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Are you browsing for a new adventurous Aadrai Jungle trek?

The Aadrai Jungle Trek is the best way to explore one of Sahyadri's most beautiful and untouched Jungles. This tour will take you deep into the heart of this lush, green forest, where you can see waterfalls, caves, valleys, shepherd trails, famous peaks, and more. You'll be able to experience all that this incredible Aadrai Forest Trek has to offer in just one day!

Join us on our next trek and get ready for an unforgettable experience! We have treks every week, so there's no excuse not to come with us today. So what are you waiting for? Book your spot now!

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Places to See on the Aadrai Forest Trek

  1. Kalu Waterfall
  2. Nageshwar temple
  3. Ancient Caves
  4. Aadrai jungle

Cost for Aadrai Jungle Trek

  • Cost without transport: Rs. 699/- per person
  • Cost with transport: Rs. 1399/- per person

Aadrai Trek Itinerary from Mumbai - The Unexplored Jungle Trek

Day Zero - Meet our experienced trek guide

  • 09:45 pm - Meet at Borivali National Park main gate.
  • 10:00 pm - Leave for the trek.
  • 10:30 pm - Pick up at Andheri WEH.
  • 10:45 pm - Pick up at Kalanagar bus stop (on the highway), Bandra.
  • 11:00 pm - Pick up at Sion station circle.
  • 11:10 pm - Pick up at Amar Mahal, Ghatkopar.
  • 11:30 am - Pick up at Teen Hath Naka, Thane.
  • 12:15 am - Pick up at Kalyan Bypass.

Day One

  • Reach the base village by 4:00 am & rest in the bus.
  • 04:00 am - Reporting time for direct participants. (Please be on time)
  • 05:00 am - Wake up and freshen up 
  • 05:30 am - Have breakfast and tea
  • 06:30 am - Group introduction and Trek brief 
  • 07:00 am - Trek begins through the unexplored Aadrai Jungle.
  • 02:00 pm - Return to the Aadrai trek starting point. 
  • 03:00 pm - Freshen up and Lunch 
  • 04:00 pm - Return journey begins for Mumbai 
  • 09:00 pm - Approx. arrival at Mumbai.
1 Night 1 Day 25 Mar, 25 Mar, 01 Apr, and more
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Travel in private non-Ac vehicle (with transport option)
  • 1 veg breakfast and 1 veg lunch
  • Trek Leader expertise and Basic First Aid 


What is NOT included in the tour

  • Transportation till base village (without transport option)
  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / soft drinks ordered.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the cost includes above.
  • All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, bad weather.
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required.


Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • 2/3 Liters of water
  • Proper face mask or shield
  • Sanitizer
  • Trekking Shoes provide more grip and comfort on the trek
  • One Day Backpack 20 to 30 litres
  • Sun Cap and Sunscreen
  • Personal First aid and Personal Medicine
  • Some Dry fruits / Dry Snacks / Energy Bars
  • Glucon D / ORS / Tang / Gatorade sachets
  • Good Torch must with an extra battery
  • Identity Proof
  • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant this will protect from Summer Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles
  • Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet
  • Double pack your valuables/phones in plastic bags
  • Rainwear / Poncho / Waterproof jacket etc. if you don’t want to get wet

Covid Safety Guidelines

  • Before planning for any adventure activity, please improve your minimum physical fitness. Most of us have been at home for a lockdown period.
  • Please convey your real medical conditions to Treks and Trails India while enrolling for the event.
  • Kindly wear three-layered masks, N95. Carry an extra disposable mask with you. Please ensure all participants, leaders, staff, and general persons wear masks before interacting with them.
  • Carry with your hand wash, sanitizer bottle, and clean your hands before touching food and objects.
  • Cover-up wear full sleeves shirts and full pants, hiking shoes, caps, and face bandana over your mask. Covering up will help reduce exposure to the Covid19 virus.
  • Bring your food and water with necessary cutlery like utility mug, fork, and spoon. Your mug can be used for cooking, eating, and drinking water. Carry your reusable water bottles; please don’t share with others.
  • Cooperate for temperature checks, questions reading any symptoms, and oxygen level checks; these are done to help you limit the spread of the virus. All these checks will be conducted multiple times during the activities.
  • Kindly do not register for the event or travel if you have come in contact with someone who has Covid19 in the last 14 days.
  • If you have any symptoms like fever, dry cough, weakness, body aches, etc., at the time of screening. You won't be able to participate in the event. You will have to be evacuated on the medical condition and should report to the nearest healthcare center.
  • Maintain a distance of six feet or more while sleeping at night. Incase distance is not possible, try sleeping in a criss-cross manner to avoid face proximity.
  • Please bring your garbage back to the city and dispose of it in your bin.
  • Consuming any alcohol, cigarettes, pan masala, tobacco, drugs should be avoided; they induce a lot of spitting, urinating, and passive smoke, which can be harmful for the general population.
  • Avoid touching new surfaces and touching your mask and face continuously.
  • If your adventure destination is overcrowded, be prepared to change your location or wait for the crowd to reduce.
  • If any participant, or trek leader test positive after returning from the event within 14 days of the Activity. They should maintain transparency and inform Treks and Trails India. It will help all others isolate themselves and get tested. Participants and Treks and Trails will cooperate to help manage the situation.
  • Carry your own personal gear.
  • Keep the conversation with unknown people to a minimum and maintain a distance of more than 6 feet while talking.
  • Avoid speaking with the general population and maintain distance to keep yourself safe in these difficult times.
  • Participants need to install the Arogya Setu app

