Monsoon is here mountains are calling, noble foggy highlands, impenetrable jungles, grassy panoramas, floating clouds,  inviting thou to extinguish your craving for adventure go through our list of easy monsoon treks. Monsoon arrives in Mumbai with thunder, lightning and torrential storm. Providing relief from the long hard summer months, everything changes in a few hours. 

Skip the turbulent capital living for the wild trekking experience, our list of treks will help you find trails around Mumbai. Monsoon brings out all trekkers out of hibernation by ornamenting the jungles. New trekkers sprout for trekking during the monsoons season. Treks and Trails have curated top ten treks list near Mumbai that you can embark on with your friends for your next trekking adventure. 


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Easy monsoon treks Mumbai

As the monsoons come and turn the city into a lush green paradise, Mumbaikars look for peace and quiet on these peaceful trails to get away from the busyness of everyday life.

From beautiful waterfalls that tumble down rocky cliffs to dense forests full of wildlife, these easy monsoon treks around Mumbai are a treat for both new and experienced hikers.

Lohagad Fort Monsoon Trek

Easy trek near Mumbai

The monsoon trekking season is in full swing, and Lohagad Fort offers a spectacular view of the monsoon clouds as they pass through. Located near Mumbai, this easy trek takes you up to the fort for an experience unlike any other. Lohagad fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj during his reign and has withstood years of attacks from Mughal invaders. Braving the monsoons, walkers can explore the ruins and thick forests that surround this ancient monument. Located just outside Lonavala, Lohagad Fort is a great place to take in stunning views of India's nature while getting some exercise at the same time! One of our favorite things.

One tree hill trek Matheran

one tree hill trek

The One Tree Hill Monsoon Trek in Matheran is one of the most popular treks for beginners near Mumbai. It can be done as an easy day trek or extended to a two-day trek descending to Dodhani village via the Sunset point, depending on your fitness levels and how much time you have. Locals use the One Tree Hill Trek to commute to Karjat from Matheran, an ancient route. The trek goes through thick forest patches of Matheran covered in dense fog with dense foliage on either side before leading you up the hillock nestled in between mountain ranges.

Visapur Trek near Mumbai 

Visapur Trek

Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek is located above the Bhaja caves in Lonavala, and Three popular routes lead to the fort. The easier route starts from the Lohagadwadi village start point. You have to climb a small broken path and waterfall to reach the Visapur Fort gate. Visapur Monsoon trek remains the most popular trek in Lonavala. It is the twin fort to Lohagad Fort located in the same village as Lohagadwadi. A short distance away, there's another ancient rock-cut step and many ancient temples and caves. The covered is in thick fog and receives hefty rainfall. The fort top is almost covered in a whiteout with poor visibility. 

Sondai Fort Monsoon Trek Karjat

Sondai Fort Trek

The trek to Sondai Fort is located at Karjat. It can be accessed from Sondewadi or Morbe Dam near Chowk phata and joins other expeditions like the One tree hill. Sondai Fort Trek is one of the best monsoon treks near Mumbai. It takes one hour to reach the fort summit. You get some of the best views from the summit of Morbe dam, Matheran hillsKarnala FortIrshalgad fort. The villagers have placed two iron ladders to reach the fort making the Sondai Fort one day trek near Mumbai safe for all trekkers.

Karnala Monsoon Trek near Mumbai 

Karnala Fort

Karnala Fort Monsoon Trek, located inside the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, is an easy-level day trek. Karnala Fort is located 13 kilometers from Panvel. The hiking route is well marked, with arrows pointing you in the right direction. You will find many hikers on the weekend, and it can take up to one hour to buy the entry ticket to enter the forest sanctuary. There are many beautiful caves and water tanks available on the summit. Please carry enough water as there is no water source open on the trekking trail. Please wear proper hiking shoes at the path is very slippery during the monsoon season.

Kothaligad fort monsoon trek

Kothaligad Fort Trek

For those of you looking for an adventure that will take your breath away, look no further than Kothaligad fort monsoon trekking. Built by the Maratha Empire, this historical destination is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a challenge and explore beautiful views. The monsoon trek around the fort is 6 km long with a steep incline while offers minor elevation change, but it's longer at six km. This trek is recommended for adventurous people only as there are many dangers such as rock patches, snakes, waterfalls, high-speed winds, so be careful! There are also few water sources on the way, so make sure to carry enough waterfall and food.

Chinchoti Waterfall Monsoon Trek

Chinchoti Waterfall Trek

The Chinchoti Waterfall Trek is a moderate trek that leads to India's most beautiful waterfalls. The waterfall cascades down through an ancient temple and onto the river below, creating a refreshingly cool mist. This trek is perfect for all levels of hikers, from beginners to experts. 

The best time to go on this trek is during monsoon season, when you can expect rain throughout your stay with excellent views along the way. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreens and insect repellent because there are many bugs near the falls!

Korigad Fort Monsoon Trekking

Korigad Fort Monsoon Trek

It's a great time to visit Lonavala and experience the rainy seasons without crowds, but you need to be on a trek for it! Korigad Fort, located near the Aamby valley, offers impressive views and the most refreshing monsoon weather.  Lonavala offers some of India's most dramatic landscapes and its highest rainfall levels! If you're looking for an adventure this monsoon season, why not trek during the best weather conditions? Korigad Fort Monsoon trekking is the best option available for day hikes with light gear. 

