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Best Treks in Karjat

Never Stop Exploring!

Just about 68 kilometres from Mumbai, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, nestled in the laps of Western Ghats is the quaint settlement of Karjat. Replete with abundant natural beauty in the form of mountains, lush vegetation, rocky terrain and several waterfalls, the city dwellers of Mumbai and Pune often frequent Karjat to break free from the humdrum city life. Owing to its boundless greenery accompanied by hill forts, ancient temples and rock-cut caves that boast of some thought-provoking architecture and history, Karjat has become a hotspot for trekkers. The extensive sweeps of Sahyadris in Karjat tender a prodigious topography to trek which makes it a famous trekking destination in Maharashtra. The trails in Karjat range from easy to moderately difficult to extremely challenging. Therefore, it has everything that a beginner wishes for a first trek as well as the thrill which is desired by hardcore adventure seekers. 

Be it any trail in Karjat, after one has walked for several kilometres, the stunning view that greets them is mesmerizing. For the novice hikers who want to step into the world of trekking, like Sondai Fort Trek, Peb Fort Trek, One Tree Hill Trek and Garbett Point Trek are the best recommendations. All of these treks comprise hiking through lush green forests, breath-taking views from the top and are not very enduring. Also, these treks are kids and family-friendly, taking your child on an exciting hike will also strengthen the parent-child relationship and serve as quality family time. Now for the individuals who have been hiking quite a bit and looking for some endurance building, treks like Peth or Kothaligad Fort Trek, Irshalgad and Trek to Kondane Caves are the most scintillating options. These treks will help you get out of your beginner phase and prepare you for more challenging treks. The adventure enthusiasts can embark on treks like Bhimashankar, Chanderi Fort and Nakhind Hill. These treks are bound to leave you breathless, stimulated and satisfy your adrenaline craving. 

For the laid back chillers, there are numerous camping options that you can choose from for your weekend getaway. The camps are replete with all facilities with authentic meals being and tent stays. Campers can also try their hands at various activities during camping, like ATV bike rides, zip-lining, swimming, kayaking etc. We recommend our Karjat Secret Camping, Karjat Glamping and Bhivipuri Camping events for the best experience. Pre monsoons, you can especially go for Kothaligad Trek to witness the magical fireflies. During monsoons, when the magnificence of Karjat is ten times more, we also organise rappelling at Diksal Waterfall. Waterfall Rappelling is once in a lifetime experience and shouldn’t be missed out on. Treks and Treks is the go-to place for all the outdoor and adventure related activities as we provide the best rates and recommendations for all our clients. Book your slot in advance to avail discounts. Treks and Trails are waiting to host you.


Thoseghar Waterfall and Kaas Pathar Tour


Just an hour away from the bustling city of Satara, the Thoseghar waterfall is a hidden gem. The easy hike and beautiful scenery make it the perfect place to take your kids for a nature adventure. The jungle trail leads to an untouched forest area with waterfalls, wildflowers, and amazing views. The best time to visit is during the cooler months when the weather is pleasant, and the landscape is at its best. Photography enthusiasts will love this place for its amazing landscape.


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Pawana Lake Tent

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