If you want an exciting way to spend a weekend, try Cycling around Mumbai. While the city offers many options for a leisurely weekend, nothing beats cycling around the city. Our team will take you on excellent cycling paths around Mumbai and how you can take your cycle out for a ride.

Mumbai is not only a metropolitan but a beautiful city as well. On-road places are popular with cycling and off-road routes that take you to unexplored areas.

Oh, have you ever ridden the Cycle in a city like Mumbai? If the answer is Yes, you might know how difficult to go out alone or in a group by bike! But we have good news, and you can enjoy Cycling in the best way possible. 

There are some fantastic trails in Mumbai, and it's just that we need to explore. Once we explore, we will all enjoy the cycling experience. 

Cycling near me

Do you want a Weekend ride? Start to Collect your friends for a cycle rides in Mumbai. The Cycle rides in Mumbai have incredible sunrise, low traffic, beautiful trail, wonderful group, and experienced trip guides in Mumbai.

Find the best cycling events in Mumbai for groups, solo, or corporates. Are you interested in bringing your team together through Cycling? Join today to ride with your friends and family, with the increasing number of cyclists in India.

Mumbai Cycling

Mumbai Cycling

Everyone in Mumbai needs to get out of the offices. The city can sometimes be overwhelming, so travel and exploration are essential. If you like biking, here is a fantastic cycling trip in Mumbai. If you're travelling solo, here's a trail that's a beautiful place to explore. If you're a family looking for a weekend biking trip, we have an incredible journey for all ages. We've got a trail for you, no matter what you want.


Breakfast Mumbai cycling - Biking near me


If you live in Mumbai and love cycling, then you might know more about the breakfast cycle ride in Mumbai. If you don't know it, you must have heard about it. Breakfast Mumbai cycling is a fantastic cycling experience and an exciting way to start your weekend.


Mumbai Cycling Coastal Route 


One of India's busiest and fastest-growing cities is renowned as being in Mumbai. However, seeing the city at night is one of its lesser-known pleasures. Riding over 25 kilometers of Mumbai's shoreline, from Colaba Causeway to Bandstand, Bandra, with many stops along the route, allows you to discover the city's stunning coastline and famous sites.

Mumbai's most well-known locations are traversed along the route, including Marine Drive, Haji Ali, Worli, Sea-face, Siddhivinayak Temple, and Shivaji Park.


Bhavali Waterfall Cycling


Words cannot adequately express the feeling of riding through these mysterious landscapes on 30-kilometre asphalt roads in warm weather. This cycling path leaves the hustle and bustle of the city and travels through a challenging rural track and meadows before arriving at a turquoise lake with a canopy of trees. 

Before diving in, one shouldn't even stop to consider their approach. We will ride over two significant waterfalls before arriving at the third heavenly waterfall, the Bhavali Waterfalls. You may bring your bicycles down to the base of the falls by crossing a little creek. To relieve whatever tiredness you may have had to get here, jump into the infinity pool.

In addition, we'll continue riding into the lovely mountains and another lake before stopping for a hearty lunch by the lake. Then we return to Igatpuri on a bicycle and enjoy the 15-kilometer, swift-but-adventurous descent to Kasara.



Vaitarna Lake Cycling

Vaitarna Lake, surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains, forts, lakes, jungles of lush foliage, and cascading waterfalls, is located in one of the most magnificent settings. We'll be riding with ease through this area, where one may experience the Vaitarna Lake's pristine waters' freshness on the one hand and the Sahyadri Mountain's prominence on the other. 

A pure country path leads you through the Igatpuri area and streets lined with massive trees until it opens up to the Upper Vaitarna Lake, which is dazzling and completely clear. After taking in the scenery, ride your bicycles around the Vaitarna Lake's edge until you reach the Vaitarna Dam. 

It is an excellent cycling route that passes through mountains, lakes, and farms before ending at the serene Vaitarna Lake. Set off on a bicycle ride to Upper Vaitarna for a rejuvenating conclusion to the week. Upper Vaitarna is surrounded by lush nature and offers an unrivalled utopian experience.

You won't regret all of your efforts when you are rewarded with breaths of clean air and unmatched sights. Continue on your cycling excursion to the lovely tidal pond, which is bordered by dense woodlands and has a broad sweep out into the backwaters.