Trek to Devkund waterfall   

Trek to Devkund waterfall

If you're looking for a fantastic trekking experience near Mumbai or Pune, look no further than the Devkund Waterfall Trek! This jungle trek is led by experienced trek leaders and takes you through some of the most beautiful views in the area. You'll cross streams, camp overnight, and have a blast doing it!


How do you get ready to go trekking?

Trekking or hiking is more enjoyable with a fit body. You can get ready for the upcoming trekking season by following these essential tips to get healthy and build stamina and endurance.

  1. Start working on quick walks, and after you develop sufficient power, proceed with jogging.
  2. Stretching helps you recover faster pre-hike, and post-hike stretches are a must for all trekking expeditions.
  3. Regular gym enthusiasts can include cardio to improve stamina.
  4. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. A choice of protein will help you recover quicker after the trek. Carry some snacks during the day to help maintain your energy levels.
  5. Hydration: Please drink a lot of water during the monsoon and carry some water filters like Lifestraw to avoid water-borne diseases if you want to try out mountain streams.
  6. Work on your posterior muscles and leg muscles and make them fit.

Things to avoid on your first trekking trip

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking a few days before or during your trek; this will help you build stamina and avoid dehydration. You will also feel healthier.
  2. Avoid carrying a large backpack; carry essentials; prefer a backpack with a rain cover; a wet backpack will get heavier by five times.
  3. Don't wear sports shoes, gym shoes, or sandals; wear proper trekking shoes and invest in good ones.
  4. Carry your trash home; we are all educated individuals. Littering slopes harms the environment and ruins the beautiful views.
  5. Keep your family and friends informed about your trekking adventure; in case of an emergency, they will arrange for help.
  6. Avoid solo trekking if you are a confident trekker. Please keep locals, families, and friends informed before you begin your trek and after you complete it.

How to trek with kids during a trek?

Trekking with kids can be a fantastic family adventure! Here are some tips to make it a great experience: Choose trails suitable for their age and abilities. Pack plenty of snacks, water, and their favorite treats to keep their energy up. Encourage them to explore and appreciate nature along the way. Take regular breaks for rest and games. Ensure they have comfortable shoes and dress in layers for the changing weather. Embrace the adventure together and create lasting memories. Have fun!

Which trek do you recommend for kids around Mumbai?

For kid-friendly treks near Mumbai, there are several options to choose from. Sondai, Karnala, and Lohagad offer scenic trails with moderate difficulty suitable for children. Prabalmachi, Matheran, and Korigad provide a mix of nature and historical exploration. Jambulmal and One Tree Hill are ideal for shorter treks with beautiful views. Dodhani Village in Matheran is another excellent choice for a family-friendly trek. Each of these destinations offers a unique experience and a chance for kids to connect with nature while enjoying the outdoors.

Kids trek near Mumbai - click here

Is it safe to go on a trek during monsoon in Maharashtra?

Trekking in Maharashtra during the monsoon season can be safe if proper precautions are taken. It is critical to choose well-maintained trails, listen to experienced guides, and stay up to date on weather conditions. Avoid going into unsafe regions or attempting dangerous river crossings. Always prioritise safety and be ready for slippery terrain and unpredictable weather.

How to protect your gadgets in monsoon trek

To protect your gadgets during a monsoon trek, take essential precautions. Invest in waterproof covers or cases for your gadgets and use a dry bag or waterproof pouch to store them when not in use. Ziplock bags can provide additional protection. Place silica gel packs in your bags to absorb moisture. Use umbrellas or rain covers to shield your gadgets from rain. Avoid submerging them in water and consider backing up your data regularly. Carry power banks or extra batteries for backup power. Being cautious will help ensure the safety of your gadgets in wet conditions.

What should I pack for a monsoon trek in Maharashtra?

Pack essential items such as a waterproof backpack, rainproof jacket, quick-drying clothing, extra pairs of socks, trekking shoes with good grip, insect repellent, a waterproof cover for electronic devices, and a first aid kit. Carry enough water and energy snacks as well.

Are leeches a problem during monsoon treks in Maharashtra?

Yes, leeches can be encountered during monsoon treks in Maharashtra, especially in forested areas. To protect yourself, wear long socks, tuck your pants into your socks, and apply insect repellent on your legs. Carry a salt or lime solution to detach leeches if they attach to your skin.

What are some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra?

Some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra include HarishchandragadRajmachiAndharbanKalsubaiBhimashankarTikona FortTorna FortRatangadNaneghat, and Visapur Fort. These treks offer scenic beauty and a unique experience during the monsoon season.


Which trekking shoes to buy for monsoon hikes?

1. Campus Trekking Shoes - Learn more You can contact Chirag Karia - 8080802244 

2. CTR Trekking shoes by Coaster - Learn more 

Where to buy trekking clothes and backpack for monsoon outdoor adventures?

1. Outdoor Travel Gear - - Whatsapp 8080290520

2. MSA - Mountain Sport Academy 

    B/22, Shubham, Plot No.151, Part II, Gorai, Near Suvidhya High School  

    Nandu Chavan - 98920 42704

3. Add-Venture India

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4. Decathlon India - 


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