About Malshej Ghat Camping Roadtrip

The weekend is almost here, and you are searching for the perfect camping spot. Your search ends here we have found it for you. Welcome to Majshej Ghat Camping this mountain pass requires no introduction to Adventure Seekers. Malshej Ghat has pleasant weather around the year. 

You will meet many fellow travelers at the start of your Malshej Ghat Camping Roadtrip; Camping base village will be Khireshwar. You will learn to pitch your tent and camping basics. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and take many pictures to share on social media. We will collect wood locally from the forest, learn how to start the bonfire. Campfire will comfort you during the long chilly night you can share your stories and play games around the fire. 

Malshej Ghat has a beautiful dark sky in Maharashtra. The night sky lit with millions of stars ideal spot for Astro Photography near Pune. Early Morning birds will wake you up for the sunrise after breakfast we will start folding our tents. Our return journey will begin we will stop for sightseeing at Malshej Ghat and Naneghat Forest Entrance. 

During monsoon hundreds of waterfall spring up on Malshej Ghat mountain pass which connects Kalyan to Pune, MTDC Malshej Ghat is a beautifully located property on this road. Many famous trek routes are available near Malshej Ghat like Naneghat Ghat Pass Trek, Harischandragad Trek, Bhairavgad Moroshi Trek and many more. Beautiful Forest around Malshej Ghat is home to many species of birds like flamingos, crested hawk eagle, cuckoos, quails. 



1 Night 2 Days Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions Malshej Ghat Camping?

Malshej Ghat Camping Distance from Mumbai?
150 km from Mumbai 4 hours driving distance

Malshej Ghat Camping Distance from Pune?
135 km from Pune 4 hours driving distance

Malshej Ghat Camping driving directions for Self-drive option?
We will provide Google maps coordinates to reach the campsite

Are toilets available for Malshej Ghat Camping?
Yes, Indian style toilets are available. 

1 Day