December Trekking Events in winter is something really interesting and fun. With the sunlight, you get the right kind of weather. The weather though cold, is pleasant. There are so many options to choose from. With affordable prices, you can book it all in one place. The best destinations in Maharashtra are Igatpuri, Kamshet, Lonavala, Karjat, Bhandardara, Mahabaleshwar & Satara. Trekking in these places is amazing.

Trekking in the cold and chilling winter in the lap of nature can be great fun and adventure. Trekking is a perfect form of exercise and rejuvenates the soul. Trekking in the cold weather will give you a great experience because the greenery around you will enhance your experience. 

Night Trekking in winter is becoming more popular. While trekking in the rainy season is pretty easy, trekking in winter is an altogether different experience. Trekking is like an addiction; you always want to go for another one once you do it. It offers you an opportunity to learn about different terrains, different locations, different cultures, and different people. It is very different from everyday life.

Trekking in winters

Trekking in every season has its charm. The views and experiences in each season are different and can be exciting and adventurous at the same time. In combination with the sun and the flowers and the birds and lake and all, Trekking in winter is a wonderful experience. Trekking in winter in Maharashtra has many trekking spots that are ideal for winter treks, and the best part is that the weather during the winters is pleasant all over Maharashtra.

Trekking in December in India is the most popular adventure in the world. Trekking in December is the best time to explore the outdoors. Trekking from December to March gives a great climate for the outdoors. The climate remains mild and pleasant throughout the December trekking. Trekking in this season gives joy to trekkers. The morning sun after the night trek in winter makes you feel fresh and energetic. Night treks near Mumbai in winter are an adventurous experience. Sunrise treks give immense pleasure to trekkers. 

Trekking near Mumbai in December is a recreation activity done to view nature and enjoy the beauty of nature. It's a fun activity mainly done in the Sahyadris and other hill areas of the world. Anyone can join trekking trips, and there are specific trips that can be taken to enjoy and benefit. Trekking is a healthy and great activity for many reasons, and anyone who has trekked will know the fun and joys of trekking. If you are interested in trekking and want to go on a trip to enjoy nature and other activities, you should join our December treks.


Top ten winter treks near Mumbai 

Trekking is a sport that helps people connect with nature, overcome physical limitations, and gain knowledge about the environment around them. Trekking is also an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Trekking in winter is a challenging task, but it's also an opportunity to visit places that are usually not accessible during the rest of the year.


1. Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar Fort

While trekking in Sahyadri is considered challenging during the off-season, winter treks in Maharashtra are popular with trekkers. Trekking in the Sahyadri is an amazing experience that anyone can enjoy regardless of their level of fitness. The winter months are great for trekking. The days are pleasant, with temperatures hovering around 18 degrees Celsius.


2 - Kalsubai Sunrise Trek

Kalsubai Trek

The best time for a Kalsubai Sunrise trek is in the winter months, especially January and February. It is the time when the weather is pleasant, and there is no shortage of trekkers. However, choosing the right trekking company can be a daunting task. We will take a look at some of the best treks around Maharashtra. This will help you choose the right trek for your needs.


3 - Karnala Trek

Karnala Fort Trek

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in the Panvel district. It is the perfect place for people who love nature and want to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra. However, it is not just about the natural beauty of the place that attracts tourists. Rather it is about adventurous activities, mountain peaks, dense forests, wildlife, and Vast species of birds found here.


4 - Sandhan Valley Trek

Sandhan Valley Trek

Sandhan Valley Trek is not just about walking on mountains, but it is also an experience. The beautiful landscape, the wonderful views, the hard work, the struggle, the look of your friend when you reach the basecamp, all these things make up for a trekking experience. Sandhan Valley is one of the best winter treks which you can choose to coincide with the holiday season.


5 - Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad trek is one of the most famous treks in Maharashtra, India. This trek takes you to the most beautiful destination in Maharashtra, to the Kokankada. The trek to these caves is amazing. It is a beautiful setting surrounded by nature.


6 - Kothaligad Trek

Kothaligad Trek

Kothaligad Fort is a natural architectural masterpiece nestled in the famous Bhimashankar wildlife reserve near Karjat. It's a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. It's also a refreshing variation to the current architectural style in the hill forts in India.


7 - Vasota Fort Trek

Vasota Trek

A beautiful destination near Satara, Vasota fort is located inside a tiger reserve. The fort offers a beautiful landscape. With the forts perched on the top of a hill, you get a beautiful view of the sunset and sunrise. One-hour boat ride into the forest, easy trek. The fort is a great destination for weekend getaways. 

These treks offer a great way to get out of the city and into the wilderness. After a steep climb up a forest trail, you reach a plateau-sized area. This plateau offers a great view of the surrounding forest and the lake in the center. 


8 - Aadrai Jungle Trek

Aadrai Forest Trek

What do you get when you combine a waterfall, jungle route, beautiful forest, experienced trek guides, and a lot of nature? A trekking holiday. When you experience nature in its purest form, you get a feeling that is difficult to describe. You have to experience it to believe it. That is the beauty of Aadrai Jungle trekking.


9 - Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund Waterfall Trek
Devkund Waterfall Trek is one of the most beautiful locations in India. It shares its location with the Bhira dam. It is around 4 hours away from Thane, Pune, and Mumbai. This spot is famous for its dense forest, hidden waterfalls, and most popular hikes in India. Devkund Waterfall is one of the most scenic locations in Maharashtra. This spot is not so crowded so the visitors can enjoy with their family. 


10 -  Sondai Fort Trek

Sondai Fort Trek

The Sondai fort trek is perfect for a quick day out from Mumbai. The fort is a little difficult to find and is surrounded by a thick forest; however, this makes for a picturesque trek. The climb from the base village is quite simple and medium-difficult hence you should carry a lot of water. Sondai fort trek is a great place to start your trekking and explore.