Best Local Trekking in Mumbai

Trekking in Mumbai is not just about touring new places; it's about experiencing cultural differences and receiving from several traditions. Trekking around Mumbai also a great chance to get some movement! Whether you're an urban adventurer or someone who favors staying closer to home, there are loads of trekking places in Mumbai where you can enjoy a bit of outdoor activity. 

Trekking places in Mumbai

Trekking events in Mumbai

Trekking events in Mumbai


Are you a trekker? Do you love to hike and explore the outdoors? Places to visit in Mumbai for trekking for you to visit. From waterfalls, forts, lakes, ancient routes, and rainforests to the mountains, there are so many things that await your discovery. Check our upcoming trekking events in Mumbai. This post will be exploring some of the best trekking places in Mumbai. These hidden places for trekking in Mumbai with plenty of pictures, videos, and recommendations on where to go. So grab your trekkings boots, and let's get started!


1. Sondai Fort Trek

Sondai Fort Trek

The Sondai Fort Trek is a place of natural beauty and peace. The Morbe Dam that lies to its east was created by damming up the streams of Matheran flowing into it. Morbe dam provides water storage and irrigation facilities for nearby villages and Navi Mumbai city throughout the year. This trek is best attempted during the rainy season when you can enjoy views of lush green forest on one side and a vast expanse of green fields on the other. Many trekking groups in Mumbai conduct this trek only during the rainy season. It has become a popular trekking spot in Mumbai in recent years due to its proximity to Mumbai. Ideal for trekking in Mumbai for one day and beginner trekkers. 


2. Jambulmal trek - Borivali National Park

Jambulmal Trek 

The Jambulmal trek is an easy and scenic day hike in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. One of the best trekking near Mumbai in the monsoon. This easy Mumbai trek is suitable for all levels recommended during the rainy season. The trail follows a ridgeline with views of forested valleys, waterfalls, and city landscapes in the distance. It's perfect for those looking to escape from Mumbai city or explore nature without too much difficulty. Jambulmal trek summit is also the highest point of Mumbai. Trekking clubs in Mumbai need permission from the forest department to conduct the trek. 


3. Karnala Fort Trek - Karnala Bird Sanctuary 

Karnala Fort Trek is the best trekking place in Mumbai. It has a park for children, a butterfly garden, birding trails, a small zoo. It is also home to many endangered migratory birds. Located with the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, ideal for trekking in Navi Mumbai, located 12 kilometers from Panvel.   

Karnala Fort Trek

It is a joy to trek in the rain, especially in Mumbai rainy season. The monsoon has always been connected with trekking and happiness. It is the time when you can investigate places that are off-limits during dry seasons like Tungareshwar, Bhimashankar, or head for trekking places in Navi Mumbai. You may also want to hike up peaks nearby the Karnala Fort, which offers some of the best views of the Panvel cityscape. Trekking places near Mumbai in the monsoon enables you to travel to new areas and encourages you to appreciate nature's generosity and get closer with your family members and friends. 


4. Kalavantin Durg Trek

The Kalavantin Durg Trek, one of the most well-known and visited treks in Mumbai, delivers you to some of the best natural sights on offer. The trek starts at Thakurwadi village near Shedung Phata, Panvel, and goes through the scenic village of Prabalmachi. You can also choose camping on the first day's trek from Mumbai. 

Kalavantin Durg Trek

Prabalmachi offers splendid views of waterfalls cascading down hillsides covered with lush green forests during the rainy season. There are also glimpses of small villages nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, such as valleys filled with rice paddies or terraced farmlands that give way to dense forests high up in the mountains. You can see the following places from the summit Chanderi FortIrshalgad Fort, Prabalgad, MatheranPeb Fort, Morbe Dam, Karnala Fort, Panvel, Malanggad. Watch our youtube video 


5. Asherigad Fort Trek

Asherigad Trek is a popular trekking destination among people living in the western suburbs of Mumbai. The trek starts from Khodkona village, and it will take two hours to complete this trek. It's tough during the summers, suitable for the rainy season. Carry your water and food during the trek. Local villagers can accompany you as a guide if you are planning for trekking in Mumbai this weekend.   

Asherigad Fort Trek

Asherigad Fort Trek trail is wide enough for people to walk side by side and weaves its way into thick jungles. Along the way, you will encounter some challenging uphill climbs that lead to breathtaking views of the valley. You can also see waterfalls cascading down mountains, deep valleys with streams flowing below, caves, temples, Portuguese stone carvings, and the massive highway connecting Maharashtra to Gujarat. Treks and Trails is the leading trekking club in Mumbai. We conduct the Asherigad Trek during the rainy season. 


6. Garbett Plateau Trek near Mumbai

Garbett Plateau Trek

If you are looking for trekking in and around Mumbai, this is the right place. Garbett Plateau Trek near Mumbai is a great option for those who like to explore nature and love hiking. It has scenic lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes of lush green mountains and valleys, making your journey worth it. What more can one ask for? Garbett point rainy season trekking in Mumbai near by Bhivpuri is also famous for the Matheran hill station's endpoint. 


7. Peb Fort Trek

Peb Fort Trek

Peb Fort trekking in Mumbai is a rewarding hike in the Matheran mountain range near Neral. The Peb Fort Trek starts from a local village, takes you through some of the most scenic valleys and mountains with waterfalls and caves. It's a crowded trek with no major hurdles on the way to the destination. The views on the 1 day trekking in Mumbai are breathtaking, so don't forget your camera as well as rainwear! The Peb Fort monsoon trekking in Mumbai will need five hours with good climate situations, and Please carry your water and food for this trek. 