Cancellation Policy

  • 75% refund if notified via phone conversation 8 or more days prior to the event date.
  • 50 % refund if notified via phone conversation 4 to 7 days prior to the event date.
  • No refund if the cancellation requested is less than 3 days prior to the event date
  • No show No Refund.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another person against cancellation.
  • If Trek gets canceled, we will refund "Trek Amount" only.
  • If the event is canceled due to any natural calamity, political unrest or other such reasons beyond our control the same cancellation policy will apply.


  • Kindly carry one Identity proof, at least for the trek with your address.
  • We all are going for an adventurous and exciting trekking expedition; please Do Not misinterpret it as a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR.
  • The leader's decision will be final, and all the members should abide by it.
  • We do not destroy or dirty the archaeological, historical monuments, or natural habitats on the trek.
  • Swimming is not allowed in the lake or water tank on the forts. Locals use that water for drinking.
  • Putting your feet in water tanks or on the canon is not allowed on our treks.
  • Any addiction is strictly prohibited, e.g. drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco anyone caught doing it will have to exit the trek without a refund and travel back on own expense.
  • People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis.
  • Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewellery, etc. If carried, then we Do Not take any liability for the same.
  • Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, or any adventure activity is potentially risky. For all these events, you are at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any accident or compensation in whatsoever manner.
  • We should strictly follow the code of conduct to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or outside.
  • Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed while trekking.
  • Bluetooth speaker not allowed inside the homestay or camping tents.
  • Drinking/smoking,/eating is not allowed inside the tents.
  • If you damage the tent, break the tent poles, you will have to pay us for the whole new tent on MRP.
  • If you are late for the bus pickup and are not reachable on the phone during your bus pickup, the trek leader will leave without you, and we will provide no refund.
  • Please check things to carry and wear trekking shoes on our treks. 
Frequently Asked Questions

What a chance to witness a 1200 feet waterfall?

Aadrai Forest Trek

The Aadrai Jungle Trek is the ultimate outdoor experience and for the experienced trekker. This trek will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of nature in Maharashtra, including untouched forests and valleys. You'll be able to explore caves, streams, waterfall, and mountains, all while enjoying an incredible view from above.

Take this opportunity to escape your everyday life and enjoy a day in nature with Aadrai Jungle Trek! It's perfect for those looking for something different or trying out their hiking skills. There's no better way to spend your day than exploring the beauty that surrounds us every single day!

Please chat with us if you're ready to book your reservation today!


Why join one of the best treks in India? 

Aadrai Jungle Trek

If you're looking for treks in India experience that will transport you to nature, look no further than Aadrai Jungle Trek near Malshej Ghat. The Hidden Jungle trek offers an excellent Kalu waterfall view, and pleasant weather is ideal for beginners and experienced hikers alike. Kalu waterfall view & fresh air will make it worth your effort. Experience a new side of Outdoor hikes with our team of expert guides


Why do we recommend Aadrai Jungle Trek to explore the best Rainforest in India?

Aadrai Jungle Treks 

Adventure is waiting for you in the Aadrai Jungle Trek! Rainforest in India trekking has never been so relaxed. Easy distances, well-marked hiking trails, fantastic food, excellent waterfall view, and easy-to-access homestay all in the Aadrai Forest Trek.⁣⁣ Few things are better than enjoying days under the winter sky with the company of friends. And what better way.


Can you tell me more about Kalu Waterfall? 

The waterfall originates from Harishchandragad and flows through the Khireshwar village in Malshej Ghat. The falls are approximately 1,200 feet in height. It is a spectacular sight from a close distance. If you are looking for an option for trekking near me, Go there! Explore nature, devoid of crowds. Kalu Waterfall offers the peerless beauty of nature. If you are looking to see wildlife in its fullest, beautiful form in treks near Mumbai or treks near Pune, this is it. The best season to visit the waterfall is from Monsoon to early winter months. We will visit the waterfall on our Aadrai Forest Trek. 


Aadrai jungle trek distance from Pune?

The picturesque beauty of Aadrai Jungle Trek is one of the best trekking places in India. It is 140 kilometers away from Pune. It will take 4 hours to cover this distance by vehicle. The trek is very close to the Malshej ghat.Aadrai Forest Trek is a must-visit for any nature lover.


Aadrai jungle trek distance from Mumbai?

Aadrai Jungle Trek

Aadrai Forest Trek is a magical and remote jungle trek in the Western Ghats. When in the Western Ghats, do as the locals do. Trekking in the Western Ghats is an experience you will always cherish. Aadrai Wilderness Waterfalls trekking in India is a hidden gem in the Western Ghats. Aadrai jungle trek distance from Mumbai is 130 kilometers. It will take four hours to cover this distance.        


