Garbett Point Trek

Love night sky, lush green landscapes & 360 degrees view? Pack your bags and head straight to Garbett point night trek in Maharashtra. This beautiful trek still lies unexplored in Sahyadri Mountains, keeping its soul unharmed!

Distance from Mumbai - 82 Km

Elevation- 2625 feet

Difficulty level – Moderate

Best time to visit - Throughout the year


Garbett Night Trek Details

The starting point of this trek is Bhivpuri Railway Station. It leads towards Diksal village from where the climb continues till the top. Garbett is the best trek to introduce you to the marvelous natural beauty in a night trek. The beauty of the trek is at its peak during full moon night. It would take around four to five hours to complete the trek and one hour of descending till Dasturi Naka, the tip of the trekking point. The initial few minutes will take you to the Dhom Dam on Bhivpuri Lake. Nature shows its best at this point. There is greenery all around with clouds resting over mountains. The sight offered during the initial few minutes of starting the trek fills trekkers with excitement.

There are numerous waterfalls all through the trek before reaching Sagachwadi village. The village itself offers breathtaking views of paddy fields. The trek passing through the town provides steep climb. The climb becomes slippery during monsoons; however, staying little cautious on the way proves to be the feast for eyes in the form of untouched beauty. After 30 minutes of climb, you will reach Garbett Plateau. The views are mesmerizing, and scenic beauty seems like a painter’s artwork. The Dhom Dam looks impressive from the top of the peak.



1 Night 1 Day Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Here are few things listed to carry while trekking to accomplish your trek with ease.
  • Water bottles 2 liter
  • Handy snacks for energy during the trek
  • A comfortable pair of trekking shoes
  • Sun hat and Sunglasses
  • Warm clothes with few extra pairs
  • Essential medicines and ORS packets
  • Torch with batteries
Frequently Asked Questions

Food and Accommodation on the Garbett Plateau Night Trek

Various small dhabas are serving local food, snacks, and Maggi near the starting point or Bhivpuri Road Highway, but later on, you won’t be getting anything to eat along the route. It is advisable to carry light snacks and eatables. It will help you refresh you during short breaks, while trekking. There is no accommodation to stay, all along the trek. You need to come to the starting points for a halt. It suggested booking your accommodation at Matheran in advance. In case you plan to stay back in Matheran after the trek. 


Challenges on the Garbett Trek

A slippery and challenging trail. Hot and humid weather during summers. You may encounter spells of rain during monsoon. No accommodation during the trek. You need to carry water. No food joints or dhabas available at night. No toilets available during the trek. Rough and thrilling patches at places. Steep climb along the trek.


Rewards on the Garbett Plateau Night trek

Breathtaking night views of Matheran and Dhom Dam. Comparatively easy trek. Lush green paddy fields. Panoramic view at the top. Numerous waterfalls and cloud cover during monsoon. 


Dhom Dam in the view

The road to the trek is tricky and often need caution during night trek yet present beautiful panoramic views of Matheran. Trekkers prepared to deal with the challenges on the way, Garbett Night trek will surely be rewarding. The villagers in Diksal village are helpful to trekkers. This trek has everything to offer, starting from lush greenery, waterfalls, paddy fields, a village, and a dam. You won’t be feeling your feet aching and body tired once your soul will soak in the beauty of Garbett plateau! Happy Trekking!!