Believe it or not, the idea of camping in natural surroundings is one of the best ways to revive your soul. Apart from just providing a remarkable experience, camping in and around Pune also assists you in growing as a person, and it also improves your creativity.

Why Should You Go Camping Near Pune?

Many people think that camping can be done only in the Himalayas or nearby places, but that is not true. You can also come across some locations near Pune where you can go camping. A lot of folks from corner to corner of the country come here for camping as this beautiful city and its nearby areas provide several unspoiled destinations for adventure. Camping near Pune gives a perfect chance to get a good and cherished experience.

If you are looking for camping tours in Pune, then Treks and Trails India has the best camping packages. We offer some of the most unique adventure trips.

Best Camping Near Pune to Refresh Your Soul

Discover the best trekking tours in and around Pune. Book online with Treks and Trails India for this camping in Pune with the best price guarantee. Get your legs moving, your heart pumping, and your eyes bugging at these amazing camps around Pune and the Mumbai region. Treks and Trails India is one of the top camping organisers in Pune.


Best Camping Places near Pune To Bring You Close to Nature!

Camping near Pune check out this list of camping places near Pune to unwind yourself & explore the untouched campsites! Enjoy Pune camping with friends and family. Get close to nature with awesome camping events near Pune. Trekking, eco & nature, lakeside, adventure, and more. Weekend getaways near you. If you need a short break from your monotonous routine and want to get a taste of nature and adventure, why not try camping? Spectacular Spots For Night Camping near Pune. Go camping near Pune to kick back, unwind, and have a good time. You can head to places like Karjat, Bhor, Pawna, Kamshet for a perfect retreat.


Upcoming Camping Pune Events, Ticket Price, Dates & Venue

Upcoming events - Igatpuri Secret Camping and Water Sports, Lonavala Camping, Lonavala Hill Top, Pawna Lake camping, Vasota fort trek with camping and Talegaon camping. Whether you are camping solo, as a couple or in a group, we offer you the best experience and service. Team building games and activities for corporate groups arranged. From kayaking to fishing, these camps pack in some terrific weekend experiences, and all are an easy drive away from Pune.


 Panshet Lakeside Camping 

panshet lakeside camping

This camping is situated at Panshet dam's backwater. It's just 40kms from Pune. It gives you a beautiful view of the backwater and valley. Camping in nature is a rejuvenating experience! Panshet camping location you will get a lake facing tents. The campsite is situated close to Pune, only two hours from Pune. Ideal for a one-day trip from Pune or a two-day trip from Pune with friends or family. Enjoy the beauty of nature in Panshet Camp. Have fun with your friends and family playing games at our campsite. Please chat with us for quick details of Panshet Camp for a fantastic experience near Pune!

Karjat Glamping

karjat glamping

Nestled close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this camping ground at Karjat is guaranteed to be a lovely abode during your stay. With a sprawling property, you'll be able to relax riverside, hang out with your friends or enjoy some well-deserved alone time.

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Maharashtra is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai & Pune. We provide the best service near Pawna lake with tents right next to the lake. Camping in nature is the best way to celebrate the weekend with friends, family, corporate groups, and college groups. Hurry up and book seats for having one of the most unique experiences you could have. Treks and Trails Pawna lake camping reviews are the best among all campsites with friendly staff, Delicious food and barbeque, live music, clean tents, couple friendly, clean toilets. Pawna lake camping booking group discounts available, corporate camping arrangements available.

Igatpuri Secret Camping and Water Sports

Igatpuri Secret Camping

Our campsite is well hidden inside a beautiful jungle. You will definitely have trouble finding it. We have kept it that way. Igatpuri Lakeside camping is a beautiful spot for landscape photography. Your tents will be lake-facing as the sun sets. You can enjoy tea and evening snacks. Our guests are always welcomed early to maximise the time spent at the Igatpuri camping site and enjoy water sports to the fullest. You can join for Night Trek shoes compulsory after you enjoy Dinner local food. Indian toilets are available on the campsite and parking. After your morning breakfast, you can click more selfies and groupies. Check-out timings are 10 am. You can also visit nearby sites; our campsite manager will share the locations.

Bhandardara Lakeside Camping

Bhandardara Lakeside Camping

The campsite will be at Bhandardara which is in the interiors of Maharashtra and one of the darkest spots in our state with the least amount of light pollution you will witness the darkest night sky possible. One may see the Milky Way with their naked eyes and spot numerous stars and galaxies that are never visible from the city. For all astrophotography lovers, we'll be taking some killer star trails and Milky Way pictures. It's gonna be a treat for your lenses. Or if you get tired, you may chill in one of the open tents and immerse yourself under the sky filled with gazillion stars.

Kamshet Camping

Kamshet Camping

Kamshet is an upcoming hill station near Lonavala. Kamshet is famous for Paragliding schools near Pune and tandem paragliding adventure sports. The camping spot is built in a village theme. Our campsite is just 14 km away from the popular paragliding spot Kamshet. Road conditions are good to reach the campground. Apart from that, Dhak bahiri spot is just 2 km and Uksan lake is 1 km away from the campsite. We provide the best quality food (made on mud chulha)

Rajmachi Camping

 Rajmachi Camping

Rajmachi Fort has two forts Shirvardhan and Manaranjan which were built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj during the 17th century. It is a famous spot for trekking. It is a 16 km trekking distance from Lonavala Station. Rajmachi Fort is a strategic fort overlooking Borghat which was an old trade route. Rajmachi peak has two stable structures the Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan Fort. Places to visit in Lonavala during monsoon the fort is covered with fog and mist. Lonavala sightseeing you can spot Rajmachi Killa from Khandala there is a dedicated viewing point. 

Alibaug Camping

Alibaug Camping

Famous among beach lovers, Alibaug is a gorgeous beach town with a restful and peaceful break from the hustle-bustle of city life. Whether it is about sparkling beaches, a fun journey on curved roads, amazingly delectable seafood preparations, attractive sunsets, and green cover, all this makes it the just right long-weekend escape from Mumbai.

When it comes to the most favourable time for planning a trip to Alibaug beach, it is, of course, from November to May. You can also come here anytime in August, September, and October, as during these months, you can best enjoy the green splendour of this place. 

What is more, the climate from November to February is cold and dry; it is that time of the year when you have the ideal atmosphere. Also, the temperature increases from March and remains the same until the rainy season turns up in June. Additionally, you can hire a private car or take public transport from Pune or Mumbai to reach this place. Roha and Panvel are the nearby railways.