Aadrai jungle trek distance from Aurangabad?

Aadrai jungle forest trek is the perfect blend of great weather and consistent nature. Nature is an experience in and of itself, the guides and local food sweetens the deal. Aadrai is one of the best treks in India. A trekking experience of a lifetime, an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Aadrai jungle trek distance from Aurangabad is 250 kilometers. It will take five to six hours to cover this distance. 


What is the Aadrai jungle trek difficulty?

Aadrai Jungle Trekking

Experience a tropical jungle paradise. An authentic forest trekking experience. Perfect for a day hike in a jungle near me. Aadrai Jungle Trek difficulty will be medium and medium endurance level required. It would be best if you had good fitness as it is a long flat walk. Invest in good trekking shoes, a light backpack, and carry ample water for hydration and snacks for energy. If you are looking for one of the best treks near me, explore the Aadrai jungle paradise, surrounded by waterfalls and forests. Please chat with us for a trekking tour here!


What is the Aadrai jungle trek height?

Aadrai Jungle Treks height is 2490 feet above sea level. The base village's starting height is 2240 feet above sea level. The trek is relatively flat, with mild height gains along the Aadrai trekking route. 


Can you tell me about the Aadrai jungle trek distance?

Aadrai Jungle Trek distance

The total distance covered on the Aadrai Jungle trek is 16 kilometers. One way distance is 8 kilometers. You will need six hours to complete the Aadrai Jungle trek breaks included. Experience the beauty of the wilderness. You will gain a height of 250 feet on the Aadrai Jungle Trek. The Trek runs for one day, taking you to an isolated waterfall deep in the forest. Aadrai Jungle Trek's height is 2490 feet. Base village height is 2240 feet. It is the perfect way to experience the wilderness, to be one with nature.


Mumbai to Aadrai jungle trek?

The Aadrai hidden jungle trekking is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and forget about the chaos of city life. We have a fixed departure from Mumbai to Aadrai jungle trek every Friday and Saturday night. Aadrai has been rated as the top 10 forests in India by Treks and Trails.   

Malshej Ghat

The Aadrai Forest Trek is the best place to experience a perfect combination of forests, waterfalls, and wildlife.A trek in the jungle combined with a visit to a local village will give you a chance to interact with a different culture in a way that a day in the city never could. Plan your visit today


Can you tell me more about the Aadrai jungle trek route?

Aadrai Jungle Trek route is well hidden. The beautiful jungle is impenetrable, covered in a thick fog; loud sounds of the waterfall will accompany you throughout the beautiful jungle trek. 

Kalu Waterfall Trek

The Aadrai Jungle trek route distance is 16 km total. It will take you a maximum of six hours to cover this distance with one hour break. We were walking at an average speed of 3.3 kilometers per hour. Aadrai Jungle Trek's height is 2490 feet. Base village height is 2240 feet. The total ascent on this Trek is around 775 feet. Difficulty levels are medium for an average fit person with good hiking shoes. 

Understanding the Aadrai Jungle Trek, geography, climate, and topography is significant as the weather changes quickly. It is bringing a lot of rains, swelling waterfalls, and rivers, making visibility to just a few feet. It is effortless to get lost at the Aadrai Jungle trek. There is an excellent mobile network on this Trek, being close to Malshej Ghat.

Aadrai Jungle Trekking Group

Experience the forest like never before. Discover hidden waterfalls, hike through the woods, enjoy the wild. Aadrai jungle trek location is the Malshej Ghat. Experience forest life, Please chat with us to begin your journey at Aadrai Forest Trek. 


Aadrai jungle trek from Pune?

Aadrai Jungle Trek from Pune

Experience the magic of the jungle adventure without the hassles of extensive planning. Your Aadrai Jungle trek from Pune is led by experienced guides, perfect for first-timers to the jungle, rated as one of India's best places for trekking. Visit us here to book your trek from Pune! Cost includes Bus travel, Meals, Guides, Forest fees, and homestay use for toilets and changing available to ensure you experience the jungle at its best.


Aadrai Jungle Trek reviews?

Sameer Joshi " This was one of my favorite outdoor activities in Maharashtra. I've wanted to do this for a while, and I'm glad I finally did it. The whole event was very well organized. I loved the guides and how they explained everything about the forest and wildlife. The waterfall was beautiful. The hike was fun. I would do this again. "

Hema Gandhi " The Aadrai Jungle Trek is a fantastic experience if you are looking to get away from the luxuries of city life. You get to see the breathtaking Aadrai Waterfall, have a fun time on the safari trek, and get to interact with the local guides, who are extremely friendly. "

Joel David " I had a great time with my friends on this Trek. The management was very friendly and supportive. The journey was comfortable and fun. The guides were very knowledgeable and interactive. They made the Trek interesting. The facilities provided were excellent. Overall, the experience was incredible. "


Old Malshej Ghat Route Trek