You are searching for that perfect trekking spot near Mumbai to spend your weekend. We have made a list of top fifteen treks around Mumbai that are ideal for beginners to intermediate. Mumbai blessed with many national parks, bird sanctuaries in the radius of 100 km. We have amazing Forts and Ancient Buddhist caves, lush green forest, and cascading waterfalls during monsoon. 

You are looking for that perfect weekend adventure trek. You are tired of your friends ditching you every time you make plans for weekends. It is time you join us at Treks and Trails India conduct weekend treks near Mumbai throughout the year. Our open travel group consists of Solo Travellers, Couples, Photography Enthusiast, Friends, Solo Women Travellers, Youtubers, Vloggers, Bloggers and people looking for that unique adventure. 

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Treks near Mumbai information

Can I solo trek to these locations?

Solo trekking can be risky, in case you plan for solo trek please inform your friends, family, before you start your trek and after you finish your trek. Taking along a villager or guide is very helpful on solo treks. Keep locals informed when you start your trek and after you finish your trek. 


Are waterfalls treks safe during monsoon?

Please check the weather before you begin your trek, it can be dry in Mumbai but raining heavily in the mountains. Waterfalls are prone to flash floods in case it starts raining please come out of waterfall to a safe and higher place. Most waterfall treks get banned around Mumbai due to many deaths of revelers. 


Trekking shoes and things to carry on the trek?

Please buy good trekking shoes for your trek, always carry the torch, whistle, 3 liters of water, dry snacks and backpack. Wear full sleeves it gives protection from outdoor elements. - coupon code  ( TREKSANDTRAILS10 )


Where to buy trekking and camping equipment in Mumbai?  - coupon code  ( TREKSANDTRAILS10 )



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