Fireflies Festival Maharashtra

Fireflies Festival Maharashtra

Why you should join Fireflies Festival

The aisle is set, and the magical beings have begun to gradually come down on earth to put up a show for you! Yes, you heard it right. The mating spell of fireflies is here, and we can't contain our excitement as we will be camping and hiking through these dense forests of Maharashtra which will be lit up by these iridescent creatures and it's going to be nothing less than heaven on earth. Fireflies are spongy-bodied beetles that are also called lightning bugs for their eye-catching exploitation of bioluminescence during dusk to attract mates. The reason Maharashtra is a major hotspot for fireflies is because of the tropical climate that hits before monsoon which provides these creatures to regularly orchestrate their sparkles in millions. Hence, we invite you to witness this divine phase synchronization of the fireflies as never seen before.

Purushwadi Fireflies Camping

Stroll through the multitude of shades dispersed by the sparkling fireflies at Purushwadi where you get to experience the beautiful and vibrant colours of nature amidst glowing fireflies. During the pre-monsoon period, millions of fireflies come out in the open and create a fascinating manifestation for the spectators. Over 2000 species of fireflies can be witnessed inside the woods of Purushwadi. Purushwadi is a peaceful tribal village rapidly gaining popularity as an eco-tourism village. It is home to many indigenous tribes including Paradhis, Kokanas, Warlis, Kathodis, and Katkaris. Purushwadi is cocooned in the forests of the Western Ghats, between river Kurkundi and river Mula. It is an ideal weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai, offering a serene and quiet retreat for camping in the woods, homestay in the village.

Rajmachi Fort Fireflies Camping

Be a part of the pre-monsoon trek to Rajmachi as we set out to walk along with the fireflies and explore ancient forts. Rajmachi has its charm throughout the year, but the forest is known to be glowing with fireflies during the pre-monsoon period. Just walk along the thick forest and calmly observe these fireflies twinkling all around.

The trek will commence by traveling to Rajmachi Village by night, and after nightfall, venture out into the greens to witness the marvel of the fireflies. The absolute ruggedness of the fort and a captivating trek will pacify your adventure impulses while the surreal forest is decorated with the sparkling fireflies.

Kothaligad Fireflies Trek

The night trek to Kothaligad is a dreamlike experience of stars in the sky as well as on the trees in the form of fireflies. These tiny glowing creatures are found in abundance on the trail to Kothaligad fort. At one moment you can see a swarm of fireflies, and in the blink of an eye, they are gone. You will be astonished to see how each male firefly radiates a distinct light of its own to woo the lady firefly.

You won't need torches to view the route because the light emission of the fireflies is enough to guide you. The deep forest of Kothaligad is the ideal place for these dazzling creatures to perform this ritual and in this exact moment, we can experience synchronous buzzing of hundreds of fireflies which is indeed one of the most fascinating phenomena of nature.

Prabalmachi Fireflies Camping

Behold the glimmering thrill of millions of fireflies through your naked eyes, and capture this gripping phenomenon with your lens. This trek will not only give you the ecstasy of hiking up a mountain, but it will also let you take capture images allowing you to re-live the magical experience all over again. The overnight trek takes place at Prabalmachi, a vast meadow, perched on Kalavantin Durg where you will be able to watch and capture gazillion fireflies.

It offers a breathtaking picturesque backdrop of both Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg, with a scenic valley view of the outskirts of Panvel. Chasing fireflies, with hills giving a fantastic context, is something that you can cherish forever. Prabalmachi is hallowed with cliffs, rock-strewn terrain, and meadows. Camping at Prabalmachi is an exciting and fun-filled experience overflowing with unique stories, unexploited nature, under a blanket of the star-studded sky and in the midst of a forest full of fireflies.

Siddhagad Fireflies Trek

This is another enthralling site to view fireflies. As the monsoon is ushering in, it's time for hills and forests to be enveloped with illuminating fireflies. What is a brief period of the fireflies' season, make the most of it as Siddhagad will let you enjoy and experience these natural marvels up close and personal. We can assure you that it will be one of the precious, unforgettable experiences of your life as gazing the fireflies call to their partners in this fashion is one of the most natural unadulterated things in nature. Their exceptional pursuit of affection is bound to leave you enchanted.

Kondane Caves Fireflies trek

This weekend you can witness an incredible display of nature at its best. The Kondane cave is a spot on an amalgamation of history and character. Marvel at the beauty of these Buddhist caves while gazing at the outstanding architecture. It is an easy trek which is open throughout the year but the best time to visit the pre-monsoon period when the forest it sparkling with fireflies.

Flee away from the chaotic city life and set yourself free to the mountains by splurging in some fun time with the glowing fireflies. Trotter along the blubbery jungle and silently view these bioluminescent bodies twinkling all around. Yes, it's a moment of amazement and fascination by these small wonders of nature. Discover the relics of the Buddhist Era at Kondane Caves while playing peek-a-boo with the fireflies.

Bhandardara Fireflies Camping

The fireflies envelop the entire Bhandardara campsite and put up a magical show for the campers. Yes, sweet dreams are made up of this. Treat your eyes to this grand event. The shining blue-green water of Bhandardara and the surrounding lush green mountains embellished by the fireflies are a sight to behold. Imagine camping amidst the shimmering fireflies near the enchanting Bhandardara Lake.

Give yourself a break from the monotonous city life and spend a relaxing weekend among the fireflies at Bhandardara. The pre-monsoon period is the mating season of the fireflies, and you may witness millions of fireflies, radiating in the gloomy atmosphere. Performing it a sight to behold, as if the twinklers have fallen on the planet. Absorb up the attraction and bounty of nature and its various experiences at Bhandardara camping.

Ghatghar Fireflies Camping

An abode that draws those in search of some kind, old-world charm, for it has swarms of fireflies coming in. Yes, you read that right; this small settlement in Sahyadris Maharashtra is the bits and pieces that all fantasies are made of. Hidden Gem in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges fireflies come here in huge numbers before the monsoon begins during mating season.

Ghatghar dam area has water throughout the year. May and June's months are ideal for spotting firefly in this region. Once monsoon begins, Ghatghar receives heavy rainfall and is continuously under the fog. Firefly completes their life cycle of mating and laying eggs before rains come and die.

Since Ghatghar is one of the darkest spots of Maharashtra, it perceives one of the heavenly synchronizations of the fireflies. Ghatghar is also famous among Sahyadri trekkers Alang Madan Kulang Trek starts from here.

Ratangad Wadi Fireflies Homestay and Camping

Located amidst the dense jungles of Western Ghats, Ratangad Fort is one of the most unique architectures to witness in the region where you can expect a stunning show of fireflies like never seen before. There are several species of fireflies that put on their mating lights in May till June! Indulge in a weekend exploring the vast cliffs unfolding in front of your eyes, one behind the other as you walk on the edge of the Ratangad fort embroidered with fireflies. Get ready to wander around the jungle trails, and see fireflies come alive with warm lights, as the night gets darker.

Kalsubai Peak Trek and Fireflies Spotting

Fireflies are found in most of the forests of Maharashtra, but there is one such place which you might have least expected them. As you climb the mountain, you will be guided by swarms of fireflies till the top, and then when you look downhill, it will be a sight that you hadn't even imagined in your dreams. The fireflies here are exceptionally breathtaking, and Kalsubai offers a spectacular 360-degree view of the Sahyadri Mountains ranges.