8. Nakhind Ridge Trek

Nakhind ridge


Inquiring anywhere to go for a hike in Mumbai? Mumbai may not be known for its vast open spaces, but Nakhind ridge trek is one of the best trekking spots in Mumbai. It's best done in the rainy season before it gets too hot in the summer. Nakhind Ridge Trek connects to Peb Fort. Nakhind ridge trekking for beginners in Mumbai has many waterfalls, dense jungle and receives heavy rainfall with its microclimate. 


9. Chinchoti Waterfalls Trek

Chinchoti falls Trek

The rainy season is the best time for trekking in Mumbai. Chinchoti Waterfalls Trek is one of the best places for trekking during this rainy season. We recommend it with a beautiful view of the waterfalls and other natural sights. The hiking trail has amazing biodiversity. You can spot many insects, reptiles, and small animals. If you're looking for something more adventurous, try trekking to Tungareshwar, where you can feel green forests from a distinct viewpoint with waterfalls and scenic landscapes all around!


10. Sagargad Fort Trek

Sagargad Trek

If you're looking for a quick escape this monsoon season, look no further than Mumbai's nearby trekking places. Sagargad Fort Trek trekking route has waterfalls to landscapes. Sagargad is one of the easiest nearby trekking places in Mumbai. It's an ideal spot for avid hikers as there's plenty of trail options available here, with views of the lush forest too! Please carry water and food for this trek. It is best suited for rainy days; it gets very hot during the day on the trek. 


11. Irshalgad Fort Trek

Irshalgad Fort Trek

The monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons in Mumbai. It affects a lot of joy to people who love trekking, hiking and exploring new places. Mumbai has quite a few nearby locations where you can go for your next trekking trip. Irshalgad Fort Trek is for experienced hikers. Whether you are looking for some adventurous weekend plans or just wanting to beat the heat with some rainy weather, Irshalgad Fort Trek will surely offer an experience worth remembering!  


12. Dodhani Panvel to Matheran Sunset Point Trek

Dodhani to Matheran Trek

Adventure trekking in Mumbai a great way to meet new people with the same interests. Trekking in Mumbai places has been around for years and allows people to explore different natural areas in their backyard. The best part about trekking is that it's never too late. You can start today! Dodhani Panvel to Matheran Sunset Point Trek, where one can hike or walk through nature. 


13. One Tree Hill Point Trek

One tree hill trek Matheran

One Tree Hill Point Trek is a trail that takes you to the top of Matheran. This route is perfect for beginners because it's not too long or challenging. There are some great views of the Morbe dam as well as various waterfalls along the way. If you're looking for trekking in Mumbai next weekend to take you to Matheran, One Tree Hill Point Trek is where you want to go. If you're an avid hiker or just starting, this is a great place to start! 


14. Ovalekar wadi butterfly park Thane

Ovalekar Wadi

Walking through the Ovalekar wadi butterfly park, Thane is like being in a dream. The trees are covered with tiny orange, blue, and yellow butterflies that flutter around your head as you walk through the park. If you're lucky enough to get close enough, they will land on your hand or finger. The Butterfly Park accepts visitors on Sunday and is open year-round. There are many different species of butterflies at this Ovalekar wadi butterfly garden, including monarchs, swallowtails, and more. In addition to all of these gorgeous creatures, there are also birds from all parts of the Thane! If you want to explore nature while also learning about some insects, visit this place!


15. Sarasgad Fort Night Trek

Sarasgad Fort Trek

If you are looking for the best trekking places near Mumbai in winter, look no further than the Sarasgad Fort night trek. This trekking near Mumbai in winter takes place from November to January. It will provide an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sights that Pali village has to offer. Along with spectacular views, there will be a campfire waiting for you when you get back down from your hike, perfect for warming up after being out all night! So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today and start planning your trip!


16. One of the best trekking places near Mumbai in winter Kothaligad Trek

Kothaligad Trek

Kothaligad Trek is one of the most enjoyable trekking spots near Mumbai in the wintertime. It is glorious escapism from the disorder of city life for many Mumbai residents. One of the most enjoyable trekking places near Mumbai in winter for the sunrise trek. Kothaligad Trek can be done on any day during winters. This place also provides breathtaking panoramic views of nearby hills. 


17. Kalsubai Night Trek 

Kalsubai Night Trek

Are you looking for the best trekking places near Mumbai in winter? If so, then Kalsubai Trek is perfect for you. It has a nice terrain and can be done on your own or with a guide. The best time to go is between November-March when it's not too hot, yet it won't rain either. Take some time off from work this season and explore new horizons!


Frequently asked questions

1. Can you recommend where to buy trekking shoes in Mumbai? 

We recommend you buy the action campus trekking shoes or CTR trekking shoes only for monsoon treks in Maharashtra. The above trekking shoes shop in Mumbai are available easily just check on google maps or You can also get trekking gear on rent in Mumbai from or


2. Where to buy trekking equipment in Mumbai?

Trekking material in Mumbai like clothes, shoes, backpacks, and other accessories are easily available at It is best to visit their shop for custom recommendations. You can also find trekking gear shops in Mumbai in most malls like wildcraft and decathlon.   

3. Do Treks and Trails organize trekking camps in Mumbai?

We are one of the leading trekking companies in Mumbai. We have many trekking plans near Mumbai with camping or long stay. Kindly get in touch with us if you need a custom plan.    

4. Do Treks and Trails organize trekking training in Mumbai?

We organize trekking training in Mumbai, which covers many aspects like packing your bag, ropework, knots, and bushcraft knowledge. Do contact us for more details.