Night trek near Mumbai is one of the most adventurous and thrilling things to do on your vacation in Maharashtra. It's a self-sufficient and at the same time, eco-friendly activity that can be enjoyed by all, be it young or old. At night, you can spot fireflies, enjoy the comforts of a homestay with amazing home-cooked food. During the rainy season many waterfalls can be seen around the trekking near Mumbai. 

What could be better than trekking outside of Mumbai and being surrounded by nature? Your family and friends will love the experience, and you'll love what you see. There are many waterfalls around the trekking trail during the rainy season.

Relish the beauty of the night sky, and witness how nature rewards those who are adventurous enough to explore it. Night trek near Mumbai is a leisurely and unforgettable trekking experience where you're sure to spot fireflies in the wild and have unique camping near Mumbai experience. You'll also enjoy the comforts of a homestay with amazing food, a bonfire, and waterfalls.   

Night trekking near Mumbai

You're spending your days stuck in the city but don't want to miss out on the experience of the outdoors? It would help if you went night trekking near Mumbai. Feel the warmth of a bonfire as you enjoy amazing company, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Don't let your social media posts from this weekend be from a faceless building. Come with us on an adventure near Mumbai.

Are you looking for a fun night trek near Mumbai destination? Trekking in the wild, spot birds and wildlife in the wild, enjoy a bonfire and amazing food and stay at a homestay. Night trek is the best time to spot the Milkyway in the wild. Experience a trek in Maharashtra at night, lit up by bonfires and amazing food and stay in a homestay.


Kalsubai Trek is the highest peak in Maharashtra. Famous for magnificent sunrise and clouds formation. The weather near the summit is windy, almost zero degrees during the winter months. Kalsubai Trekking is the place for trekking destinations near you.

Are you looking for an exciting trekking adventure near you? Explore the most popular trekking spots in India. Join a night trek to Kalsubai, one of the highest peaks in Maharashtra.


Kothaligad Trek is a popular activity for people of all ages and abilities. Located near Karjat, the trek is also known as Peth Fort Trek or Funnel hill trek. It takes three hours to reach the summit, and it offers amazing views of the Bhimashankar and a breathtaking sunrise from the forum. Trekkers have used the Peth caves for night accommodation in the past.   

However, arranging the perfect night trek near Mumbai can be daunting. This is where our experts come in. We can help you plan a hike or an expedition tailored to your specific interests and abilities. In addition, we can provide you with personalized assistance to ensure that your night trek is everything you hoped for. Contact us today to get started!


Rajmachi Trek is a fun and simple way to see Rajmachi's spectacular high-altitude mountain ranges, which are barely 80 kilometres from Mumbai. The Fort Rajmachi walk is suitable for novices with no prior experience and difficult for expert trekkers. Join us as we traverse the same routes that our forefathers did. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Sahyadri Ranges, the beautiful weather, and the greatest dining selections available. Please contact us for additional information. Today is the last day to join us on a thrilling Rajmachi Trek!


Harihar Fort trekking is rich in history and offers panoramic views of the Trymbakeshwar and the Vaitarna region. Trek through lush green forests, observe the crystal clear sky and climb demanding steps. Harihar Fort is located on a hillock overlooking the Nashik region. Spend a night trek or experience a whole weekend trekking from Harihar fort to Bhaskargad, from Mumbai to Mumbai by bus! Get your pack packed and your shoes ready for this trek!


Harishchandragad Trek and camping near Mumbai for beginners is the perfect place for you. With the stunning sights of the Konkankada near Khireshwar Malshej Ghat, experience a fantastic adventure with our expert guides.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the trekked Fort near Pachnai. Today, hike up to the fort near Bhandardara with Harishchandragad night trek near Mumbai and camping! Explore Trek and Camping now!


Trekking and camping in Prabalmachi Panvel is an excellent place for a short hike near Mumbai. The trek is suitable for first-time hikers as well as parents with children. Are you weary of being bored and stuck at home on weekends? Then come to the Prabalmachi hike for an adrenaline rush.

It isn't easy to find an excellent walk that fits your budget and doesn't require a professional guide. Prabalmachi hike and camping is suitable for parents since it is a simple, uncomplicated trip ideal for novices searching for a pleasant stroll with beautiful scenery. Come to Prabalmachi with us if you're seeking a place to unwind and get away from it all!


Garbett Point Night Trek If you're seeking for a night hike near Mumbai but still want to feel the excitement of the great outdoors, choose one of our guided treks. We'll take you on a day trip or an overnight adventure, depending on your preferences. Matheran's Garbett Point Night Trek is a stunning location.

Beginners and guided treks would enjoy our simple trip near Mumbai.
Trekking is an exciting outdoor sport that allows you to connect with nature while getting away from the rush and bustle of city life. Hike through the woods, cross rivers on foot, climb mountains, and explore communities on your own.