Every year before the monsoon starts we welcome Fireflies Festival Mumbai. Fireflies are bioluminescent beetles bugs some them fly, and some of them crawl. Fireflies use bioluminescent glow to attract female fireflies for mating. 

Fireflies Festival Mumbai we have got you covered with the best destination where you can spot them in thousands. We will have to travel into the countryside away from light pollution. Around Mumbai, there are many destinations to spot Fireflies Rajmachi Village, Siddhagad Wadi, Prabalmachi village, Bhandardara, Ghatghar, Kothaligad, Kondane Caves and Purushwadi many more. 

Fireflies use different blinking patterns to impress the opposite gender; they have many unique designs up to 2000. Lady fireflies, when dazzled with a light pattern, reply with lighting pattern display to complete the match. 

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Firefly Festival Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Firefly Festival Mumbai begins?

Normally we see fireflies premonsoon in the Sahyadri once the rains begin fireflies die after mating.  Firefly avoids light pollution there is a lot of pressure on their habitat from development in the forest area. 


Where is the Firefly Festival Maharashtra held?

Firefly can be spotted in dark spots around Maharashtra like Lonavala, Naneghat, Purushwadi, Siddhagad Fort, Kothaligad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Bhandardara Dam, Harishchandragad Kalsubai Forest Area, Ghatghar Dam, Samrad Village.  


Which months is the Firefly Festival Maharashtra Held?

Fireflies festival is held from May 3rd week till June 3rd weekend in and around Maharashtra. 


Fireflies Festival how much does it cost to attend?

We have plans ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 3500, You can choose a night trek, a road tour, a camping trip, night trail depends on your preference we have different options for different age groups and different types of participants you can email us your requirement highfive@treksandtrails.org 


Do you organize Purushwadi Fireflies Festival? 

Yes, we organize Purushwadi Fireflies Festival it is located 200 km from Mumbai. It is ideal for people who don't want to trek, you can drive till Purushwadi or join our group tour we organize shared group travel for Purushwadi Firefly Festival. 


Which place has the highest density of fireflies in Maharashtra?

Purushwadi Fireflies, Rajmachi Fort Trek, Siddhagad Trek have the highest density of Fireflies Maharashtra as they are located in darker spots ideal for Fireflies. 


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