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Looking for a spot to escape that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? We got you covered. From kayaking to astrophotography, Camping Mumbai pack in some terrific experiences. Sneak in a weekend and join us for a surreal camping adventure at particular spots. The list unravels eleven super awesome weekend getaways from Mumbai that is brilliant for a swift retreat. They are not very far, which means you don’t have to compromise your leaves or your budget. Our every campsite has provision for a live barbecue and Campfire which is soul food for campers.

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Igatpuri Secret Camping and Watersports

Chill like a villain at this secret lakeside campsite which is hidden amidst a dense jungle away from the human settlements. We begin the day with water sports activities which comprise of Kayaking, lake rafting or you can even swim across the lake, life jackets are provided as your safety is our utmost priority. Watch the blissful sunset and do landscape photography or dawdle away your evening by skipping stones. At sundowner, enjoy live music with barbeque. Post dinner we go for a short hike to the proximal village. Sit by the campfire at midnight, catch the shooting stars and share your haunted stories. The tents are pitched facing the lake, wake up to a dreamlike view and to the melodies of the birds. Forget the etiquettes of the civilized world and adorn a purer form of life and engage in reading, photography, stargazing, hiking and group activities. Igatpuri Secret Camping 3 hours drive from Mumbai.

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Pawna Lake Camping

Located on the embankment of the Pawna dam near Lonavala is a quiet campsite surrounded by historical forts like Lohagad, Tikona, Tung and Visapur. The lake water is said to be crystal clear that mirrors the sky. It's countryside backdrop, and old-world charm is what attracts the campers most to this peaceful abode. Spend some calm time camping here, inhale the refreshing air, learn to build a campfire, enjoy the lip-smacking hot barbecue, dance to the live retro music, find some art in the clouds and spend quality time your best buds. For those craving some adventure, you may also trek to the historic forts situated close by. Pawna Lake Camping is the perfect combination of nature and leisure which makes for a memorable getaway.

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Bhandardara Lake Camping

Break the monotonous city life and spend a soothing weekend at Bhandardara. Located near the calm, blue waters of the Arthur lake giving you the experience of island camping. Take a walk to the nearby forest and devour natural life. Draw closer sundown and Bhandardara Lake gives you the bang for your buck. It is the most extraordinary place to purely gaze at the night sky and the best stargazing experience you will ever have because it is said to be the darkest spot of Maharashtra. If you go during the pre-monsoon period, it is the mating season of the fireflies, and you may witness millions of fireflies, radiating in the gloomy atmosphere making it once in a lifetime experience, as if the stars have fallen on earth. Soak up the beauty and abundance of nature and its many experiences at Bhandardara Dam camping.

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Kolad Camping

Encircled by abundant cascading waterfalls, ambrosial trees, and the bewitching Sahyadris, Kolad Camping is a primary day-tripper site in Maharashtra, known for water-based adventure activities. A delight for adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts, the picturesque campsite at Kolad is set on the banks of the river Kundalika. The Kundalika is one of the fastest flowing rivers of the South and the only river in Maharashtra on which white water rafting is possible. Activities like Kolad Kayaking, Kolad river rafting, and boating near the campsite. After the water sports, we explore the close by villages or hike to the nearby hills and the forts to catch a breath of clean air as we gaze at the hypnotic views all around. Come nightfall, the memorable night sky, the chilly air and the music of the flowing river is bound to pacify you and melt your stress. You can go night trekking or cherish a toasty bonfire and dwell in the company of friends and loved ones. Embark this weekend on a rip-roaring and tranquil episode.

Karjat Camping

This is our relatively new luxurious Karjat campsite for adventure sports and what makes this campsite different from the others is that this one has a swimming pool. Whaaaaa? Yes, you read it right. So next time when you want to party then don’t book a private villa, because we can accommodate people according to your budget. We also offer adventure activities like ATV bike ride, Zipline and Rope course. Brace yourself for a fun-filled, power-packed adventurous and a relaxed weekend at out Karjat campsite.

