmachi fort and Kondana Caves trek. Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala jewel in Sahyadri Forts overlooks Bor Ghat between Khandala and Khopoli, which was once a vital trade route. Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort are its major attractions, luring numerous trekking enthusiasts all year round. Rajmachi Fireflies are only visible for a few weeks before the start of the rainy season. The best season to watch the fireflies while trekking in Maharashtra would be in the first week of June. Trek and Trail conduct self-operated trekking in Maharashtra. With over seven years of experience and holding adventure travel events throughout the year. You can rely on us for a safe trek with knowledge trek leaders and guides. Treks and Trails India is the leading trek organisers Mumbai to Rajmachi fort trek. You can read about Rajmachi Trek Blogs


1. Can we drive to the Fort Rajmachi village?

Not in monsoon, Roads are closed during monsoon by villagers. After the rainy season, you can drive to the Rajmachi base village with a good SUV Car only. 

Pro tip: You will find many options of trekking companies selling direct Trek Fort Rajmachi and camping options. Please note the last 12 kilometres is a dirt track. Unless you have an FWD or SUV, you will be damaging your car trying to reach the village. We recommend hiring a local jeep to reach the base village.  

2. How far is trek Rajmachi from Mumbai or Pune?

The Trek Rajmachi Fort is three hours drive from Mumbai, 125 km approx, and a two-hour drive from Pune, around 70 km. From Lonavala, it will take one hour to drive or four hours to trek from the Lonavala railway station.

For the best trek in Maharashtra, head to Lonavala Rajmachi fort and spot the Kataldar waterfall in the forest. Our treks near Mumbai include everything you need to enjoy a night of trekking under the stars. Not only do we provide a place for you to stay, but also good food, fun activities, and an unforgettable experience. 

3. The number of days required for the Fort trek Rajmachi Lonavala?

Two days and one night will be required for Lonavala Rajmachi Fort Trek. Rajmachi trek difficulty level is medium with high endurance levels. Rajmachi trek distance from Lonavala railway station is 16 kilometres walking.

Kondhane Buddhist Caves to Udhewadi Rajmachi trek distance is eight kilometers, and it starts from the trailhead of Kondana village located at Karjat. It will take four to five hours to cover this Rajmachi Trek distance.There are many Rajmachi falls along this route, and the magnificent Kondhane Buddhist caves are located on this ancient hiking route to Rajmachi Killa.   

4. Where can we park our cars for the Trek Rajmachi Lonavala?

Car parking is available at Lonavala, Maharashtra, at your own risk. If you drive to Udhewadi, please make sure you have an SUV as the roads are in bad condition. Mumbai to Rajmachi fort driving distance is 100 km, and Lonavala to Rajmachi fort trek distance is 16 kilometers.

5. Is there any parking charge at Fort Rajmachi?

Yes, payable to the local Rajmachi forest officer. Parking fees and forest entry fees are payable on arrival.

Rajmachi campsite is a 1.5-hour drive away from Khopoli and one of the best treks in Maharashtra. Rajmachi campsite offers you an opportunity to spot fireflies in the wild, light up the nighttime, and enjoy homestay's comforts, with fantastic food and bonfires available near Mumbai and Pune. Many waterfalls can be seen around the trekking trail during the rainy season.

6. Do you provide sleeping bags at Rajmachi trek and camping?

We provide a simple camping mattress, like a Yoga mat. We don't provide sleeping bags for hygiene reasons. Would you please carry personal sleeping material or two bedsheets? The weather is pleasant at Udhewadi throughout the year. We can help you rent sleeping bags if required for Rajmachi Mumbai Trek.  

7. Are Toilet Available at the Trek Rajmachi base village?

Provision for toilet tents will be made at Villagers House, eastern style commode. Please note during the trek; there are no toilets available. There is no electricity in the village; please bring your torch to use the toilet at Night. 

Pro Tip: The Udhewadi village Trailhead for Trek Rajmachi has water scarcity. It is best to carry toilet paper for this trek. 

8. Do solo travellers or females signup for the Rajmachi night trek?

We have 60 male to 40 % female ratios at our Rajmachi night trek. Many solo travelling females join our events. Trek to Rajmachi route is safe for all Indian hikers as organising treks, camping, and homestay are the primary income source for the villagers. 

9. Are kids allowed to trek Rajmachi Lonavala?

Rajmachi trek from Lonavala children below 15 with parent's supervision is only allowed. Parents with small kids, please call us before making a booking. 

