Naneghat Trek near Kalyan

Naneghat Trek near Kalyan

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Give yourself an oxygen boost as you walk through the rugged trails of untouched wilderness. Join us this weekend as we discover the Ancient Pass of Naneghat

About Naneghat Pass

Naneghat is a mountain pass 2600 feet above sea level. You get a panoramic view of Jivdhan Fort from Naneghat. While driving towards Malshej Ghat, it is clearly visible on the right side. You can either drive till top road directions is available on google maps, or you can trek till top through the beautiful jungle.

Naneghat Pass for new trekkers

It is ideal trek during monsoon very safe and arduous to get lost. During winter and summer, you can try night trek as it is not very tiring around 2 hours max even for beginners.

Base village for Naneghat trek is Vaishakhare via Dahndya. Naneghat connected Kalyan & Sopara to Paithan. It was a prominent location on the trade route.

Best time to visit Naneghat

The best time to visit is from September to March as you get to spot many birds like Drongo, Wind-swift, Common Bulbul, Maina, and Shikra. We can also detect various species of butterflies like the Sailor butterfly, Bush-Brown butterfly, Crow butterfly, and the common yellow grass butterfly. The trek is green with the rocks covered by wild fern maidenhair and moss and wildflowers like coxcomb. However, it is also a popular choice for monsoon treks as the path is covered with fog and mist and the view from the top is hauntingly beautiful.

How to reach Naneghat ?

Kalyan or Murbad is the nearest city around Naneghat. From Mumbai and Pune, one can reach the base village Vaishakare by boarding the ST bus from Kalyan station bus stop, passing through MalshejGhat. From Vaishakare it's about 30min walk along the road to MalshejGhat to reach the divergence for NaneGhat. Now there is a board indicating the trek starting point so there will be no difficulty in finding the trek route. Once a deviation is taken, it takes about 2-3 hours climb to the summit

Fascinating Naneghat things to see

Most of the pass has crumbled down, but some of the inscriptions on the caves still remain in praise of the rulers who built them. There are many water tanks and reservoirs around the place. Naneghat has many artificial caves and the great Naneghat pass with massive rock walls on either side. There is a temple of Ganesha on the other side of the pass. A huge rock-cut pot which was used presumably to collect coins from the traders passing by is also seen. The pinnacle of the fort is shaped like a thumb and is known popularly as 'Nancha Angtha.'

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