Top Ten Waterfalls Mumbai

Top Ten Waterfalls Mumbai

Top Ten Waterfall Mumbai

We are excited to spend our gloomy weekends under the heavenly waterfalls encircling the foothills of mountains near Mumbai. These cascades range from 45 ft to 656 feet in height, cruising their way through green forests and rocky cliffs, before ultimately plunging into infinity pools. The waterfalls will tender you with a much-needed swap in scenery and frame of mind.

Along with whiffs of fresh air and warm atmosphere, they will guarantee to detach you from the hustle and bustle of cities and teleport you to a mystical universe of serenity. The cascades are aesthetically pleasing and are bright spots to engage in landscape photography. Most of these waterfalls also pack in some terrific rappelling sessions and hiking trails nearby that make these sites ideal treats for adventure junkies as well. Here's a list of ten such utopian waterfalls that will take your breath away.

Bhivpuri Waterfalls

A brook is meandering through rocky terrain camouflaged in lush greenery and dividing into many tributaries before thumping the ground. Bhivpuri Waterfall is among the most picturesque waterfalls near Mumbai. This waterfall is set like an aquamarine jewel in the emerald backdrop of the valley. Swarms of tourists and urban people can be seen here throughout the year as the full stream falls with a loud thud during all seasons. Soak in the pleasure of the mystical waterfall with a calm environment. One can also visit the Bhivpuri Dam, a hydroelectricity power plant, and the Sai Baba temple in the vicinity.

Height of the waterfall: 197 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km

Location: Bhivpuri Road Railway Station, Karjat, Ashane, Maharashtra

Chinchoti Waterfalls

It is one of the pristine destinations to hang out in monsoons. The relatively lesser-known trail to the waterfall is a short hike that passes through Tungareshwar. The buzzing of insects and the symphony of stream water gurgling through the terra firma possess an eerily beautiful sense to the experience. Chinchoti cascades into a beautiful natural water pool at a lower level. It is a spellbinding forest journey in lush foliage on a typical monsoon day. Chinchoti waterfalls are worth every bit with diversities of insects and birds along the stream trek. Even when the waterfall isn't entirely functional in the winter and summer season, people can enjoy a swim in the pool. Tungareshwar temple and waterfalls nearby can also be explored.

Height of the waterfall - 125 feet

Distance from Mumbai - 66 km

Location - Vasai/Naigaon

Devkund Waterfalls

Get ready to witness the beauty of crystal-clear water gushing effortlessly amid scenic landscapes and plunging into a bluish-green serenity pool. It is said to be the origin of River Kundalika, the Devkund Waterfall is an S confluence of three beautiful waterfalls. The waterfall is a quaint secluded site nestled deep inside the forests of Kolad surrounding the Bhira dam. To reach this waterfall, one must trek for about three hours along a well laid out trail from Bhira through thick woods along the river banks. Devkund is famous among hikers and campers for night camping. It is reckoned among the very few Perennial waterfalls in Maharashtra. Devkund is also the ending point of the Andharban Forest trek. King of Top Ten Waterfalls Mumbai Devkund is also Holy Place for locals.

Height of the waterfall: 220 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 125 km

Location: Patnus, Maharashtra

Kondana Caves Waterfalls

A spot-on combination of surreal jungle, thrill, splendid architecture, history, Buddhist caves, and sparkling waterfall. Kondana Caves are renowned Relic rock-cut Buddhist caves. During monsoon, you get to witness a divine-alluring waterfall emerging from the apex of the cave. One can sit under this waterfall and experience hydrotherapy as the water descends on your back with immense pressure. You can also engage in waterfall rappelling here. These caves are situated on the same mountain as that of Rajmachi; hence, you can even opt for Rajmachi trek after hanging around the waterfall.

