Mumbai, known as the "City of Dreams," not only offers a vibrant urban experience but also boasts a diverse range of breathtaking natural landscapes just a stone's throw away. From lush green hills to ancient forts, serene waterfalls to picturesque valleys, there is something for everyone.

Join the best self-operated heritage walks, hikes, camping, and Mumbai treks in India. We assess the best routes and walking and trekking holidays. And see other outstanding tours and activities in Mumbai. Below is our list of the best trekking spots near Mumbai.

Immerse yourself in Mumbai's spectacular natural environment on a nature-based escape. Mumbai tours are fully hosted and accommodated, and most meals are catered. Be Safe and Prepared for Your Next adventure. Treks and Trails India provides you with current information on Mumbai hiking trails, gear, navigation, safety advice, and great general information on hiking. Here are some exciting Mumbai treks to check out this rainy season.


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Trekking near Mumbai - Popular Treks near Mumbai for You

Treks and Trails India is one of the best trekking groups in Mumbai. We offer a wide selection of adventure tours in Mumbai. Plan your adventure trip today. Are you planning your next adventure? We've put together a list of the best trekking spots in and around Mumbai. Here is a list of the most fantastic trekking trails near Mumbai for all those nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. List of upcoming trekking, campingnature trailsriver raftingwaterfall rappelling, and group events near Mumbai organized by Treks and Trails India.

There are many treks near Mumbai and trekking places in Mumbai, and we all know that the monsoon is the best season for trekking in Maharashtra. Get your legs moving, your heart pumping, and your eyes bugging at these amazing Treks around Mumbai region. Treks and Trails India is one of the Top Trekking Organisers in Mumbai. We are one of the best trekking groups, Mumbai. It specializes in adventure tourism by organizing various activities like white water river raftingwater rappelling, and mountain climbing in India.

Monsoon Treks Near and Around Mumbai  One of the best trekking group invites you for one-day overnight monsoon treks around Mumbai. Check out monsoon trekking destinations, dates, costs, and other details.

Winter treks in Mumbai | Find the top winter treks in Mumbai

Best adventure & trekking places near Mumbai, Bombay, Maharashtra - trek guide, trip duration, difficulty, distance, best season, route map, weather & camping.​ Go out on trekking expeditions to the historic forts of Prabalgad, Irshalgad, and Karnala.


1. Devkund Waterfalls Trek near Mumbai

The Devkund Waterfalls attracts many visitors from all over the world each year as it is one of the very few untouched waterfalls in India. It's a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself after seeing some sights on your tour, so make sure to take plenty of pictures! 

Please click on below image to watch Devkund Waterfall Trek Drone youtube video.

Devkund Waterfall Drone Video

When you eventually reach Devkund Waterfalls, it's an unconventional atmosphere altogether. The exotic green-blue pools of Devkund Waterfalls and the comforting coolness in the atmosphere will take away your exhaustion almost instantaneously. So don't skip to take a plunge into clear water! Don't forget to click lots of images and videos because these photos are just too good not to click loads of them will be a crime when you are here at this mind-blowing place! The best waterfalls trekking spot near Mumbai. 

2. Kothaligad Fort Trek - Peth Fort Trek

The Kothaligad Fort is a great trek in the Karjat area for its small height and easy climbing. Kothaligad Fort is also known as the Tower of Peth because it remains close to the Peth village at its base. Unlike other hill-forts, this steeple or funnel has been designed from inside out into a winding staircase that will take you all way up top! You'll find yourself with an awe-inspiring landscape coupled with engineering achievement like no others if you visit.

Kothaligad Trek

Kothaligad is one of the numerous famous treks in Karjat because it's not too high and you can hike up quickly. It likewise has quite an incredible panorama from the top, and we recommend checking out if you're nearby! Kothaligad Fort is a beautiful fort that has been preserved in excellent condition. It presents picturesque glimpses of the encircling region. Excellent one day trekking spot near Mumbai. 