10. What type of food will be provided on the Lonavala Rajmachi trek?

Food preference only Veg local home-cooked is available. Jain food is available kindly mention in comments your requirement. 

Pro Tip: Kindly note raw material comes from Lonavala, so any special food request will have to be made in advance. 

11. Phone Connectivity or Mobile Network during the Rajmachi Trek route?

Limited phone connectivity is available for most cellular services along the Lonavala to Rajmachi trek. After you gain height on the forts, you will get good connectivity. Lonavala's altitude is 625 meters above sea level, and Rajmachi fort height is 2710 feet above sea level. 

12. Where will we stay at Rajmachi trek Maharashtra Udhewadi Village?

  • Kindly note during monsoon, tent stay is not possible under any circumstances 
  • Tent Stay available - Twin Sharing and Triple Sharing Tents available. ( Winter and Summer and summer season only)  
  • The homestay will be in the Dormitory Villagers house simple sleeping mat is provided during monsoon 
  • Homestay has an Indian Commode toilet as running water is not available. 

11. Is cash payment or spot payment accepted?

Registration against 100% upfront payment only via Gpay / UPI / NEFT / IMPS / Payment Getaway on the spot payment not accepted. We need to book in the advance jeep and arrange to stay and make other arrangements upfront payment is a must.

12. Will I get bottled water during our Rajmachi trek stay?

Normal well water shall be provided. Would you please bring reusable water bottles? You can refill them. You can also buy bottles with filters like Lifestraw, Aquaguard ideal for trekking in Mumbai.

13. Can I charge my phone on the Rajmachi trek route?

Udhewadi village doesn't receive electricity. Would you please carry a power bank if required? Trek to Rajmachi fort, although one of the most popular hikes in India, doesn't have electricity yet. 

Pro tip: Solar power has come to the Rajmachi Udhewadi village though power availability is still 50 50 for charging devices.  

14. How is the Rajmachi weather now?

Summer Temperature Night 17 degrees and Day 39°C approx. Rajmachi Fort Trek weather is pleasant throughout the year. Monsoon rains very heavily please double pack your expensive phones and gadgets.   

Pro tip: Carry insect repellent for this trek during the monsoon. Some flies and mosquitoes will bite you during your stay. During summer we recommend wearing full selves clothes with sun cap and using sunscreen. 

15. Can we smoke or drink alcohol on Trek Rajmachi?

People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis. Forts are sacred to all in Maharashtra. You will face public justice if caught smoking or drinking alcohol on the forts in Maharashtra. 

16. Can we listen to music on Bluetooth speakers during Trek Rajmachi? 

Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed while trekking. Bluetooth speaker not allowed inside the homestay.

17. How do I make payment?

You can pay online on our website; click on the book now button to register and pay. In case your question is not listed above, you can email us at highfive@treksandtrails.org.

18. Do you have Rajmachi one day trek near Mumbai?

You will need two days and one night to cover Rajmachi Trek. You will cover around 20 kilometers on this trek. Lonavala to Rajmachi trekking distance is 16 kilometers. Pune to Rajmachi India distance is 80 kilometers by road.   

We have plans for the Rajmachi Fort trek during the monsoon, winter and summer months. For one day trek near Mumbai, kindly whatsapp us for more options. Lonavala weather forecast during the winter and summer months is pleasant, ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celcius. Lonavala's height is 630 meters above sea level, a popular weekend destination near Pune Mumbai. 

19. List of recommended Lonavala fort treks? 

Recommended one-day treks near Lonavala. Trekking to these Lonavala Forts is famous during the rainy season.   

  1. Lohagad Fort Trek
  2. Visapur Fort Trek
  3. Tung Fort Trek
  4. Tikona Fort Trek
  5. Korigad Fort Trek

20. Famous Forts near Lonavala for trekking? 

Recommended few offbeat trekking destinations and few famous hiking Fort near Lonawala for trekking.  

  1. Ghangad Fort
  2. Tailbaila Fort
  3. Mrugagad Fort
  4. Sudhagad Fort
  5. Sinhagad Fort 

21. Killa Rajmachi Trek from Pune? 

Rajmachi Pune participants can follow our itinerary for Rajmachi Trek from Pune. We create a whatsapp group you can coordinate with fellow hikers from Pune and travel accordingly. If we have Trek Leader Pune, you can coordinate with him and travel subsequently. Treks and Trails India is the leading trek organiser in Pune. Rajmachi fort from Pune distance is around 80 km.   

