Weekends in Mumbai are quite happening. Mumbaikars are known to slog for the entire week and chill like a villain on the weekends. There is a new pop up in this city every other day. The never ending list includes bars, malls, parks, flea markets, cafes, beaches, film festivals, etc. There is an entire roster of activities in Mumbai that you can involve yourself in. Even if you don’t want to spend a single penny, you can just step out of your house and start walking in any direction. The streets of Bombay will never disappoint you. 

Among the myriad things to choose from, you will truly be spoilt for choice. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend their weekend partying, then you can stroll through the exotic bazaars of Bombay where you can find things never seen before at throwaway prices. Indulge in a Sunday family brunch at a Parsi or South Indian Café and head out hunting for historic landmarks as well as divine shrines of Bombay. One can even rent out cycles and ride away to places. Evenings should be dawdled away at the beaches while snacking on the famous Mumbai delicacies. This city has endless experiences to offer for one who seeks it.

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