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Prabalmachi Camping

Prabalmachi is a little hamlet hiding in the hills situated between Matheran and Panvel. A rustic village, the base of Fort Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg, is filled with greenery and is away from the chaos of the city. Prabalmachi offers a breathtaking picturesque backdrop of both Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg, with a scenic valley view of Panvel outskirts and is an ideal place for camping. Ranging from the pleasant atmosphere, blubbery green slopes, you will spend an enriching time camping here. Chasing fireflies, with hills giving a surreal backdrop, is something that you can cherish forever. Prabalmachi Camping is blessed with rocky cliffs, rough terrain, and meadows. Camping at Prabalmachi is an exciting and fun-filled experience overflowing with unique stories, unexploited nature, under a blanket of the star-studded sky and in the midst of a forest full of fireflies. Experience the magical sunrise and sunset view, Sahyadri ranges, Matheran hill, Gadhi River, Chanderi and Peb forts.

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Rajmachi Fort Camping

If you haven’t heard about Rajmachi Fort Camping, then pack your bags A.S.A.P and go see it for yourself. Cocooned in the laps of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, Rajmachi is one of the most popular destinations for trekking near Mumbai famous for its two forts and magnificent views. Our campsite gives an exquisite view of the Karjat city and the nearby mountains. Near the Campsite, there is a lake which is known as Udyasagar and a Shiva temple. Spend the evening by the campfire, learn how to roast your own barbecue and welcome the night enjoying the company of your friends. At morning we trek to the Shrivardhan fort. The absolute ruggedness of the fort and a captivating trek will pacify your adventurous impulses. Rajmachi Fort is a power-packed place which gives you an experience of camping and trekking.

Kamshet Camping

One of the lesser known and upcoming hill stations near Mumbai is Kamshet. It’s not as popular, but it will surely give you a dramatic feel as the cloud formations here are trancelike. Kamshet is famous for Paragliding schools near Pune and tandem paragliding adventure sport. This Kamshet camping retreat is a facility for the restless and the young at heart to blend with nature, snoop to the sounds of the forest, live the nomad’s life and shoot some fabulous landscapes. Mesmerizing misty hills, have different birds each day as your morning alarm, catch the sunrise from your sleeping bag in the tent, savor the beauty of the sunset lying on the grass. Relax on your back by the campfire waiting to catch the occasional shooting star across a crystal clear sky a typical wish list of anyone who is on the lookout for his well earned weekend getaway. Kamshet has many beautiful forts around it ideal for one day trek. We can also arrange paragliding as per request chargeable.

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Malshej Ghat Camping

Malshej Ghat Camping is a nippy monsoon getaway for those wanting to discover the splendor of the countryside during the pre-monsoon season. Get spellbound by the lush greenery and charming atmosphere, You can spot the impressive Harishchandragad fort and the Taramati peaks. Explore the banks of the lake Saptatirtha and learn to set up your camping site, enjoy the hot barbecue and the bounty of silence, clean air in the shadows of Harishchandragad. You can even do a one day trek to Shivneri fort which is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Naneghat Ghat Camping

Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats that offers myriad magnificence in different seasons. In summer and winter, when the sky is unobstructed views of Jivdhan and Dhakoba are overwhelming. Let’s lie down on the earth and stare into the cosmos. Naneghat offers a spectacular vista of the night sky. Nothing beats the beauty of Naneghat on a pitch dark night of no moon with a blanket of gazillion stars above you. Explore the Northern Hemisphere Constellations and try to identify them. Learn Night Star Photography techniques and try your hand at astrophotography shoot the exquisite Milky Way and Star trails above the dark mountains.

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Dahanu Camping

An elementary lucid camping location situated near the city. This is your go-to place if you are looking to have a serene and relaxing weekend with family and friends. You will be greeted in Dahanu by the fruity sweet smell of Chikoo and other fruits that grow in the nearby orchards in abundance. After participating in the group adventure activities at the campsite, you can visit the beach, head over to the Dahanu Fort, discover the Bahrot caves, stopover at the dams or unwind at the Kalpataru botanical gardens. As soon as you head back to the campsite, there will be live music and barbeque so loosen yourself take pleasure in the dusk of fun and warm companionship. Soak in the pure comfort of this small town and savor fun camping.

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