Fort Rajmachi Trek's height is 2700 feet above sea level. Since we are starting our trek from Lonavala, located at 2050 feet above sea level, we will gain 650 feet during the trek. Udhewadi to Kondana village, we will descend the entire 2700 feet; it takes fours to complete the descending trail. 

22. How to reach Rajmachi Fort from Lonavala station?

We have arranged jeeps till Fanasrai village; we will trek till Udhewadi village around 3 hours of trekking. During Winter and Summer seasons, our vehicles go right upto the Udhewadi village. Rajmachi trek from Lonavala is famous throughout the year with trekkers from Maharashtra.

There are many Rajmachi caves in the two fortresses of Shirwardhan and Manaranjan. Hikers earlier used these caves for night stays and shelter from the rains. Now mostly, the caves are inhabited by bats and reptiles.
Many water tanks are available on the fort, which provides clean and portable water to the villagers and trekkers who stay at the base village.

23. Do you arrange Rajmachi trek from Karjat?

We do arrange the Rajmachi trek from Karjat it is tough four hours uphill climb till the base village of Udhewadi. 2019 2020 Kondana Caves were banned so the trek was not possible as the trekking path goes through the same route for Kondana Caves. Xtreme Trekkers prefer this route it requires high endurance and fitness levels. Kondivade village is the starting point for Kondana caves trek and Karjat to Rajmachi Trek. Kondana caves route is well marked from Kondivade village homestays are also available in the hamlet. 

24. Can you tell me more about Rajmachi Point Lonavala? 

Inside the Rajmachi garden Khandala offers excellent views of the Fort Rajmachi from Khandala and Dukes nose. Rajmachi view Point Lonavala is popular among tourists around Sunset. You can spot the Ulhas valley and Ulhas waterfall from this spot. There are many Dhabas famous for Rajmachi Bhaji, Pottery shops, and Chaat shops nearby. 

25. Can we complete Rajmachi Trek in one day? 

Yes, it is possible to complete the trek in one day though it is better to give two days to explore the forts and Kondana caves. For Rajmachi Fort images, please click on the photo gallery in the top right corner of the event page. Rajmachi trek difficulty level is medium and requires good endurance. 

Journey through the wild, the best trek in Maharashtra. You'll be able to see fireflies, see the stars, eat delicious homemade food, and enjoy bonfires with your friends. This trek and Rajmachi campsite is near Mumbai and Pune.

Famous One day treks near Mumbai list?

In case you dont want to travel till Lonavala, we have the following options available for one day treks near Mumbai. Our options keep changing as per the weather and season. Trekking in Mumbai for one day you can also check our upcoming event page for updates. 

  1. Karnala Fort Trek
  2. Kalavantin Fort Trek
  3. Peb Fort Trek
  4. Kothaligad Fort Trek 
  5. Asherigad Fort trek    

Rajmachi trek from Mumbai? 

Mumbai participants can follow our itinerary for Rajmachi Trek from Mumbai. We create a whatsapp group you can coordinate with fellow hikers from Mumbai and travel accordingly. If we have Trek Leader from Mumbai, you can coordinate with him and travel subsequently. Treks and Trails India is the leading trekking groups in Thane. This is one of the most popular trekking Maharashtra destinations. 

Why should you join Treks and Trails India for Rajmachi Trek?

We run self-operated treks with our well-trained trek leaders and guides. We are the leading trekking clubs in Mumbai with thousand of trekkers choosing our services every year. We help with local conservation efforts, social causes, clean up drives, and generate employment in rural areas. Mostly third-party aggregators dont verify their operators or provide support in case of emergency. Most aggregators choose the cheapest operator at the expense of your safety, trek leader quality, and other services. 

Do you arrange a Rajmachi bike ride?

We currently do not organise bike rides to Rajmachi Fort Pune? We can help you with camping support at the base village. The trail is famous for Rajmachi off roading among bikers.  

Explore a new way to enjoy nature with the Rajmachi Fort Pune trek. We offer an unforgettable experience for beginners or experts with our well-traversed, safe and secured routes. Get a taste of the Sahyadris with waterfalls and spot Rajmachi fireflies in the wild. Explore the hidden beauty of Maharashtra by taking a break and staying at our homestays, with fantastic food, bonfire, and much more! 