Height of the waterfall 115 feet

Distance from Mumbai 83 km

Location: Kondivade, Karjat

Kune Waterfalls:

Reckoned to be the 14th highest waterfall in India, Kune Falls serves as an excellent weekend getaway. It emerges from a height of 200 meters in two divisions. The vision of a silvery pearl white stream meandering across flora exhibiting multiple hues of green a sight that you will never forget. Set in the empire of clouds at Sahyadri ranges, this three-tiered waterfall should be in your bucket list this monsoon. Water flowing in extreme force at this cascade seems to render a symphony of its own and hypnotizes the observer. Majestic falls, steaming hot snacks, the company of loved ones, and nature at its best is what Kune is made of. Kune Church is an excellent stopover near the waterfall worth a visit.

Height of the waterfall 656 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km

Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra

Pandavkada Waterfalls

Encircled from all sides by the flourishing Pandavkada hills, the waterfall is extravagant, gorgeous and a piece of art. Pandavkada Falls, located in Navi Mumbai is a retreat from the city's hectic and loud environment. Be it for spending quality time with your folks or having an adventurous spell with your friends, Pandavkada waterfalls are highly recommended for a weekend getaway. The waterfall thrusts into a marine pool from a rocky ravine. Pandavkada Falls is a prominent chilling site among locals as well as tourists because of its close proximity to Mumbai. Experience the best show put up by nature at Pandavkada Waterfalls.

Height of the waterfall: 351 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 31 km

Location: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Vihigaon Waterfalls - Ashoka Waterfalls

Experience nature in its purest form at the ultimate Vihigaon Waterfall. It is one of the most loved cascades among nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers in the Sahyadri region. Along with the mesmerizing verdant forest of the Western Ghats combined with ever so beautiful waterfall manifests the landscape into a paradise. A short hike to the waterfall is fun-filled with bird and insect sightings. The waterfall forms a shallow plunging pool for you to take a dip and relieve yourself of all your worldly tension. Apart from nature photography, a wide range of fun experiences like rappelling and river rafting awaits at Vihigaon Waterfall. Also known as Ashoka Waterfalls after the Ashoka movie song was filmed at this waterfall.

Height of the waterfall: 120 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 115 km

Location: Vihigaon, Maharashtra

Yeoor Waterfalls

Indulge in visual luxury with the overwhelming backdrop at yet another spectacular waterfall near Mumbai. Yeoor is a popular site among the thrill-seekers as there are numerous verdant trails for engaging in a fulfilling hiking experience. The rich flora and fauna and enthralling scenery avail you abundant opportunities to upgrade your photography skills. Standing under the flowing waterfall is one of an exquisite sensation that will energize your senses and bond you with nature. Yeoor Waterfalls Mumbai is a closet to Mumbaikars.

Height of the waterfall: 45 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 27 km

Location: Thane, Maharashtra.


Image courtesy - Gautam Khetwal 

Zenith Waterfalls

The wilderness with several other cascades around Zenith waterfalls makes for one refreshing experience. An absolute glee to the eyes, Zenith has bordered with scenic landscapes and greenery all around. You will be swept by a sense of happiness when enveloped in the laps of Mother Nature. A visit here promises a heartwarming time with oneself, family, and friends. All your sorrows and worries will be washed away by monkeying under this bountiful waterfall. Monsoons will leave you awestruck as Zenith comes to life and makes you feel closest to the natural world. Zenith is nothing less than a paradise. Step out of your city this monsoon and spend an excellent time here.

Height of the waterfall: 110 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 73 km

Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra.

Bhagirath Waterfalls

A manifestation of the natural world, Bhagirath Falls embanked at the foothills of Chanderi is a highly suggested recreational spot. It is one of the lesser-known and unexplored waterfall, which makes it even more exceptional. You can visit it to find solace and spend some peaceful moments with yourself and your amigos. Marvel at the splendor of nature around, have steaming hot snacks, and create fond memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. You can also indulge in several adventure activities, including rock climbing and rappelling there. Bhagirath Falls is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mumbai.

Height of the waterfall - 45 feet
Distance from Mumbai - 66 km
Location: Bedisgaon, Maharashtra.


Image courtesy: Merwynsrucksack Blog