The fort has two remarkable features. One is the temple at its base, and another one, a cavern leading to its top. Another feature of Peth Fort is a chimney that looks like an entrance from beneath but travels all around inside, making this quite amusing! Then there's also a water tank close by, which makes up for some picturesque views as well! The trekking route here takes you through seven kilometres till Ambivali village, where the zig-zag tracks flanked with trees make it excellent for Indian hikers looking for something different from just about any other trails or forest in India.

3. Karnala Fort Trek

Karnala Fort Trek

The Karnala Fort is a hill fort in Raigad district, Maharashtra, India. The mountaintop overlooks the Bor pass, which connects to the Konkan coast and Deccan Plateau. It was strategically important for its location on the main trade route between these areas! For an additional fee, visitors can explore more of this historically rich site with knowledgeable guides about what went down at Funnel Hill before it became a bird sanctuary. Please click on below image to watch Karnala Fort Trek youtube video.

Karnala Fort Trek Video

The area around Karnala Fort has become one of India's few protected bird sanctuaries today! The most popular Mumbai treks for beginners and families. It has a small zoo and many trails for birding enthusiast. 

4. Kalavantin Durg

The Kalavantin Durg is established in the Western Sahyadri near Mumbai at 701 metres or 2,310 feet above sea level. According to legend, it was built as a fortress for Queen Kalavantin by her husband. It offers impressive views from precarious terrain with no assistance whatsoever and dangerous outcomes if not carefully traversed. The trek up there can be rather treacherous, yet it's worth every step! It has labelled the most dangerous Mumbai treks by many magazine and online blogs. 

Please click on below image to watch Kalavantin Durg Trek youtube video.

Kalavantin Durg Trek Drone Video

Kalavantin offers superb views and teeming beauty via rugged terrain that includes tight rock-cut steps, sheer inclines and no aid whatsoever; scaling to this fort is both difficult yet thrilling. Favourite treks among bollywood celebrities villagers possess pictures with Salman Khan and many bollywood heroes who frequent the mountain for the amazing trek and fresh air near Mumbai treks. A lovely Indian hike awaits one at the end for those who are brave enough! The magnificent fortress has been named "Climb To Heaven" because it's so steep up from ground levels but offers an unmatched view; don't get too bewildered by its unbelievable landscape, or you might find yourself nosedive.

5. Garbett Point Trek 

The Garbett Point Trek is a panoramic location near Bhivpuri Karjat with commanding views of the plateau and Matheran hills. It is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Matheran. So get away yourself from all your stress and enjoy this beautiful view! The dense Matheran forest on one side and the grand valley at your feet, Garbett Point Trek, has it all! The view from Garbut Point is just enchanting. It's about a five to six kilometres walk to get here, but worth a trek if you like deserted views of nature that are so serene, they make time stand still for an hour or two.

Garbett Point Trek

Whether you are a professional adventurer or just an amateur, trekking the Garbett to Matheran route in Maharashtra is sure to be one of your more memorable life experiences. First, you start at Diksal village near Bhivpuri Road Railway Station. After walking for five minutes, you're face-to-face with this huge artificial lake; it's surprisingly lush green on all sides thanks to Diksal waterfalls that never seem to stop flowing! The terrain can get difficult at points but don't let yourself lose sight of what awaits: fresh mountain air as well as breathtaking views where the clouds always look like they've been dipped into cotton candy!

After crisscrossing the river, trekkers need to climb a sheer hillock till they reach the nearby village. After a short and difficult ascent from the village, you will see the Garbett plateau, which offers a panoramic view of both sides of the valley. From this point on, if one manages their way up with careful steps, then it's not too far before reaching Matheran! The entire trail takes about seven to eight hours, so don't try anything reckless or else who knows what might happen? If it's the monsoon season when you go on this hike, then be sure to bring some rope with you to have something sturdy to cross across fast-moving streams!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your next weekend, why not try the Garbett-Matheran Trekking? Located in Mumbai and Pune, this adventure is perfect if you're an adrenaline junkie. 