Are Lonavala Rajmachi Fort and Khandala Rajmachi Point similar? 

Both are different destinations in Maharashtra. Rajmachi view Point, located in Khandala, offers breathtaking panoramas of Rajmachi Killa, the Ulhas valley, and Ulhas waterfalls near the Duke's retreat in Khandala. Rajmachi Point Khandala has a temple, a kids' park, and Rajmachi garden a favorite spot for movie directors. Sunset point, Dukes' nose point, Monkey Point, and Lions Point are the occasional draws close to Rajmachi point Khandala.

Ever wondered what it would be like to see fireflies in the wild? Rajmachi trek and camping is the best destination to spot fireflies in Maharashtra and experience the beautiful sight of these ethereal creatures lighting up the forest at night.

Can you tell us about the famous Rajmachi waterfalls?

Waterfall near Rajmachi is the best place for trekkers this monsoon! You can spot various waterfalls often referred to as Rajmachi falls, like the Kune waterfalls, Ulhas Waterfall, Giri waterfall, Kataldhar water, and Kondana caves waterfall along the Rajmachi Kondana caves trek. 

Spot fireflies and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our Rajmachi homestay is perfect for you if you're looking for a great way to spend your holiday or want to spend time with your friends, family, or loved ones. You'll get the best of both worlds with great food, bonfire evenings, and amazing views!    

Is there a Rajmachi resort available along the hiking route to Udhewadi?

Only homestays or Rajmachi camping are available at the trailhead to Fort Rajmachi Trek. There are many resorts available at Khandala, Lonavala, Mulshi, and Karjat, where you can stay before or after the trek.    

How to trek with kids during a trek?

Trekking with kids can be a fantastic family adventure! Here are some tips to make it a great experience: Choose trails suitable for their age and abilities. Pack plenty of snacks, water, and their favorite treats to keep their energy up. Encourage them to explore and appreciate nature along the way. Take regular breaks for rest and games. Ensure they have comfortable shoes and dress in layers for the changing weather. Embrace the adventure together and create lasting memories. Have fun!

Which trek do you recommend for kids around Mumbai?

For kid-friendly treks near Mumbai, there are several options to choose from. Sondai, Karnala, and Lohagad offer scenic trails with moderate difficulty suitable for children. Prabalmachi, Matheran, and Korigad provide a mix of nature and historical exploration. Jambulmal and One Tree Hill are ideal for shorter treks with beautiful views. Dodhani Village in Matheran is another excellent choice for a family-friendly trek. Each of these destinations offers a unique experience and a chance for kids to connect with nature while enjoying the outdoors.

Kids trek near Mumbai - click here

Is it safe to go on a trek during monsoon in Maharashtra?

Trekking in Maharashtra during the monsoon season can be safe if proper precautions are taken. It is critical to choose well-maintained trails, listen to experienced guides, and stay up to date on weather conditions. Avoid going into unsafe regions or attempting dangerous river crossings. Always prioritise safety and be ready for slippery terrain and unpredictable weather.

How to protect your gadgets in monsoon trek

To protect your gadgets during a monsoon trek, take essential precautions. Invest in waterproof covers or cases for your gadgets and use a dry bag or waterproof pouch to store them when not in use. Ziplock bags can provide additional protection. Place silica gel packs in your bags to absorb moisture. Use umbrellas or rain covers to shield your gadgets from rain. Avoid submerging them in water and consider backing up your data regularly. Carry power banks or extra batteries for backup power. Being cautious will help ensure the safety of your gadgets in wet conditions.

What should I pack for a monsoon trek in Maharashtra?

Pack essential items such as a waterproof backpack, rainproof jacket, quick-drying clothing, extra pairs of socks, trekking shoes with good grip, insect repellent, a waterproof cover for electronic devices, and a first aid kit. Carry enough water and energy snacks as well.

Are leeches a problem during monsoon treks in Maharashtra?

Yes, leeches can be encountered during monsoon treks in Maharashtra, especially in forested areas. To protect yourself, wear long socks, tuck your pants into your socks, and apply insect repellent on your legs. Carry a salt or lime solution to detach leeches if they attach to your skin.

What are some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra?

Some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra include HarishchandragadRajmachiAndharbanKalsubaiBhimashankarTikona FortTorna FortRatangadNaneghat, and Visapur Fort. These treks offer scenic beauty and a unique experience during the monsoon season.


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