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Best Camping Places near Karjat To Bring You Close to Nature

Exploring the great outdoors: A guide to camping in Karjat

Escape from the city and go camping near Karjat for a relaxing weekend getaway. Enjoy the beauty of nature with hills, greenery, rivers, lakes, and beaches. From kayaking to fishing, these camps offer a variety of activities for a fun weekend. Find the best camping recommendations in Karjat, curated by the experts at Treks and Trails India. Access the latest customer reviews and contact information for more information.


Pawana camping for couples   

Pawana Camping for couples

A weekend road trip, travelling with your loved ones, is an experience you'll cherish forever. But the problem is that it's only sometimes feasible to plan a holiday. Pawana camping is one of the few sites offering holiday packages with all the essential ingredients for a great time!

Pawana lake camping is perfect for couples. Pawana Camping offers affordable packages for couples to enjoy time together surrounded by nature and privacy. We have activities for all age groups, and safety has been taken care of with our well-lit campsite. All this and more are just a few hours from Mumbai and Pune!


Activities to do while camping in the Outdoors. 

There are many activities you can do while camping, here are a few ideas:

  1. Hiking: Camping is often located in beautiful natural areas, which makes it a great opportunity to go for a hike and explore the surrounding area.

  2. Fishing: Many campsites are located near a lake or stream, which makes it a great opportunity to go fishing. If you don't have your own equipment, you can usually rent it at the campsite or a nearby store.

  3. Swimming: If the campsite has a swimming area, it can be a lot of fun to go for a swim on a hot day. Just be sure to follow any posted rules and regulations.

  4. Campfire cooking: One of the joys of camping is cooking over a campfire. You can make a variety of simple meals and snacks, such as hot dogs, s'mores, and foil-wrapped potatoes.

  5. Stargazing: Camping is a great opportunity to stargaze and see the beauty of the night sky.

  6. Birdwatching: If you're interested in birds, bring your binoculars and see how many different species you can spot while camping.

  7. Playing games: Bring along some board games or outdoor games like frisbee or bocce ball to have some fun with your friends and family.

  8. Relaxing: Don't forget to take some time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. This can be as simple as sitting by the campfire or reading a book in a hammock.


Why should go trekking in Karjat? 

There are several reasons why you should go trekking in Karjat:

  1. Natural beauty: Karjat is home to a wide range of natural beauty, including hills, forests, rivers, and lakes, making it a great destination for trekking.

  2. Adventure: Trekking in Karjat offers an exciting adventure and the opportunity to challenge yourself and explore new trails.

  3. Fitness: Trekking is a great way to get some exercise and improve your physical fitness.

  4. Stress relief: Trekking can be a great way to relieve stress and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  5. Connect with nature: Trekking allows you to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

  6. Cultural experiences: Trekking in Karjat may also offer the opportunity to learn about local culture and history.

Overall, trekking in Karjat is a great way to experience nature, get some exercise, and have an adventure.