6. Irshalgad Fort Trek

Irshalgad Trek

It may seem like a mild trek for the rainy and winter season, but what people don't know is that it becomes much more challenging to navigate during monsoon because of mud and strong wind. Climbing the pinnacle is difficult without a technical team and equipment. Therefore, it would be best if you did not try this climb without training or proper equipment. The peak at Nedhe can be incredibly daunting as there are rocks in all directions, which make climbing very dangerous. Make sure you start your ascent to Irshalgad with an experienced guide who knows how to maneuver safely through these technical areas before attempting anything yourself! One of the challenging destinations Irshalgad Fort trekking spot near Mumbai.

7. Peb Fort Trek

Peb Fort Trek

Peb Fort trek starts from Neral village Anandwadi where you can reach by walking from neral station. Trek takes about three hours to reach on top of the fort, which is a moderate enjoyable one in monsoon. The path involves slightly difficult rocks, with climbing involved with ladders and caves as well! There's a temple at the centre, and there you'll find lord Dutta Paduka idol; this is suitable for medium delightful hiking during monsoon time because it has somewhat complicated paths including rock patches, ladder climbing, and traverse. Expect huge crowds on weekends during the monsoon season. Best to attempt the trek on weekdays along with local guides. Many accidents have taken place, and many hiking teams have gone missing for a night by missing the trail route. 

8. Jambulmal Trek Highest Point of Mumbai 

Did you know about the highest point of Bombay that stands at 1,535 feet? Above sea level and it's called 'Jambulmal'. A dense forest envelops it in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and you can reach this place from Kanheri Caves which are 2.5 kilometres away. The trail to Jambulmal offers an amazing view of Tulsi Lake and Dahisar with Powai right next door!

jambulmal trek

As you embark on this adventure, get ready to cross streams and jump over rocky terrain. Along the way, explore a forest of serenity that will make for some priceless memories! A Wildlife researcher will accompany you here just in case there are any questions about what we see along the trail; they're more than happy to answer all your questions.

9. Asherigad Fort Trek

The Bhojraja of the Shilahara dynasty built Asherigad Fort. This fort was captured from Kolis and then ruled over by Gujrat Sultanate for 800 years before it fell to Portuguese invaders in 1556. To reach Asherigad fort from Mumbai connectivity of Public Transport is Good.

Please click on below image to watch Asherigad Trek youtube video. 

Asherigad Fort Trek

It is located very close to the Mumbai Dahanu Highway. The route is well marked. You can hire a local guide. Carry your food and water as the shop below doesnt have supplies and the food quality of lunch is very average. It takes one hour and thirty minutes to reach the peak of the fort. There are a few caves and water tanks. The trickly rock patch has a new ladder installed, making the climb in the monsoon easy. It is a monsoon trek except for hot weather during winter and summers on this trek.  

What will you get to see on this trek? You'll have the chance to cross streams, jump over rocky terrain and experience serene beauty in a forest. If that's not enough for you, there are ladders, rock patches, caves, fog-covered mountains to explore on this beautiful Fort trail. 

10 Kohoj Fort Trek

The Kohoj fort Trek is located about 104 kilometres from Mumbai off the Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway towards Wada. Upon reaching Manor, you have to take a right turn under a newly built flyover and take the Manor - Wada road. It's almost around 10 kilometres from Manor! The Kohoj fort can be seen on your left before long if you continue driving straight for just another few minutes more. From this point, there are two ways of approaching 'Pazhar'. Head down through what appears as an entrance gate to see some ruins or head up across those beautiful fields until one reaches Pazhar Lake at the bottom of Mount Khandala, which will soon show itself with its crystal-clear water that flows into three streams. 

Kohoj Fort Trek

Wow, what an incredible sight! You can see the lake from the summit, and it's beautiful. Man shaped pinnacle is one of the best natural sites on this fort. The different shapes are so cool when viewed from various directions; you should try walking around to get a better look at every side of these wind-eroded man-shaped pinnacle things that have formed over time due to exposure to high winds. It just gets more breathtaking as we near our destination up ahead: there's clear evidence for how powerful nature is in shaping landscapes like this with all its might and turbulence, which create such amazing formations they're quite inspiring too because they transcend their humble beginnings into something much greater than themselves by being sculpted out through years upon years of strong gusts.

