Camping Pune | Best Camping Destinations

Camping Pune | Best Camping Destinations

Camping Pune Top Five Destinations

Camping Pune, If you feel that you’re stressed out and need to flee from all your stresses, worries, and sweat to rejuvenate, then you’re just one spot away from these cool chilled out camping destinations. Spin your wheels and march your legs to these spell-binding Pune camping sites amidst the jungle, under the canopy of nature.

We promise an experience of nature’s perfect symphony and the eye-catching comely kissing of the mountains at these unexplored camping places near Pune. An eye-candy, as well as original locations, to savor barbeque with your people, these camping sites are a must-visit for the ones looking for a getaway from the fast-paced city life. Why are you waiting let us begin?

Vasota Fort Trek and Camping

Vasota Fort along with the thick woods of Koyna Jungle passing through Shiv Sagar Lake encircling the wild views of the surrounding landscapes is an enlightening campsite for nature admirers. Since the fort situated near Konya Wild Life Sanctuary surrounded by dense woods and a river which makes the vicinity an ideal one for campers to dwell into its exquisiteness. You will be camping in a forest that offers a breathtaking view of the Konya Backwaters.

A tranquil scene for campers where you can assemble by a campfire surrounded by the mountain range of Kaas-Mahabaleshwar, a landscape of sparkling clear lake is making it perfect for splurging good time in the cold evening weather. With the cluster of energy-filled travel buddies, the evening is the beginning of another fun-filled experience.

Vasota Forest Sanctuary Jungle recognized for its flora and fauna that captivates everyone; you can find wild animals like Indian Gaur, wild dogs, sloth bears, leopards, and even tigers. Vasota jungle remains green throughout the year which makes it an ideal camping spot during winters as well as summers.

Devkund Waterfall Trek and Camping

A utopian paradise is what defines our Devkund waterfall campsite. It is a plunge waterfall pouring an enormous quantity of water on the rock-strewn facade beneath. Devkund is a quaint secluded site nestled deep inside the forests of Kolad surrounding the Bhira dam. This waterfall is among the few Perennial waterfalls in Maharashtra and flows throughout the year.

The place has its charm with the water dropping from a height of over 80 feet straight into a pond of approx thirty-meter Diameter. A significant part of the campsite is under semi-dried forests and unexplored trails with the river running parallel and sometimes crisscrossing through the route.

We will set up the campfire around the pond that is made by the waterfall. One can start the Andharban trek and then end with Devkund waterfall. You will witness the scenic landscapes of Tamhini Ghat, Fort of Sudhagad Fort Trek, Sarasgad Fort Trek, and Andharban Trek Trail from here. Kolad River Rafting is available near Rawalje Dam near Devkund Waterfall Camping.

Bhor Camping

A quiet campsite near Pune, Bhor is the perfect combination of nature and leisure. You will spend the day in the open and engage in some team building activities or cuddle up in a hammock with magnificent views. Take part in an array of activities like trekking, zip-lining, and group games including cricket, volleyball, and soccer.

Camping is incomplete without an outdoor barbecue, hence enjoy delicious barbecue dishes. At sundown get ready to taste the delicious dinner followed by a musical session: experience chilly breeze, night, a warm bonfire, and twinkling stars. Get cozy and relaxed in our camping tent, sleep with the lullaby of nature, and wake up with the mist. Bhor means dawn and this campsite is right to its meaning as you will wake up to the first sharp rays of the Sun.

Camping Pune Bhigwan dam Birding and Camping

Spend your weekend observing and capturing the avian species of Maharashtra at the Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary on this harmonious camping trip. The sanctuary consists of the dry deciduous scrub forest with interspersed grasslands. The Boondocks and marshland of Ujani Dam provide for a hotspot for migratory birds to endeavor which makes Bhigwan an ideal bird destination, providing them with food and cold temperature.

A paradise 51 migratory birds Painted Storks, Greater Flamingoes, Black-headed Ibis, Grey Herons, Little Cormorants, and Night Heron and more. You can also spot The Great Egret, Glossy Ibis, Black Winged Stilt, Black-tailed Godwit, Sea-Gulls, Spoon Bill Stork’s, Painted Stork’s, Open Bill Storks, Pin Tail Ducks, Spot-Billed Ducks, and Marsh Harrier. Bhigwan allows you to feel free like a bird in the lap of nature. The arid grasslands, woodland swamps, wetlands, and widespread backwaters of Bhigwan are also home to a variety of amphibian species, fishes, and reptiles.

Harishchandragad Camping and Trek

Harishchandragad is one of the most divine mountains of Maharashtra. This quaint steep region is known for its scenic beauty and alluring charm. We will be camping amidst the spectacular architecture and the lush meadows with the soothing atmosphere of the Konkan Kada. It is a semi-circular rock wall and resembles a Cobra's hood, occasionally sporting a rainbow.

It is one of the most rugged cliffs in Sahyadris. In front of the Konkan side, the overhang looks downhill leading the Konkan with an incredible view of the surrounding region. Not only vertical, but it has an overhang. Rappelling sessions conducted here during winter. This campsite situated at a high altitude where you will be wandering in the Empire of Clouds. Camping here is one hell of a lifetime experience that should be on your bucket list.

Lohagad Fort Camping near Wadi

Lets campout near Iron Fortress of Maharashtra that will take us back in time to a period of Satavahana, back to 30 BC. Lohagad oversees Pawna Lake. Lohagad Fort extends to a fortified spur, called Vinchukata Scorpion tail because of its resembling shape. The four massive gates of Lohagad are still in good condition.

The Lohagad Fort is a protected monument under the Archaeology Survey of India. Undoubtedly among the foremost renowned places to go to in Maharashtra, the Lohagad fort is history preserved at its most beautiful. This campsite at the bottom of the trek to the fort is one of the most beautiful places to stay within the region.

You can enjoy the scenes of the beautiful green valley that the fort and the camp located in, with the valley being the most serene part of the whole village. A variety of relics can at Lohagad Fort like Dargah; Caves called Laxmi Kothi, Temple of Shiv, Camping at Lohagadwadi will give you the best unwinding experience with friends

Shirota Lake Camping - Camping Pune

Brace yourself for unique camping Pune experience at Shirota Lake Camp huddled at the mounts of Rajmachi Fort, near Lonavala-Khandala. Due to the dense forest, the area near and around Rajmachi Fort is the best place for camping and seeing wildlife. Shirota Lake Camping spot is unexplored known only by few.

While camping we would engage in activities such as watching stars constellation, skipping stones, building a bonfire, and DIY barbecue. Evening turns to the night, which calls for music sessions and performances to keep everyone amused till the dawn breaks. This campsite is located at an elevation from Lonavala, giving you views of the hills around, the valley, the lake nearby, and wide-open skies.