Beach Camping Mumbai and Pune

Beach Camping Mumbai and Pune

Beach Camping near Mumbai

Beach Camping, are you fed up because your Goa plan got canned at the last moment? Still, do you want to go to the beach with a chill scene that fits your budget? We got you covered! Bombay being a fusion of seven islands encircled with over 600 kilometers of coastline along the Arabian Sea, which has some of the most beautiful waters and pristine beaches in the country. These beaches blessed with coral reefs, quaint villages, temples, lighthouses, and ancient forts. Here's a list of tranquil and rendezvous beaches with camping near Mumbai which will pacify every cell of your body and the waves of which will entrap you in a state of trance.

Alibaug Beach Camping

This bountifully elongated coastline has a myriad landscape that comprises cliffs, rocks, and golden sand. It's the perfect amalgamation of the sea, sun, music, and a night full of stars. You can lie on your beach chair sipping on coconut water, chasing the waves, and watching the sun become one with the sea or making sandcastles, cause why not? Sitting on Alibaug Beach Camping with your loved ones and watching the sunset is no more than a dream. As the night draws closer, groove to the live music and let nostalgia hit you as we screen a famous film. One can also visit the Kulaba fort and Someshwar temple near Alibaug.

Revdanda Beach Camping

Located about 17 km ahead of Alibaug, Revdanda beach camping is tidy hygienic, less crowded and serene harbored with coconut trees. The beautiful water and pristine sand of the beach set the frame of mind to loosen up and let yourself free. If lying back in the hammock is not your style, you can spend your day by participating in games and water sports or just getting a dip in the water while the waves welcome you with open arms. At nightfall you could see the star-filled sky, lit up a bonfire; try a hand at BBQ & chill out with your buddies. The sweet, gentle wind with the ambiance at our campsite doubles up the excitement level. If you're here, then you wouldn't want to miss exploring the Old Portuguese Korlai fort near the beach. There is also a new lighthouse on the western slope for guiding the oncoming ships to Mumbai Port.

Kashid Beach Camping

Located between Alibaug Beach and Murud Janjira beach is Kashid Beach Camping. Famous for its silver-white sand beach and crystal clear waters, this part of the Arabian Sea coastline surrounded by Casuarina trees and small shacks in their shade.

The beach also has a couple of Buddhist caves. Kashid is a virgin beach water sport activities are abundant here. It is known for its fishing village and the old shacks used by villagers, paddy fields, green hills, and rivulets. You can also take a fishing boat ride, so let's see who wins at catching the most fishes. After a relaxing camping experience, you can also visit the nearby Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to Indian giant squirrel, leopard, Sri Lankan frogmouth, Mouse deer, and hyena.

Dahanu Beach Camping

Dahanu and Bordi are popularly known as the twin black sand beaches interconnected to form a beautiful 15 km shoreline these beaches are environmentally protected areas and have remained unexplored because it falls under the green zone as there is no urbanization here. The fruity fragrance lingering in the air is because miles of fruit plantations specially Chikoo surround the villages making the lush green behind you and the horizon in front of the perfect campsite.

You can also visit the nearby Asavali dam which is made up of sand and interact with the local Warli tribe. Other attractive destinations include the Dahanu Fort, the Kalpataru Botanical Gardens, Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, Bahrot Caves, and the Depchari Dam and Reservoir.

Kelve Beach Camping

Bring in your weekend on an exciting note with a movie night and camping under the stars at Kelve camping which is just 55 km from Mumbai. Kelve has a fort along the seashore, for all those history buffs to explore the remnants of the beach fort. The specialty of this village is the banana plantations all along the seacoast. The coastal breeze is perfect for evening walks along the shore. One can also enjoy sunbathing under the tropical Indian sun while listening to the soothing rhythm of the waves hitting the sand. The beach and its sheer blue waters and glimmering sand are splendid in its natural beauty. It is an ideal escape to get an excellent view of the sunset with a color palette in the sky which remains far beyond the real evening.


Uttan Beach Camping

This dandy secluded beach is easily accessible from the western suburbs of Mumbai, Uttan beach has a Goan-Konkani-Portuguese vibe to it. The area cultivated for its beach, fresh fish stock, and a lighthouse.

This rural Koli community has multiple varieties of fresh fish like prawns, bombil, Bangara, Pomfret, and Chala. It is the glittery coastline, the pure beach, the pleasant climate, and the delectable seafood that attracts day-trippers. Surrounded by thickly forested hills, it is every nature lover's delight and is also a reputed spot for happy campers. One can also visit the nearby Buddhist Pagoda temple.


Nagaon beach camping

Let the good times begin and tan lines roll. We also go and wander through the town's old world. Swim in the sea, warm yourself by the campfire and let the twinkling stars accompany you. The rocky texture of the beach offers for a picturesque backdrop for landscape photography with the overlooking this beach; it is an ecstatic view.