12. Tandulwadi Fort Trek

The base village of Tandulwadi Fort is a small Warli tribal community settled near Lalthane in Saphale The height of the fort stretches to 1550 feet above sea level. Tandulwadi Fort is an 800-year-old watchtower used as reconnoitre for neighbouring tribes on their way westward, towards the sea.

Tandulwadi Fort Trek

Once you reach the Tandulwadi settlement, follow this well-marked path and keep to your left. You will continue on a cement road that leads behind the local Gram Panchyat office before branching off onto a dusty unpaved road with three or five huts; ask for directions from those living there if unsure of which way to go. Follow this dusty pathway until it splits in two; take either branch but make sure when following any branches, they eventually lead back together again at some point as not all roads are marked here! Take care while trekking through these small mountainside paths, where certain parts can be steep and slippery due to recent rainfall, so stay close over your side should one slip occur.

You'll comprehend if there is the risk of going amiss because this entire trekking route has been well marked with signs, so if anyone starts giving complicated directions, remember to keep the fort off in your left-hand side until you find your way back down again.

13. Mahuli Fort Trek

Mahuli Fort Trek is the perfect place for an adventurous weekend if you're looking to get out of Thane and explore some more. All you need to do is hop on a train from Asangaon, then start your journey upwards! Located at approximately 2,800 feet above sea level in Thane, Mahuli Fort makes a rather exciting trek by those looking for Adventure near Mumbai. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting adventure near the city than climbing up Mahuli Fort highest point in Thane. 

Mahul Fort Trek

Mahuli Fort is the highest spot in Thane and makes for a treat trek. It is a favourite place amongst rock climbers because it has combined shared pinnacles that range from moderate to easy, depending on how skilled you are. The tracks leading up to Mahuli Fort is made of stones that carve their way through the forest around it, while during monsoon season, this area grows lush with greenery. Stone carvings along the path going up to make it an exciting monsoon getaway as well! The Forest area has been declared a sanctuary famous for leopards!

Mahuli Fort trek begins at the base village; there is a forest check post during monsoon; the trek is closed due to stream crossing that can swell due to bad weather. Please do carry your lunch; there's no food service on top of Hill Fort Asangaon, so be mindful about wasting too much when it comes time for the feast! Located in Mahuli village, approximately five kilometres from Asangaon Village, reached Via Mumbai-Nasik Highway or Asangaon Train Station! You'll love sitting atop the hill with sweeping views all around as we eat while waiting for sunset. 

14. Dodhani to Matheran Sunset Point Trek 

Dodhani Village is a small town located on the foothills of Matheran, which can be seen in its background. Some other places around Dodhani make it worth visiting, too, like Chanderi Fort, Dodhani Waterfalls and Peb fort! The trek to get there from Sunset Point at Matheran will take you about two hours but trust me when I say it's completely spectacular.

Dodhani to Matheran Trek

So, where is the best place to watch a sunset at Matheran? It's at Dodhani Point! Matheran is Asia's only automobile-free hill station. Prabalgad Fort Kalavantin Durg , Peb FortIrshalgad Fort, Morbe Dam, Chanderi Fort and Karnala Fort are visible. Matheran Sunsets Point Trek shows off this fantastic land because it has grass patches and rice fields that we will cross before reaching our destination. A small temple with an opening for us to rest in a while, enjoying some snacks after gaining some height from crossing one waterfall area of forested land.

16. Aadrai Jungle Trek - Best Monsoon trek in Mumbai


When it comes to trekking, if you are a beginner at it, there are very few places in Mumbai that give you the ease of experience that Aadrai Jungle Trek gives you. This Aadrai monsoon trek takes you through the jungle, giving you the option of dipping your feet in the river, and gives you the best view of the magnanimous mountains of Sahyadri. This is a small trek and is designed for people who have never done trekking before. It is the best getaway from Mumbai with family and friends. The entire trek can be completed in one day.


Do let us know if you would like to add new trekking spot near Mumbai in the above list.