Best walks, hikes, and treks in Panvel. We assess the best routes and walking and trekking holidays. And see other outstanding tours and activities in Panvel.

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Trekking in Panvel | Amazing Treks near Mumbai

Best walks, hikes, and treks in Panvel. We assess the best routes and walking and trekking holidays. And see other outstanding tours and activities in Panvel.


Waterfall Devkund trek time   

devkund trek time

Have you ever been on a waterfall trek? If not, you're missing out! India is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and the best way to experience them is by trekking to them.

One of the best waterfall treks in India is located inside Plus Valley, Tamhini Ghat. The fall hike is relatively easy and can be done in a day. But what makes this trek unique is the colossal plunge waterfall at the end. The Devkund Waterfall is truly a sight to behold, and it's even more impressive when you realize it's located inside a valley.

The campsite at Plus Valley is also beautiful, with amazing views of the surrounding landscape. And the food is incredible! You'll want to try the local speciality, paneer masala.

Treks from Panvel

Panvel, which is popularly known as the Gateway to Raigad or the Konkan region is one of the most densely inhabited and advanced urban areas in the Raigad district. Situated at a distance of 40 kilometers from Mumbai, the metropolitan has been on the chart for over 300 years, flourishing over the long run. Along with all the advancement, the organic vividness of Panvel is still intact. So, you get a wide range of amenities in this place plus you can relish the beautiful creation of mother nature.

Panvel is set up on the banks of Gadhi river as well as enclosed by Matheran mountain ranges from two sides, rendering it a perfect hub for passionate hikers and swashbucklers beckoning from the cities of Mumbai and Pune. In the coming years, Panvel has emerged as a phenomenal tourist destination, all credit to its soothing balmy weather. 

Panvel is a hotspot for travellers as it is dotted with numerous forts, trekking trails, old-world structures, regal waterfalls and greenery. A place that you shouldn’t miss out on is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Karnala Fort located only 10 kilometers from the city. It is a secured zone and allows one to encounter the forests in a harmless environment. Karnala is the best one day treks to go with your friends, family and kids. Birds like Magpie Robin, the Malabar whistling thrush and Paradise flycatcher frequently migrate here making it the finest spot for bird watching and photography.

The funnel shaped Karnala Fort, which oversees the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Panvel is the greatest spot to reveal your kids to the delights of trekking. Another easy trek option here for people who are new to the grand universe of mountains is the Dodhani Village to Matheran Sunset Point Trek, which is a beginner and family friendly trek.

If you are up for some thrill seeking and adrenaline pumping, then Prabalgad fort camping and Kalavantin Durg trek should be on top of your list. Camping and Trekking here is an offbeat experience. It is recommended to embark on this trek with an experienced guide and will all the necessary precautions as it is quite dangerous and is for experienced trekkers only.

Some of the less popular and unconventional trekking trails in Panvel also include the trek to Manikgad fort and Chanderi fort. 

Everybody needs a much deserved break from the frenzied schedules. A weekend getaway is a perfect opportunity to unwind and revive your energy. Panvel takes into account each sort of traveller, from the individuals who want to relax to the individuals who fancy some adventure activities. It is one of only a handful few urban areas that is honoured with a few wonderful fortifications and hilly regions along its edges.

Apart from the grand excellence that some of the sites in the hilly terrain of Panvel offer, the city has also some unexplored elements like Ballaleshwar and Varadavinayak Pali Temple as well as the 165 year old Beth El Synagogue. Panvel is a place that has outdoor recreation for all, from kids to grown-ups. Treks and Trails have curated adventures to all these incredible spots in Panvel.

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